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India can emulate Sudan's malaria control programme: expert 6.11.2005 Hindu: Breaking News
Malaria: Drug policy under review 5.11.2005 Hindu: National
Government to introduce a new combination drug
Drug policy for malaria under review 5.11.2005 Hindu: New Delhi
Government to introduce a new combination drug for chloroquine-resistant malaria
New combination drug for resistant malaria to be introduced 4.11.2005 Hindu: Breaking News
India to test malaria vaccine, review drug policy 4.11.2005 New Kerala: India News
New Delhi: India is likely to begin phase one trial of a malaria vaccine in 2007 after conducting animal safety trials next year even as the malaria drug policy is being reviewed to guard against the parasite's drug resistance.
Meet to focus on research in malaria 4.11.2005 Hindu: National
Controlling it poses a great challenge to researchers, scientists and experts Twelve centres, operating in 10 States under a field-oriented project, have been working as testing grounds for new technologies and innovative approaches
`Starvation' deaths: Migrants' families to get compensation 4.11.2005 HBL: Industry & Economy
The construction company will be asked to strictly abide by the laws and furnish information as and when required by the Government.
Researchers unmask malaria?s Achilles heel 3.11.2005 New Kerala: Health News
Washington: Winning the battle against one of mankind?s deadliest scourges, malaria may just have got a wee bit closer, with researchers discovering a single cell parasite protein, that may provide insights into the development of drugs to fight the germ.
Mayor for action against construction company 3.11.2005 ET: Jobs
Mayor for action against construction company
Gates gives $258m to battle malaria 1.11.2005 Hindu: Breaking News
Bill Gates' $258m boost to malaria war 1.11.2005 Telegraph: International
Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates has pledged $258.3 million for research and development to combat malaria, including new cash to test the world's first vaccine against the mosquito-borne disease.
Ranbaxy develops anti-malaria drug 31.10.2005 Deccan Herald
Ranbaxy develops anti-malaria drug
Dengue to be kept in check by fish 26.10.2005 Deccan Herald
Dengue to be kept in check by fish
Dengue situation not alarming: expert 26.10.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
11 people have died of the disease over the past two months
Gene that fights malaria in mosquitoes discovered 25.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
Washington: US researchers claim to have discovered a gene in mosquitoes that can fight off malaria parasites.
Malaria gene 'helps mosquitoes' 25.10.2005 BBC South Asia
A gene may explain why mosquitoes do not develop malaria even though they carry the disease, US scientists say.
At least 30 people die as Malaria spreads in Siliguri 20.10.2005 New Kerala: India News
Naxalbari (West Bengal): At least 30 people have died in Siliguri of West Bengal due to an outbreak of malaria.
Ranbaxy completes proof-of-concept studies of malaria molecule 20.10.2005 ET: Jobs
Ranbaxy completes proof-of-concept studies of malaria molecule
Minister visits malaria patients 20.10.2005 ET: Jobs
Minister visits malaria patients
AIDS-related infections medication also prevents Malaria 19.10.2005 New Kerala: World News
Washington: A drug combination used to prevent pneumonia and opportunistic bacterial infection in persons with HIV/AIDS has been found to be highly effective in preventing malaria, according to a study published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases.
17,618 to 17,637 of 17,682