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Dengue to be kept in check by fish 26.10.2005 Deccan Herald
Dengue to be kept in check by fish
Dengue situation not alarming: expert 26.10.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
11 people have died of the disease over the past two months
Gene that fights malaria in mosquitoes discovered 25.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
Washington: US researchers claim to have discovered a gene in mosquitoes that can fight off malaria parasites.
Malaria gene 'helps mosquitoes' 25.10.2005 BBC South Asia
A gene may explain why mosquitoes do not develop malaria even though they carry the disease, US scientists say.
At least 30 people die as Malaria spreads in Siliguri 20.10.2005 New Kerala: India News
Naxalbari (West Bengal): At least 30 people have died in Siliguri of West Bengal due to an outbreak of malaria.
Ranbaxy completes proof-of-concept studies of malaria molecule 20.10.2005 ET: Jobs
Ranbaxy completes proof-of-concept studies of malaria molecule
Minister visits malaria patients 20.10.2005 ET: Jobs
Minister visits malaria patients
AIDS-related infections medication also prevents Malaria 19.10.2005 New Kerala: World News
Washington: A drug combination used to prevent pneumonia and opportunistic bacterial infection in persons with HIV/AIDS has been found to be highly effective in preventing malaria, according to a study published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases.
339 dengue cases reported in Delhi 15.10.2005 New Kerala: India News
New Delhi: Dengue fever seems to be spreading in the capital with 23 new cases reported till Saturday forenoon, taking the total number of affected people to 339, municipal authorities said.
The new economics of ecological capital 13.10.2005 Hindu: Opinion
HERE IS a conundrum, courtesy of Merv Wilkinson, one of Canada's oldest and wisest foresters. In 1938, he bought a few hectares of forest on Vancouver Island which, he reckoned, contained about 100,000 board feet of timber. Once every 10 years, ...
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Fighting malaria with GM technology 13.10.2005 Hindu: Science & Technology
The plan is to breed, sterilise and release millions of these male insects so they mate with wild females but produce no offspring
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PoK faces disease after quake 12.10.2005 Express India-- Front Page
Malaria and other diseases are breaking out in PoK where health services are in ruins after an earthquake wrecked hospitals and killed many doctors, a senior health official said.
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Rice to visit quake-hit Pakistan 12.10.2005 BBC South Asia
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is to visit Pakistan to see firsthand the aftermath of the earthquake.
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Genetically modified mosquitoes to combat malaria 11.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
By Prasun Sonwalkar, London: Genetically modified mosquitoes could soon be released into the wild in an attempt to combat malaria in places such as India and other parts of South Asia.
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Glowing insects 'to cut malaria' 10.10.2005 BBC South Asia
A protein that makes the sex glands of male mosquitoes glow could help reduce malaria infection rates, scientists say.
Going herbal against mosquitoes 10.10.2005 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
Tribal woman to set up a unit to produce repellent
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NGOs urge officials to step up efforts to curb malaria 9.10.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
1,565 cases reported in city till September 2005
CPI(M) seeks steps to curb malaria deaths 7.10.2005 ET: Jobs
CPI(M) seeks steps to curb malaria deaths
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Four die of malaria in Gulbarga 6.10.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
314 cases reported in Chincholi taluk of the district
Nine new dengue cases reported 5.10.2005 Hindu: New Delhi
NEW DELHI: There is no let-up in the rising number of dengue cases in the Capital with total number of patients touching 235, with nine new cases being reported on Tuesday that include six from Delhi, two from Uttar Pradesh and one from ...
17,498 to 17,517 of 17,550