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Boost for Child health as Govt.plans to spend 89.5 billion dollars 7.1.2006 New Kerala: Kerala News
Kochi: Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Anbumani Ramadoss has announced that the government will spend a whopping 89.5 billion dollars on a renewed Reproductive and Child Health programme over the next five years.
Rs 40,000 cr Reproductive and Child Health Programme 7.1.2006 New Kerala: Kerala News
Kochi: The Centre will spend Rs 40,000 crore over the next five years on the second phase of the Reproductive and Child Health (RCH-II) programme to be launched this year, Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said here.
Gujarat aims to improve maternal, infant mortality rates 5.1.2006 New Kerala: Health News
Gandhinagar: Gujarat is launching a new health programme to effectively bring down the maternal and infant mortality rates, says an official statement.
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Mother, child mortality rate on rise 3.1.2006 The Pioneer
Mother, child mortality rate on rise
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India's maternal mortality ratio highest in South Asia 28.12.2005 Hindu: National
NEW DELHI: Maternal health is a problem of serious proportions in India, where an estimated 1,36,000 women die needlessly each year due to causes related to pregnancy, childbirth and abortion. India has an estimated maternal mortality ratio ...
Programme to curb maternal mortality launched 28.12.2005 Hindu: Kerala
KOCHI: Minister for Fisheries and Sports Dominic Presentation on Tuesday launched the national programme Janani Suraksha Yojna in the district. The programme aims at reducing the maternal and infant mortality ratio in families below the ...
When will the right questions be asked in MP? 25.12.2005 DNA: India
Given the poor health indicators as reflected in the Human Development Report, it's expected that MLAs would raise questions relating to developmental issues.
When development sounds hollow 14.12.2005 Telegraph: Opinion
For both China and India child mortality trends raise wider questions for public health and the distribution within developing countries of the benefits from globalization. Integration into global markets have manifestly enhanced wealth creation, generated economic dynamism and raised living standards for many millions of people in India and China. At the same time the human development benefits of economic success have been slow to trickle down to large sections of the population ' and the trickle appears to be slowing in some key areas of public health.
Scheme to reduce maternal mortality rate launched 9.12.2005 Hindu: Kerala
To benefit women from BPL families
`Community plan essential to improve health indicators' 7.12.2005 Hindu: Karnataka
The World-Bank-sponsored report has recommended for a unified Public Health Act
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Focused approach called for to increase average age of marriage 28.11.2005 Hindu: Other States
Would reduce infant and maternal mortality rates as well as the total fertility rate
<b>2nd phase of reproductive health programme soon</b> 27.11.2005 Deccan Herald
<b>2nd phase of reproductive health programme soon</b>
Improve neonatal care: Ramadoss 25.11.2005 Hindu: National
Government to back NGO efforts
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High Maternal Mortality: Who cries when mothers die? 15.11.2005 India Together - Women
The probability of an Indian mother dying during childbirth is roughly 10 times that of her Chinese counterpart. Reducing the Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) by three-quarters in 10 years is now a Millennium Development Goal. How far are we from the goal? Arati Rao unravels the many challenges to saving mothers' lives.
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M.P. legislators ignore children-related issues 14.11.2005 Hindu: Other States
High rate of maternal and child mortality fails to move the MLAs
When health for all in the country is no longer a dream 13.11.2005 The Indian Express -- Front Page
Over 73 per cent of India's population still lives in rural areas and they have access to only 25 per cent of healthcare facilities. The 25 per cent who live in towns and cities have 75 per cent healthcare access. The National Rural Health Mission should rectify this deficiency... results will be visible in the next three years
Better Births Initiative project all set to cover new ground 26.10.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Testimonies from Village Health Nurses, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives
Campaign for safe and less painful deliveries launched 26.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
New Delhi: Women don't necessarily have to die while giving birth to new life.
Promoting safe motherhood 26.10.2005 Hindu: New Delhi
1.5 lakh maternal, one million newborn deaths take place annually
New plan to bring down infant and maternal morality rates 19.10.2005 ET: Jobs
New plan to bring down infant and maternal morality rates
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