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Spurned by doctors, man helps HIV+ wife deliver 30.9.2003 CNN-IBN Top Stories
POSITIVELY DISCRIMINATORY: This baby was discriminated against even before he was born.Docs in Meerut hospital refused admit woman into labour room.
Abandoned for suspected AIDS, baby tests HIV -ve 30.7.2003 CNN-IBN Top Stories
POSITIVELY CRUEL: 13-day old baby Kritika was abandoned thrice suspecting her as HIV positive.Earlier, she tested HIV Reactive in a basic AIDS test.
Eliminating hunger or the hungry? 1.6.2003 India Together - Agriculture

While 'good' science has been given a quiet burial, the party for the biotechnology industry has just begun, writes Devinder Sharma.
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The movement for inclusive education 1.4.2003 India Together - Education

Callous school managements and over-anxious parents of abled children are barring 90% of India's 40 million disabled children from entering the nation's classrooms says Gaver Chatterjee.
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Chennai firm offers insurance for HIV patients 28.2.2003 CNN-IBN Top Stories
INSURANCE COVER: This health insurance cover, which is the first of its kind, is awaiting IRDA approvals.An insurance cover for HIV, patients is now in the pipeline.
Joshi scandalised, but Renuka says let's talk sex 31.8.2002 CNN-IBN Top Stories
INNER VIEW: Schoolgirls look at exhibits at <I>Antarang</I>, India's first ever sex museum in Mumbai.Renuka Chowdhury is all for sex education and she is not shying away from expressing her opinion.
Hospitals deny treatment to 'HIV-infected' kid 1.4.2002 CNN-IBN Top Stories
SINKING FAST: The HC has asked hospital authorities to pay for his treatment.The HC has asked hospital authorities to pay for his treatment.
HIV/AIDS infections in India down by 50 pc 31.5.2001 CNN-IBN Top Stories
GOOD NEWS? AIDS activists in Chandigarh during an awareness rally in the city.About 2.5 million people infected, says Health Minister.
Mother, son use RTI in battle for free treatment 30.4.2001 CNN-IBN Top Stories
WAGING BATTLE: Jameela and Javed have filed two applications under the RTI for free treatment. A mother and son are fighting for free medial treatment armed with RTI.
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Women, buy condoms yourself: Minister Renuka 31.12.1999 CNN-IBN Top Stories
WOMEN ON TOP? Women in India have to ensure their own protection and not depend on the men, says Renuka Chowdhry.Women shouldn't be embarrassed about buying condoms.
Don't trust men, buy condoms yourself: Renuka tells women 31.12.1999 CNN-IBN Top Stories
WOMEN ON TOP? Women in India have to ensure their own protection and not depend on the men, says Renuka Chowdhry.Women shouldn't be embarrassed about buying condoms.
The bizarreness of modern-day feminism 1.1.1970 Sify News
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HIV/AIDS cases increase in Pakistan 1.1.1970 Sify News
HIV/AIDS infection cases are on the rise in Pakistan, according to new data.
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Technology blamed for spike in Pakistan HIV rate 1.1.1970 Sify News
Technology has led to an increase in HIV infection among young people, particularly gay men and male sex workers, in Pakistan, experts have warned.
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Indian paediatrician Soumya Swaminathan appointed WHO Deputy Director General 1.1.1970 Sify News
Soumiya Swaminathan, the head of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), has been appointed Deputy Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
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Progress on global poverty and disease at risk, Gates says 1.1.1970 Sify News
By Kate Kelland
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World Drug Report 2017: 29.5 million people globally suffer from drug use disorders 1.1.1970 Sify News
[Austria]/New York[U.S.A.]/Geneva [Switzerland], June 22 (ANI): In 2015 about a quarter of a billion people used drugs. Of these, around 29.5 million people - or 0.6 per cent of the global adult
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Six experts resign from Trump HIV/AIDS panel 1.1.1970 Sify News
[United States], June 19 (ANI): Six top health advisors have resigned from President Donald Trump's advisory council on HIV/AIDS, complaining that the latter doesn't really care about combating the
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141 arrested in Indonesia over gay sex party 1.1.1970 Sify News
The Indonesian police have arrested 141 men in a raid on a gay sauna here, a day before two men were to be publicly flogged for having sexual relations, the media reported on Monday.
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Global med-tech firms, India locked in tussle after stent price sting 1.1.1970 Sify News
* Global med-tech firms nervous about India price controls
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