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Baby abandoned on HIV fears gets a clear report 20.12.2005 CNN-IBN Top Stories
INNOCENT LITTLE ONE: Baby Krittika who was abandoned thrice ever since she was just 3 days old.The 16-day-old baby was abandoned thrice on fears that she is an HIV+.
Aurobindo's product included in WHO pre-qualification list 12.12.2005 HBL: Breaking News
Indian NGOs demand say in AIDS report to UN 25.10.2005 New Kerala: India News
By Papri Sri Raman, Chennai: Several Indian NGOs have complained that the government is sidestepping them in the preparation of a progress report on the control of HIV/AIDS to be submitted to the UN.
WHO calls for sharing of research findings on HIV/AIDS 21.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
Chennai: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for sharing of research findings and programme experiences in prevention of HIV/AIDS with policy makers in order to translate them into a public health policy.
Oscar Fernandes expects a breakthrough in Centre-NSCN-IM talks 19.10.2005 New Kerala: India News
Kohima: Union Minister for Programme Implementation and Statistics Oscar Fernandes today expressed hope that some breakthrough would be made in the next round of talks between the Centre and the NSCN-IM.
Schools, Literacy Yet To Reach More Than 870 Million 12.10.2005 New Kerala: India News
New Delhi: Education Ministers from India and ninety other nations have reaffirmed their commitment to providing quality Education For All at a United Nations sponsored Round Table in France over the weekend, it was announced here yesterday.
`Media should generate AIDS awareness' 10.10.2005 Hindu: Other States
Two-day workshop organised by National AIDS Control Organisation, Samyak and Udayan Sharma Foundation
Frenchman, Americans win Nobel for organic chemistry 5.10.2005 New Kerala: World News
STOCKHOLM: Frenchman Yves Chauvin and Americans Robert Grubbs and Richard Schrock won the 2005 Nobel Chemistry prize for the synthesis of molecules to produce cheaper, cleaner chemicals and drugs to combat major diseases.
Quack, woman among four detained in sexual exploitation case 30.9.2005 New Kerala: India News
Aurangabad: Police this evening detained four persons, including a woman and a self-styled ayurvedic practitioner, in connection with a complaint lodged against them by a 35-year old woman alleging sexual exploitation under the pretext of curing her husband of HIV-Aids.
<b>Blair gets taste of two sides of India</b> 8.9.2005 Express India-- Front Page
British PM Tony Blair saw first hand the gaping divide between India's rich and poor as he lunched at an opulent resort on the doorstep of dusty, ramshackle villages.
Not just a matter of choice 1.9.2004 India Together - Women

Both legalisation and decriminalisation talk about protecting prostitutes from police harassment, as well as guarding their right of choice. But they have so far failed to address the issue of vulnerability of the women in the sex trade. Asha Ramesh notes different voices in the debate over what the legal stance towards prostitution should be.
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India 360: 'What AIDS?' | Meerut docs suspended 31.7.2004 CNN-IBN Top Stories
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: A candlelight procession on AIDS awareness in Chandigarh.Is there a cure to Indians' ignorance of AIDS and prejudice?
India 360: AIDS awareness zero 31.7.2004 CNN-IBN Top Stories
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: A candlelight procession on AIDS awareness in Chandigarh.Is there a cure to Indians' ignorance of AIDS and prejudice? India 360 asks experts.
India's scorecard on AIDS awareness all red 31.7.2004 CNN-IBN Top Stories
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: A candlelight procession on AIDS awareness in Chandigarh.Is there a cure to Indians ignorance of AIDS? India 360 asks experts.
IBNLive Chat: 'Cut the guilt, talk about sex in family' 30.6.2004 CNN-IBN Top Stories
WALK THE TALK: Dr Madhumati Singh says it's better to be safe and talk than be quiet and sorryPsychologist Madhumati Singh answers readers' queries on sex education.
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Where's the 'Indian Condom Man'? 31.5.2004 CNN-IBN Top Stories
SPREAD THE MESSAGE: A HIV-positive woman distributes condoms on World AIDS Day in Kolkata.Mechai Viravaidya, famous for getting Thais to use AIDS, inspires awareness group in India.
Spurned by doctors, man helps HIV+ wife deliver 30.9.2003 CNN-IBN Top Stories
POSITIVELY DISCRIMINATORY: This baby was discriminated against even before he was born.Docs in Meerut hospital refused admit woman into labour room.
Abandoned for suspected AIDS, baby tests HIV -ve 30.7.2003 CNN-IBN Top Stories
POSITIVELY CRUEL: 13-day old baby Kritika was abandoned thrice suspecting her as HIV positive.Earlier, she tested HIV Reactive in a basic AIDS test.
Eliminating hunger or the hungry? 1.6.2003 India Together - Agriculture

While 'good' science has been given a quiet burial, the party for the biotechnology industry has just begun, writes Devinder Sharma.
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The movement for inclusive education 1.4.2003 India Together - Education

Callous school managements and over-anxious parents of abled children are barring 90% of India's 40 million disabled children from entering the nation's classrooms says Gaver Chatterjee.
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