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Briefly 10.1.2006 Hindu: Kerala
Unidentified persons set ablaze a fishing boat berthed at Manakkadavu boat yard, near Chavakkad, on Monday morning. The owner of the boat, Mathios, of Vaniamkuzhy, near Kanyakumari, has given a complaint to the Chavakkad police in this regard. ...
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Vitamin D deficiency can increase cancer risk 10.1.2006 New Kerala: Health News
NEW YORK: Correcting vitamin D deficiency could significantly lower the risk of several types of cancer, investigators report.
WASHINGTON: US approves first cervical cancer vaccine 9.1.2006 Asia News Network: News
Study on breast cancer reveals `vital' findings 9.1.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Stress on awareness programmes at primary and secondary institutional level "Only 25 per cent of 2,500 women contacted during the survey had knowledge about self-examination of breasts to detect at early stage"
Meet on prostate cancer 9.1.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
About 10 in every 1,00,000 men in India suffer from the disease
Dogs can sniff out cancer  9.1.2006 Central Chronicle
Dogs can sniff out cancer 
Of Canines and Cancer 9.1.2006 New Indian Express
Of Canines and Cancer
Hundreds take part in carnival rally 9.1.2006 Hindu: Kerala
Revenue from the carnival to be spent on cancer patients
A quarter of obese people don't want to lose weight 9.1.2006 New Kerala: Health News
London: A new poll has found that more than a quarter of obese and overweight people do not want to lose weight,and there are many more who are unaware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
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Kalam for Bhimavaram 9.1.2006 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
To inaugurate International Cancer Centre today
`Govt. has spent Rs.497 cr. for renovation of 270 hospitals' 8.1.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
For providing best treatment to the poor and downtrodden on a par with the rich
Cancer diagnosis at affordable cost 8.1.2006 New Indian Express
Cancer diagnosis at affordable cost
Dogs can sniff out cancer 8.1.2006 New Kerala: Health News
London: Can dogs can 'smell' cancer? Yes, it is possible, says new research.
Briefly 8.1.2006 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
: City-based psychiatrist Indla Ramasubba Reddy has been elected president of the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) at its annual meeting in Mumbai on Saturday. He won over formidable rivals such as K.S. Ayyar (Mumbai), Roy Abraham (Kerala) and ...
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Of mouth ulcers and related things 7.1.2006 New Indian Express
Of mouth ulcers and related things
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Waylaid Wyanad 7.1.2006 New Indian Express
Waylaid Wyanad
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Media messages may reduce passive smoking 7.1.2006 New Kerala: Health News
Washington : ?Smoking is injurious to health? - the health warning on a cigarette box fails to influence smokers to kick the butt, but it may reduce passive smoking in homes.
Mutation linked to PTC has poorer outcomes 7.1.2006 New Kerala: Health News
BALTIMORE: A gene mutation that triggers tumor growth protein production is linked to poorer outcomes for those with papillary thyroid cancer, says a U.S. study.
TOKYO: Clear legal, ethical rules needed for transplants 7.1.2006 Asia News Network: Editorials
French defend toxic ship, got WTO to ban asbestos import 7.1.2006 The Indian Express -- Front Page
This story could have a lesson for India. The players are the same: France and Canada. France, the country that's sending the asbestos-laden ship, Clemenceau, to India. Canada, the country that exports nearly 90% of its asbestos-an estimated 1 lakh tonnes-to India each year.
110,482 to 110,501 of 111,236