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New technology to eradicate breast cancer tumors 20.10.2005
<img src=""><p align="justify">Breast cancer tumors could be a thing of the past as a discovery made by an Indian-American professor moots blowing up the carcinogenic lumps to pieces using tiny bombs developed by nanotechnology.
Stunning good news for treatment of breast cancer 20.10.2005 The Indian Express -- Front Page
Cancer researchers today published results showing one of the most dramatic advances in breast cancer treatment in decades. The data found that the drug Herceptin reduced by half the risk that women with a fast-growing type of tumor would experience a relapse.
Briefly 20.10.2005 ET: Jobs
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Straight Answers 19.10.2005 TOI: Hyderabad Times
Dr Mohan Vamsy Director and chief surgical oncologist, Indo-American Cancer Institute on World Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Laughter is the best medicine for cancer-struck Kylie 19.10.2005 ET: Jobs
London: Pop star Kylie Minogue is reportedly enjoying comedy videos to stay composed and emotionally charged up, while undergoing her treatment for breast cancer.
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Yeast may harbour cancer-cure secrets 19.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
Sydney: A research published in the latest issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute claims that the humble yeast, which is a less sophisticated cell than a human cell
Drink milk and bid adeiu to arthritis and cancer! 19.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
Washington: A new study by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers has shown that a group of fatty acids found in milk may help control inflammatory diseases.
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Researchers device revolutionary therapy to destroy malignant tumours 19.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
London: Canadian researchers claim to have made a major breakthrough in developing a new approach towards eradicating malignant tumours.
Curcumin in turmeric halts spread of breast cancer: US study 19.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
Houston: Curcumin, the main ingredient of turmeric and the compound that gives curry mustard-yellow colour, stunts the deadly spread of the breast cancer to the lungs. report researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Type 2 diabetes linked to prostate cancer survival 19.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
NEW YORK: A history of type 2 diabetes is not associated with more aggressive prostate cancer, but it does predict worse long-term survival from the disease, according to a study presented on Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiation and Oncology (ASTRO), being held this week in Denver.
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Nanotech paper fetches them an invitation to visit the U.S. 19.10.2005 ET: Jobs
Nanotech paper fetches them an invitation to visit the U.S.
?Sex and the City? cranberry cocktails can curtail cancer spread 18.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
Washington : If you are hooked on to Cranberry cocktails after watching your favourite stars toss them down in every episode of Sex and the City, it won?t be a bad idea to continue with the habit, as it can actually be good for your health.
Palliative care a high priority need for major illnesses 17.10.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Only two per cent of those needing palliative care get it, say experts
One in five human genes now patented 17.10.2005 Hindu: Breaking News
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New kit to allow early detection of cancer 17.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
Singapore: A new cancer test kit will now detect warning signs of the disease years before the first physical symptoms appear, researchers said Monday.
Diane Keaton deals with breast cancer in ?The Family Stone? 16.10.2005 ET: Jobs
London: Oscar winning actress Diane Keaton is set to shock audiences in her new movie The Family Stone, by appearing with a fake mastectomy in one sex scene.
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Alarming increase in city's pollution levels 16.10.2005 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
Vehicular pollution worrying environmental groups, medical practitioners
Duplicate genome cells can spark tumors 15.10.2005 New Kerala: Health News
BOSTON: Cells with duplicate genomes can trigger tumors, according to papers published in Nature by two Boston researchers.
Air pollution research centre opened 15.10.2005 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
This is sixth of 22 centres planned by GAIL in as many cities
FDA rejects Abbott prostate cancer drug Xinlay 15.10.2005 New Kerala: World News
NEW YORK: Abbott Laboratories Inc. said on Friday U.S. regulators have refused to approve its experimental prostate cancer drug, Xinlay, which failed to delay progression of the disease in two clinical trials.
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