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Citizens bemoan the state of Garden City 9.11.2008 TOI: Bangalore Times
Around 800 people from Lalbagh to Town Hall to protest against widening of roads, felling of trees and the demolition of landmark structures in Bangalore.
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Bangalore citizens walk for better roads and greenery 9.11.2008 New Kerala: Karnataka
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Walk against road widening tomorrow 8.11.2008 Hindu: Karnataka
Bangalore: Countering the authorities’ stance that road widening and Metro Rail project are solutions to all the traffic problems in the city, the Environment Support Group (ESG) and Hasiru Usiru have planned a “Walk to reclaim ...
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Bangaloreans to hit streets Sunday for better roads, greenery 7.11.2008 New Kerala: Karnataka
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Hasiru-Usiru and BBMP clash over roadwidening 5.11.2008 Citizen Matters

Hasiru Usiru (HU), a group of citizens concerned on green issues at Bangalore, has been trying to get the BBMP to involve its nominated members to be part of the decision-making process. This, especially after the High Court of Karnataka handed down a decision to the effect that BBMP should not take any developmental steps without clearance from an empowered committee which was setup as part of a litigation initiated by Hasiru Usiru.

So far, its efforts have been fruitless, and HU members have been deeply concerned to see the ongoing felling of trees for widening several roads in the…

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Don’t lease lakes to private bodies: HC 5.11.2008 New Indian Express
Don’t lease lakes to private bodies: HC
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Chain of waste disposal violations continue in city 5.11.2008 New Indian Express
Chain of waste disposal violations continue in city
High Court stays privatisation of lakes 5.11.2008 Citizen Matters

The High Court of Karnataka on Tuesday, 4th November directed the Lake Development Authority (LDA) not to enter into fresh agreements enabling private parties to own lakes. A division of the HC bench, comprising Chief Justice PD Dinakaran and Justice VG Sabhapathi, took the State government to task, observing that the government was trying to commercialise lakes by handing them over to the private parties.

The Court directed the government and the LDA to take a decision regarding steps to be taken to protect lakes and gardens, to preserve the beauty of cities and maintain ecological balance. It has given two…

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Court put brakes on lake privatisation 5.11.2008 Hindu: Front Page
LDA restrained from entering into fresh agreement with companies
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HC asks LDA not to enter into fresh arguments 5.11.2008 TOI: Bangalore Times
The high court on Tuesday directed the Lake Development Authority (LDA) not to enter into "any fresh argument with anybody" on issues related to city's lakes.
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Hospital waste dumped off Kanakapura Road 4.11.2008 Citizen Matters

It was late on November 3nd afternoon when five men worked by the side of a lonely stretch of road in the as yet un-named land between Anjanapura and Kanakapura Road. The barefooted men silently hoed and shovelled the last dregs of a waste heap, shoving the plastic and other indistinct matter into a truck parked nearby, where one of the men stood next to the waste. At first glance, it appeared to be one of the many dumps of domestic waste one often sees on empty plots, full of plastic bags.

In fact, it was…

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Medical waste lands up as garbage 4.11.2008 New Indian Express
Medical waste lands up as garbage
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How green was my K R Road? 25.10.2008 New Indian Express
How green was my K R Road?
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Online petition to stop tree-cutting 19.10.2008 Citizen Matters

The road widening project started by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) sees yet another development. Two NGOs, the Environment Support Group (ESG), and CIVIC Bangalore have created an online petition to a BBMP committee overseeing tree-cutting decisions on the project.

The petition is urging them to involve Bangaloreans in planning and decision making processes, in order to help prioritise safety of cyclists, pedestrians, senior citizens, children, differently abled and so on. The petitioners feel that with intelligent road design it is possible to safeguard lives, livelihoods, homes, heritage and green cover of the city, which is…

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Just Rs 3.15 cr for 40,000 lakes! 16.10.2008 Deccan Herald
Just Rs 3.15 cr for 40,000 lakes!
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Garden City on tree-felling spree 13.10.2008 New Indian Express
Garden City on tree-felling spree
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Road widening project scrutiny turns political 9.10.2008 Citizen Matters

In response to a public interest litigation, the High Court of Karnataka had directed the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) three months ago to constitute a special committee to monitor its road widening projects and the Metro works. But, the court's intervention has not impacted the 'free' uprooting of trees.

Trees impacted
Kanakapura Road
Bellary Road
Race Course Road
Palace Road
Sarjapur Road

According to the court's order, the committee has to take public opinion into account and pass orders on the advice of the experts. The court had directed the BBMP and other agencies working on infrastructural…

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City of the future 1.10.2008 Citizen Matters

“You know you’re in Bangalore, you know you’re in the Silicon Valley of India, when you go to play golf and the caddy on the first tee says you can either aim at the Microsoft building or the IBM building. You know you’re in Bangalore when you see the Pizza Hut advertisement says ‘gigabytes of taste’,” famously said the US journalist Thomas Friedman in 2004. Ever since, reams have been written on outsourcing, the software boom and the rise of the uber-smart, uber-rich new technogeeks of Bangalore.

But whatever happened to the other Bangalores, the ones that shun the…

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CORRECTION 28.9.2008 Deccan Herald
Greens see red over alleged inaction of ‘empowered panel’ 22.9.2008 Hindu: Karnataka
BANGALORE: Two months ago, environmentalists in the city saw, well, green when an “empowered committee” was constituted by the High Court of Karnataka to keep tabs on the indiscriminate felling of trees and loss of livelihood due ...
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