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Jayalalitha slams Sethusamudram project 26.9.2005 Rediff: News
Jayalalithaa attacked the Centre for "hastily implementing the Sethusamudram project without taking note of the adverse impact on the environment."
SC refuses to stay Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project 26.9.2005 New Kerala: India News
New Delhi : The Supreme Court today refused to stay the over Rs 2400-crore Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project (SSCP) linking the Gulf of Mannar, Palk Strait and the Palk Bay, on the lines of the Suez Canal which joins the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, with a view to save shipping time.
Govt not blindly opposing central schemes: CM 26.9.2005
<img src=""><p align="justify">Asserting that her Government was not blindly opposing central schemes for the state, as alleged by Dravida Munnetra Khazhagam (DMK) President M Karunanidhi, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa today (Sept 26, 2005) told the state assembly that she was against schemes like the Sethusamudram project, which 'will destroy the livelihood of fishermen of the state.'
Caste cloud over tsunami relief 15.9.2005 Rediff: News
Dalits allege the government has turned a blind eye to their plight.
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Environmental for Alisagar lift irrigation scheme cleared 15.9.2005 New Kerala: India News
Hyderabad, Sep 14 : The Environment and Forests Ministry has accorded environmental clearance for the Alisagar Lift Irrigation Scheme (ALIS) of the Andhra Pradesh Government.
Delimitation Commission hearing postponed 8.9.2005 TOI: India
The hearing was closed down after a showdown by the Trinamool congress leaders and activists.
Urban renewal: For the people, by diktat 5.9.2005 India Together
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Dead man working in EGS fraud 10.8.2005 The Indian Express -- Front Page
Dead man working in EGS fraud
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&apos;Which Tamils are they talking about?&apos; 19.7.2005 Rediff: News
&apos;Which Tamils are they talking about?&apos;
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NEAA rejecting clearance appeals coldly 21.6.2005 India Together - Environment

On 20 May, the National Environment Appellate Authority refused to admit two appeals cases where citizens and panchayat representatives in Uttaranchal had challenged Central government clearances to two hydro-electric power projects, on grounds of failure in due process. Kanchi Kohli was at the hearings.
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High 'court' of appeals, 2004: no cases 28.1.2005 India Together - Environment

The National Environmental Appellate Authority came into being in 1997 for citizens concerned with environmental impact to challenge central government clearances. But the Law Commission of India pointed out not long ago that this forum of final appeals "had very little work". Kanchi Kohli discovers more.
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Sethusamudram: Court opinion amiss? 21.1.2005 India Together - Environment

The Chennai High Court opined in December that industrialisation created the wealth necessary for protecting the environment. Sunita Dubey tests this claim in the United States and finds that the court ignored the US' system of local public participation and more.
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India's legal backing for conservation 1.12.2004 India Together - Environment

Governments in India have been using key provisions in environmental regulations to create and protect 'Ecologically Sensitive Areas'. Recently, the Supreme Court also pressed a state government on an ESA commitment. Kanchi Kohli reports on the practice and challenges.
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Give the environment its due 1.9.2004 India Together - Environment

The Ministry of Environment and Forests is looking away from even the minimal standards of environmental stewardship needed in modern times, asserted citizens and experts in open letter to the government recently. Ashish Kothari and Kanchi Kohli were two of the signatories.
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Twists in a tale of planning 1.8.2004 India Together - Environment

After years of public participation, the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan reached its final stage. And then, things began to unravel. Kanchi Kohli reports.
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Weakening the enviro-clearance process 1.8.2004 India Together - Environment

The recent simplifications to the Central environmental clearance process may endup pushing peoples’ participation and transparency to fringes, says Sunita Dubey.
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Silent Valley: threatened again 1.7.2004 India Together - Environment

Surendranath C reports on a power project proposal that threatens to put the Kerala biodiversity hotspot at risk.
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Environment and the new Government 1.6.2004 India Together - Environment

June 5 is the UN World Environment Day. Ashish Kothari reflects on the challenges and opportunities for the new government and civil society.
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Himachal power project under scrutiny 1.6.2004 India Together - Environment

Kanchi Kohli reports from the public meetings on a Hydro Electric Project that involves diverting a river tributary near Manali in Himachal Pradesh.
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Rs.180 crores to bury a river 1.6.2003 India Together - Environment

Leo Saldanha and Subramanya Sastry on the threats to the Kali River from pollution and sand mining and more recently a proposal to build the seventh dam across the river's last stretch.
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