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Greens barred from ministry 15.11.2005 Deccan Herald
Greens barred from ministry
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'Check degradation of environment' 13.11.2005 Hindu: Kerala
Uncontrolled mining of clay in Mangalapuram panchayat
Govt may allow real estate investment trusts 12.11.2005 HBL: Industry & Economy
THE Government is considering permitting real estate investment trusts (REITs), which will be similar to mutual funds, offering investment opportunities to investors in the real estate sector. "We are considering the option of REITs as an ...
New draft EIA Notification ? Unaddressed issues cloud positives 11.11.2005 HBL: Opinion
ON SEPTEMBER 15, a new and re-engineered vision of the Environment Impact Assessment notification was uploaded on the Web site of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). The mandatory 60 days time was given for all to respond to it. In ...
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EIA Chennai shifts to new premises 5.11.2005 Hindu: Business
CHENNAI: The office of the Export Inspection Agency (EIA) at Chennai has been shifted to its new premises to improve the working environment and to make activities of the laboratory more systematic and efficient by installing additional ...
<b>Ropeway to Chamundi to go on despite resistance</b> 5.11.2005 Deccan Herald
<b>Ropeway to Chamundi to go on despite resistance</b>
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`Speedy' clearance for Polavaram baffles greens 28.10.2005 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
Entire process termed "sham" and against Article 48
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Two more reactors at Koodankulam 25.10.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Environment impact assessment report ready
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The cloud of environment clearance 19.10.2005 ET: Jobs
The cloud of environment clearance
Sale of Mumbai mill land illegal, rules HC 17.10.2005 The Indian Express -- Front Page
Upholding a PIL filed by Bombay Environmental Action Group, the judgment by Justices S Radhakrishnan and S Dharmadhikari means that redevelopment now underway in central Mumbai's sprawling mill lands will have to be shared three-way with government organisations for public housing and public open spaces.
Bombay HC puts question mark on sale of mill lands 17.10.2005 Financial Express: Front Page
The Bombay High Court on Monday ruled that the sale of surplus mill lands by National Textiles Corporation was contrary to the Supreme Court judgement of May 11, 2005 and September 27, 2002.
Will these turtles survive? 4.10.2005 HBL: Variety
A LATE evening, some months ago, one released a new born Oliver Riddley turtle into the Arabian Sea. Vivek Bendre and myself felt sad as the chick struggled with the waves before getting lost. He will be growing up (if predators do not snap him ...
MoEF fails its regulatory role once again 30.9.2005 India Together
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Kerala's gold mining potential 29.9.2005 Hindu: Science & Technology
Gold worth about Rs.600 crores at current prices is present in the Kottathara area of Nilambur region
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New environment norms for industrial projects 28.9.2005 Hindu: National
NEW DELHI: : The Union Environment and Forests Ministry has drafted new guidelines to regulate the process of getting environmental clearance for major projects. The new Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) guidelines that have been put up for ...
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Sethu project not to be stayed 27.9.2005 Hindu: National
Notice issued to Union Ministries, Baalu and the Tamil Nadu Government
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Indian tiger skins flooding Tibet blackmarket 6.9.2005 The Indian Express -- Front Page
Despite the red alert sounded by the Ministry of Environment and Forests across the country, the trade in tiger and other big cat skins from India is flourishing alarmingly in Tibet and adjoining areas of China. With increased supplies of tiger, leopard and otter skins, many new shops have sprung up in what is arguably the world's single largest wildlife blackmarket.
Coastal sand mining push despite eco-risks 25.6.2005 India Together - Environment

On 7 June, the Kerala government-constituted K John Mathew Commission greenlighted mineral sand mining on a narrow strip of beach and the adjacent sea basin in Alapuzha district. M Suchitra and P N Venugopal note that the report has irked the local communities as well as environmentalists.
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Coastal sand mining push in Kerala despite eco-risks 23.6.2005 India Together
Coastal sand mining push in Kerala despite eco-risks
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NEAA rejecting clearance appeals coldly 21.6.2005 India Together - Environment

On 20 May, the National Environment Appellate Authority refused to admit two appeals cases where citizens and panchayat representatives in Uttaranchal had challenged Central government clearances to two hydro-electric power projects, on grounds of failure in due process. Kanchi Kohli was at the hearings.
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