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Is the Metro a costly mistake? 1.4.2006 Business Standard
Is the Metro a costly mistake?
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Delhi cops oppose bus lane plan 31.3.2006 Business Standard
Delhi cops oppose bus lane plan
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A streetcar named vision 27.3.2006 Telegraph: Opinion
"The important questions are not about engineering but about ways to live...The technical aspects are relatively simple. The difficult decisions relate to who is going to benefit from the models adopted. Do we dare to create a transport system giving priority to the needs of the poor majority rather than the automobile owning minority? Are we trying to find the most efficient, economical way to move a city's population, as cleanly and as comfortably as possible? Or are we just trying to minimize the upper class's traffic jams?" ' Enrique Penalosa, mayor of Bogota, Colombia.
Urban transport policy draft ready 22.3.2006 Hindu: National
Jaipal Reddy seeks Ministries' views
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Cities can opt for bus rapid transit system: Jaipal Reddy 22.3.2006 HBL: Logistics
National Urban Transport Policy in final stage
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Conference on Alternative Technologies for Public Transport" 21-23rd March'06 20.3.2006 Govt of india: PIB
Conference on Alternative Technologies for Public Transport" 21-23rd March'06
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Transport proposals by States 10.3.2006 Govt of india: PIB
Transport proposals by States
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Monorail project not viable, says Anbumani 27.2.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
"Metro rail will suit the State better"
Gujarat seeks Central aid for metro, BRTS 14.2.2006 HBL: Industry & Economy
GUJARAT has approached the Centre for viability gap funding for Ahmedabad's MRTS proposal that would include metro rail as well as bus rapid transit system (BRTS). The project, which would be taken up on a public private partnership (PPP) ...
The metro-monorail debate 10.2.2006 Hindu: Opinion
THE GOVERNMENT of Tamil Nadu recently proposed a 300 km monorail system for Chennai. This is part of a larger 490 km network. The routes have been identified and the bid is now open. The successful bidder will design, develop, construct, own, ...
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PMK suggests bus rapid transit system for Chennai 25.1.2006 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Ramadoss demands scrapping of the proposed monorail project
Kochi Metro Rail project: Centre questions feasibility 22.1.2006 New Indian Express
Kochi Metro Rail project: Centre questions feasibility
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Speeding up bus rapid transit 17.1.2006 Hindu: Opinion
Rail-based systems may be necessary in the metros, but bus systems offer solutions for all Indian cities staggering under the effects of unsustainable automobile use.
Volvo mulls launching BRT systems in India 17.1.2006 HBL: Corporate
HAVING established its market for commuter buses for both city and inter-city transportation, Volvo is keen to explore the possibility of launching its high capacity BRT systems which could reduce the pressure of commuting. Mr Hakan Karlsson, ...
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Public transport for livable cities 9.1.2006 Hindu: Opinion
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's advocacy of appropriate, efficient, and affordable public transport for Indian cities is a heartening sign that initiatives for sustainable urban transport will at last get some high-level policy support. Dr. Singh ...
A passenger-friendly bus system for Delhi 16.12.2005 Hindu: New Delhi
NEW DELHI: Along with about 50 lakh people with disability and reduced mobility, lakhs of normal commuters and school children will also stand to benefit from a slew of design changes that are being suggested for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) ...
Importance of BRT system underlined 13.12.2005 Hindu: New Delhi
NEW DELHI: Delhi Transport Minister Haroon Yusuf on Monday said the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) of High Capacity Bus System was one of the most important urban transportation projects and it ultimately aimed to cover around 300 km across the Capital. ...
Fast, smooth, and affordable - but when? 1.7.2004 India Together - Economy

Delhi's High Capacity Bus System promises enormous gains, but has been a long time coming. Dr. Geetam Tiwari of the IIT-Delhi sheds some light on the project and the difficulties in the making it happen.
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Pakistan: Lack of Chinese funds halts Yellow Line project 1.1.1970 Sify News
[Pakistan], May 8 (ANI): The Yellow Line mass transit project has hit a snag in Pakistan, as the Chinese company tasked with building parts for the bus rapid transit system has so far been unable
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Sharif says BRT in Karachi will pave way for improved road transport in Pakistan 1.1.1970 Sify News
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that he sees the foundation of the Rs.16 billion Green Line Bus Rapid Transit project is one more step taken forward to improve road surface and rail transport
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