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Ending L.A.'s teacher strike would be easier if Sacramento bothered to get out of its seat 15.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Monday unfolded as exactly the sort of day that we’d hoped wouldn’t happen. Frustrated teachers picketed Los Angeles Unified schools in the cold rain. Students who didn’t stay home were walking the line in sympathy, or, if they showed up for classes, were corralled in auditoriums and gyms, often...

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LA Teachers Demand Moratorium on Charters as Strike Begins 14.1.2019
Teachers are also demanding fully funded schools, smaller class sizes and additional support staff.

The post LA Teachers Demand Moratorium on Charters as Strike Begins appeared first on Truthout.

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Storm punishes swath of U.S. with snow, ice and freezing rain 14.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

A winter storm that contributed to at least five deaths in the Midwest pummeled the mid-Atlantic region for a second day Sunday, bringing with it an icy mix that knocked out power, cancelled flights and contributed to hundreds of car crashes.

Virginia State Police said the driver of a military...

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More Solutions Needed for Campus Hunger 13.1.2019
A new federal report lays out the scope of the problem but falls short when it comes to solutions.

The post More Solutions Needed for Campus Hunger appeared first on Truthout.

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An L.A. teachers' strike is the only thing that will get Sacramento's attention 11.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

To the editor: Both an editorial and the op-ed article by Los Angeles Unified School District Supt. Austin Beutner on Jan. 9 express the hope that teachers will decide not to strike on Monday by accepting the premise that there is not enough funding for the improvements in public school education...

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Gavin Newsom issues a warning: He's going to talk a lot more than Jerry Brown 11.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Gov. Gavin Newsom barely paused to catch his breath as he tossed out more than $300 million worth of morsels from his newly crafted budget in a span of less than three minutes.

Cash to provide immunizations and developmental screening for children; $50 million for family planning; millions for...

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L.A. Unified teachers went on strike in 1970 and 1989. The gains sometimes didn't last 11.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

As the strike fever built, Los Angeles teachers assembled at Hamilton High School and solemnly placed a casket into a hearse.

The funeral cortege then headed to LAX with a message for Sacramento: Public education is dead.

That was a prelude to the last strike by L.A. teachers, nearly 30 years ago....

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Daily Digest: House Democrats set their agenda 10.1.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Some Minnesota political news to get your Thursday started.
House DFL top priorities include health care, education and gun measures 10.1.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Democrats in the Minnesota House are calling their first 10 bill introductions for the 2019 session the 'Minnesota Values Agenda.'
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L.A. teachers union to postpone strike until Monday 10.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

The Los Angeles teachers union is expected to postpone the start of its strike until Monday because of uncertainty over whether a judge could order the union to wait.

The union has scheduled an 11:45 a.m. news conference to make the announcement, according to sources. And the word already has gotten...

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An L.A. teachers strike — the first in 30 years — would hurt students and families, while solving nothing 9.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Los Angeles Unified School District faces the possibility of a teachers strike as soon as Thursday, the first in more than 30 years. If it comes to pass, it will hurt the kids and families we serve, without solving the problems facing the district. So why does the teachers union leadership seem...

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An L.A. Unified strike will make a messy situation even worse 9.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

The chances of avoiding a teachers strike in the Los Angeles schools are getting dimmer by the day. It’s terribly disappointing that the two sides have been unable to take a recent fact-finding report to heart by finding areas of compromise on the issues of salaries, class sizes and hiring of additional...

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L.A. schools have bigger problems than a looming teacher's strike 7.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

The looming possibility of a teacher’s strike is certainly a major challenge facing the Los Angeles Unified School District. But it isn’t the biggest one.

LAUSD’s finances are in a perilous state, and, despite repeated warnings, school officials and civic leaders have ignored the situation for...

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The nation's wave of teacher strikes may hit L.A. this week. But here's how ours is different 6.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Nearly a year ago, teachers in West Virginia walked out, sparking a wave of protests in other states. Now it’s Los Angeles’ turn.

Barring a last-minute settlement, teachers are poised to strike Thursday. A lot is at stake for educators, their union and the nation’s second-largest school system.

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Alex Caputo-Pearl: Why Los Angeles teachers may have to strike 6.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Teachers in Los Angeles may be forced to strike on Jan. 10.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has a record-breaking reserve of nearly $2 billion that should be spent on its resource-starved students. Yet Supt. Austin Beutner, a multimillionaire with experience in corporate downsizing but ...

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I Am a Teacher in Los Angeles and I Am Ready to Go on Strike 4.1.2019
All 640,000 students in the Los Angeles public schools deserve to be treated like they matter.

The post I Am a Teacher in Los Angeles and I Am Ready to Go on Strike appeared first on Truthout.

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If teachers strike in Los Angeles, where will half a million kids go? 4.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

If teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District go on strike Jan. 10 as planned, about half a million students won’t find their teachers, nurses, counselors and librarians at school.

Across the sprawling school system, which stretches beyond the city limits, parents are trying to sort out...

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L.A. teachers stay on message: The upcoming strike is not just about better pay 29.12.2018 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Regularly reading the L.A. Times’ letters page produces a grim realization: Los Angeles public school teachers will almost certainly strike on Jan. 10 and there’s almost nothing that can be done about it short of district officials meeting union demands.

This isn’t to say United Teachers Los Angeles...

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Teachers Quit Jobs at Record Rate 29.12.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Teachers and other public education employees—such as community-college faculty, school psychologists and janitors—are quitting their jobs at the fastest rate on record, government data show.
Major charter organization says it will sit out March primary for L.A. school board seat 29.12.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Recent races for the Los Angeles Board of Education have been the most expensive school board contests in the nation’s history — and charter school supporters spent millions more than anyone else. But a key charter group announced Friday it will sit out a March special election to fill an empty...

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