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‘Honk for Peace’ Case Tests Limits on Free Speech 14.5.2007 Common Dreams: Headlines
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - When one of Deborah Mayer’s elementary school students asked her on the eve of the Iraq war whether she would ever take part in a peace march, the veteran teacher recalls answering, “I honk for peace.” Soon afterward, Mayer lost her job and her home in Indiana. She was out of work for [...]
Blood Pressure Rising Around The Globe 14.5.2007 WCCO: National
The numbers are a shock: Almost 1 billion people worldwide have high blood pressure, and over half a billion more will harbor this silent killer by 2025.
Debating what Illinois needs 11.5.2007 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
This much is certain: Gov. Rod Blagojevich reached for too much revenue and proposed a meet-every-need agenda the people of his state cannot afford. So his grandiose proposed budget lies in tatters. The Illinois House shredded that budget Thursday, rejecting the idea of the gross-receipts tax Blagojevich saw as a gusher of new tax dollars.
Editorial: Chefs Topped With Debt 10.5.2007 NY Times: Editorials
Educators, lenders and the government regulators have to stop thinking of students as revenue streams and start thinking of them as students again.
District Copied Plan for Schools 9.5.2007 Washington Post
Passages in Fenty's blueprint of takeover plan are virtually identical to those used by N.C. schools.
Play it like Tony Soprano 6.5.2007 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
When Mayor Richard Daley jumped for joy after hearing Chicago will be the U.S. nominee to host the 2016 Olympic Games, he reminded me of someone else I saw on TV a few years ago.
D.C. Schools Takeover Approved 20.4.2007 Washington Post
Mayor Fenty to take control of city's schools, pledging to improve finances, review personnel.
Minority leaders look forward to new superintendent 19.4.2007 Post-Bulletin: Local News
Education and business leaders in Rochester's African-American community are expecting positive changes to come from the hiring of Romain Dallemand for superinten
Fenty Stays Visible, Shifts Focus 18.4.2007 Washington Post
Residents hope highly accessible mayor will follow through on his many promises to constituents.
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Gandhi To Stay In District 17.4.2007 Washington Post
D.C. chief financial officer turns down a job with Amtrak, will see salary rise to $279,000.
Wanted: New school leaders 16.4.2007 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
The Chicago Public Schools system has 126 openings for principals next fall, and has only 33 current principals ready to take the jobs. That's a problem. It's also a phenomenal opportunity.
In the Region | Westchester: Green Before It Had a Name 13.4.2007 NY Times: Real Estate
Usonia, a development of 47 homes on a 100-acre wooded site, was designed by a group of architectural idealists headed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
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Arianna Huffington: Money Grubbing Pols Have the Nerve to Say it Doesn't Matter 10.4.2007 AlterNet
The oil industry spills gobs of cash all around Washington, and politicians return the favor with mega-billion dollar thank you notes, then have the gall to pretend that all that money doesn't affect their decision-making.
To Close Gaps, Schools Focus on Black Boys 9.4.2007 NYT: Home Page
School districts in diversifying suburbs are coming under pressure to address a seemingly intractable racial divide.
Gregg Kotsonas: This charter isn't serving kids others 'are failing' 7.4.2007 Star Tribune: Commentary
Such alternatives are less about reform and more about dismantling public education.
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Targets of tax increase have mixed reactions 5.4.2007 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
The Minnesota Senate has passed a bill that would raise taxes on the state's wealthiest residents in order to pump more money into education. The well-off taxpayers are not of one mind on the issue.
U.S. aid shift brings Palestinians grief and relief 3.4.2007 Reuters Global Coverage
BILI'N, West Bank (Reuters) - A flattened hillside and unused blueprints are all that is left of plans by the West Bank village of Bili'n to build a state school for girls after the U.S. government pulled its money out of the ...
Mideast Linguistic Divide Widens 1.4.2007 Washington Post
Those who do study region's languages are doing so for reasons that reveal vastly different outlooks.
Editorial: Charter school cap is unwarranted 31.3.2007 Star Tribune: Editorials
Proper funding would support charter and traditional schools.
Distortion of Hinduism irks US Indians 8.3.2007 CNN-IBN: World
Hindu parents in US are irked by school textbooks that contain factually incorrect information about Hinduism.
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