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Too fat? Common virus may be to blame: study 21.8.2007 Chicago Tribune: Business
CHICAGO (Reuters) - A common virus caused human adult stem cells to turn into fat cells and could explain why some people become obese, U.S. researchers said on ...
Virus May Be Behind Obesity 21.8.2007 Star Tribune: Nation
Study Finds Virus Contributes to Obesity 21.8.2007 AP Top News
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In the buffet of reasons for why Americans are getting fatter, researchers are piling more evidence on the plate for one still-controversial cause: a virus....
Too fat? Common virus may be to blame: study 21.8.2007 Reuters Health
CHICAGO (Reuters) - A common virus caused human adult stem cells to turn into fat cells and could explain why some people become obese, U.S. researchers said on ...
Rhee vs. the Central-Office Hydra 18.8.2007 Washington Post: Op-Eds
It is a large and powerful creature. Known by many names (most of them unprintable in a family newspaper), it bears the official title "Central Office of the D.C. Public Schools."
Children of color being left behind / State test results show persistent achievement gaps 16.8.2007 SFGate: Top Stories
A frustrating and persistent achievement gap between black and Latino students and their white and Asian American peers shows no sign of abating in the latest state test results for nearly 5 million students across California. Overall, students of all... ...
Face Book: Imported From Britain: Ideas to Improve Schools 15.8.2007 NY Times: World
To find some help in taking on the challenges that face American public education, some educators are looking to England’s experience.
Maybe Another Teen Movie (Film) 15.8.2007 All Recent Articles

The virtues of high school quirk-fest 'Rocket Science' are...debatable.
Bill Quigley | New Orleans's Children Fighting for the Right to Learn: Part II 10.8.2007
In the first installment of this article, Bill Quigley, writing for Truthout, described the massive charter school educational experiment going on in New Orleans. That experiment has divided public school children into two groups - those in the charter and high-performing school group and those assigned to the Recovery School District (RSD) a state-managed set of schools for the rest of the children. In this installment, he continues the examination and looks at possible and predictable outcomes of this division between the haves and the have-nots.
Ex-School Official Admits Fraud 10.8.2007 Washington Post
D.C. charter school oversight chief took $647,000 from school system in illegal payments, contracts.
Jailing Juveniles 10.8.2007 Washington Post: Editorials
MORE CHILDREN are going to jail -- too often even before they have been convicted.
Part I: New Orleans's Children Fighting for the Right to Learn 9.8.2007
Bill Quigley writes for Truthout: "There is a massive experiment being performed on thousands of primarily African American children in New Orleans. No one asked the permission of the children. No one asked permission of their parents. This experiment involves a fight for the education of children."
WorkPlace: The Near Poor: a Huge Missing Class 9.8.2007 AlterNet
The 57 million "near-poor" living in America today are twice the number living in poverty.
WEALTH, POWER AND VISION / Gap founder Don Fisher gives generously, expects results for his personal, political agendas 8.8.2007 SFGate: Top Stories
Donald Fisher was a 40-year-old commercial real estate agent with no retail experience when he landed on the simple idea of making it easier for people to find a pair of jeans. He parlayed the concept - the first Gap store opened on San Francisco's... ...
MTW Events: Morristown 8.8.2007 The Daily Record: Local
"Twelfth Night" -- The Next Stage Ensemble of the New Jersey Shakespeare Theatre joins the Gay Activist Alliance in Morris County for a performance of "Twelfth Night" Aug. 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, 21 Normandy Heights Road, Morris Township. In one of Shakespeare's most lyrical comedies, a twin brother and sister are separated by a disastrous shipwreck and cast ashore in the land of Illyria, each thinking that the other is dead.
A Vote for 'No Child' 7.8.2007 Washington Post: Editorials
BLAMING NO Child Left Behind for failures of public education seems to be in vogue these days. The Bush administration act, which mandates measurement of public school performance, is a favorite whipping boy of interest groups and the politicians who cater to them. So it was refreshing to hear a leading liberal Democrat speak passionately about his commitment to this landmark law. More important was the promise by Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), who heads the House education committee, to fight for the bill's reauthorization this year.
Let’s Be Careful about the Reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act 2.8.2007 Common Dreams: Views
Our serious and ongoing concerns about the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) cause us to ask our legislators in Congress not to rush through a quick fix but instead to take the time to reauthorize NCLB with care. We believe it essential that members of Congress discern NCLB’s problems so [...]
A look at the candidates for school board 30.7.2007 Post-Bulletin: Austin News
Who: Curt Rude, police captain at Austin Police Department. Why are you running: "I would be able to benefit the school district in terms of my experience w
Public Colleges Raise Their Price on Some Degrees 28.7.2007 NYT: Home Page
Some school officials admit that they are queasy about a practice that appears to value one discipline over another.
Foundations Are Facing Up to Failures 26.7.2007 NY Times: Business
Many of the nation’s largest foundations regard disclosing and analyzing their failures as bordering on a moral obligation.
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