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Wal-Mart Short-Changes Public Schools 11.10.2007 AlterNet
Wal-Mart is involved in a large-scale effort to roll back the property tax valuation of its stores, cutting the amount it owes to local governments for schools and social services.
High Court Splits 4-4 on Special-Education Case 11.10.2007 Wall St. Journal: Policy
The Supreme Court affirmed a ruling that requires New York City schools to reimburse former Viacom executive Tom Freston for private special education for his son. (Ruling)
Supreme Court Upholds Tuition Ruling 11.10.2007 NYT: Home Page
The Supreme Court let stand a ruling that the New York City school system must pay private school tuition for disabled children, even if the parents refuse to try public school programs first.
What's the greatest value of school playgrounds? 10.10.2007 SFGate: Op-Ed
Last Monday, Mayor Gavin Newsom convened a press conference at Dianne Feinstein Elementary School to announce a "facilities sharing agreement" that opens the San Francisco public schools' playgrounds on weekends and holidays to the general public. This... ...
Supreme Court splits on NY special ed case 10.10.2007 MSNBC
The Supreme Court on Wednesday affirmed a ruling that requires New York City schools to reimburse a wealthy businessman for private special education for his son.
Supreme Court: N.Y. schools must pay private special-ed tuition 10.10.2007 Star Tribune: Latest
High Court Splits on Special Education Case 10.10.2007 Wall St. Journal: US
The Supreme Court affirmed a ruling that requires New York City schools to reimburse a wealthy businessman for private special education for his ...
Atop G.O.P., It’s Always Sunny 10.10.2007 NY Times: Business
It now seems clear that Republicans will run on the same economic themes they have been running on for decades: low taxes, fiscal discipline, less regulation, free trade.
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Live-Blogging the Republican Debate 10.10.2007 NYT: Home Page
Three economists weigh in on today’s debate in Dearborn, Mich., the first to feature Fred R. Thompson.
How Pelosi Ended ‘The War With Iraq’ 9.10.2007 Common Dreams: Views
Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but The War With Iraq is over. Like everything with the Bush administration’s relationship to it’s gullible public, the point is never what they’re doing, but what they say they’re doing; it’s the words, not the deeds. So No Child Left Behind of course has nothing to do with helping challenged children in [...]
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The Real Clarence Thomas 9.10.2007 WSJ: Opinion Journal
Justice Thomas's fidelity to the Constitution often leads to results liberals ...
Education discussion is Tuesday 8.10.2007 Post-Bulletin: Austin News
A panel discussion about the future of public education in Minnesota will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in room C100 at Riverland Community College. Speakers
Bus/pickup crash victims’ names released 7.10.2007 Mankato Free Press: Local News
School That Symbolized Innovation Is Closed 6.10.2007 NY Times: Education
City Hall Academy, which symbolized the Bloomberg administration’s passion for improving the schools, has quietly closed without notice.
Sun Belt Growth Is Playing Out on Campus 6.10.2007 NY Times: National
Scrambling to keep up with the region’s surging population, public universities in fast-growing Sun Belt states face more than just logistical challenges.
The Religious Right's New Tactics for Invading Public Schools 5.10.2007
Rob Boston reports for Church and State: "In mid-August, Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed something called the 'Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act' into law. Although the new law has an innocuous-sounding title, it's really a ticking time-bomb, opponents say. The law requires every public school in the state to adopt a policy guaranteeing students' right to religious expression. It mandates that schools create 'limited public forums' for religious and other types of speech. A student could, for example, read the morning announcements over a loudspeaker and then lapse into a prayer or mini-sermon."
Our View -- Teaching not just women's work 4.10.2007 Mankato Free Press: Editorials
Number of male teachers are decreasing nationally and in Minnesota.
Clinton Gains Teachers Union Endorsement 3.10.2007 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The American Federation of Teachers backed Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign Wednesday....
Get Congress Out of the Classroom 3.10.2007 NY Times: Editorials
Unless we set realistic goals for our schools and adopt realistic means of achieving them, we run the risk of seriously damaging public education.
Letters to the editor 3.10.2007 LA Times: Opinion
Charitable thoughts Re "Is Harvard really a charity?" Opinion, Oct. 1
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