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Coupon program begins to help low-tech TV owners convert to digital broadcasting 1.1.2008 Star Tribune: Science & Technology
Waiting Too Late to Test? 31.12.2007 Washington Post: Education
Third-grader Tylor Goshorn sometimes writes letters or numbers backward. She has trouble with simple directions and lags a year behind her class in reading. Her parents suspect that she might have a learning disability and that she would be better served by smaller classes and more intensive inst...
Maryland School Offers Homeland Security Track 30.12.2007 NPR: Sunday
Joppatowne High School in Maryland has built a curriculum to train students for careers in homeland security. Proponents say the goal is to get the students jobs, but critics fear that the program is telling kids what to think about national security rather than teaching them to protect it.
"Is a doctorate really necessary for elementary school?" 28.12.2007 Seattle Times: Opinion
Does the teacher know more than the subject requires? Editor, The Times: Regarding "Reform the way we pay teachers," by Dan Goldhaber and...
'The general welfare' 28.12.2007 LA Times: Opinion
The eighth in a series of editorials examining American values and the candidates for president.

Most Americans cherish an abiding conviction that we live in a land of opportunity -- for all, not just a few. We often wrap this conviction in the mantle of liberty: Because we are free, we can pursue our dreams, change our lives, change our world.
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Providing an edge in college admissions 27.12.2007 LA Times: Most Emailed
Like many high school teachers, Rod Ziolkowski has spent weeks writing recommendations for his students. His letters can help make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Science teacher Rod Ziolkowski is spending his winter break working, just as he did Thanksgiving and practically every evening and weekend since the fall. Ziolkowski, dedicated as he is, is not preparing lesson plans but writing college recommendations for his students at Whitney High School in Cerritos. He expects to crank out 100 or more letters by the time admissions deadlines arrive in January. ...
How to Fix Coolidge High 25.12.2007 Washington Post: Education
In November, Washington Post readers encountered two of the most disheartening stories we have ever published about inner-city education. Staff writer Lonnae O'Neal Parker went deep into the life of Jonathan Lewis, a senior at Calvin Coolidge Senior High School in the District. In depressing detail,...
Seven Steps Toward Improving City Schools 25.12.2007 Washington Post: Education
Editor's note: Staff writer Jay Mathews writes a weekly online column of analysis of education trends and issues. In today's "Class Struggle," Mathews tackles "How to Fix Coolidge High."
Non sequitur: Suit against HISD bond plan is illogical 23.12.2007 Houston Chronicle: Editorial
The suit alleges that the $805 million measure discriminates against poor and minority students. The allegation simply doesn't follow from the facts.
Where the girls are: In classes just for them 23.12.2007 Star Tribune: Local
High school teachers in Rosemount and Lakeville want to offer a girls-only version of their math and engineering classes.
New Berkeley schools chief from Lodi 22.12.2007 SFGate: Top Stories
Lodi's public schools chief has been hired to run Berkeley's school system, officials said today. William Huyett will take over for retiring Berkeley Superintendent Michelle Lawrence, who earlier this year announced her departure effective Feb. 2. Huyett has... ...
Schoolhouse Rock 22.12.2007 WSJ: Opinion Journal
D.C. education chief says school choice shouldn't be reserved for the ...
The Shock Doctrine in Action in New Orleans 22.12.2007 Common Dreams: Views
Readers of The Shock Doctrine know that one of the most shameless examples of disaster capitalism has been the attempt to exploit the disastrous flooding of New Orleans to close down that city’s public housing projects, some of the only affordable units in the city. Most of the buildings sustained minimal flood damage, but they [...]
New Berkeley schools chief from Lodi 21.12.2007 SFGate: Top Stories
Lodi's public schools chief has been hired to run Berkeley's school system, officials said today. William Huyett will take over for retiring Berkeley Superintendent Michelle Lawrence, who earlier this year announced her departure effective Feb. 2. Huyett has... ...
Teacher incentives pitched at forum 20.12.2007 Denver Post: Local
A statewide pay-incentive program for teachers willing to take the toughest assignments was among the ideas pitched by lawmakers Wednesday in a forum with Colorado journalists.
"Protecting the privileged class is paramount." 20.12.2007 Seattle Times: Opinion
A sampling of readers' letters, faxes and e-mail.
In support of public schools 19.12.2007 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Chaska Schools Superintendent David Jennings, former Speaker of the Minnesota House and former acting superintendent of the Minneapolis schools, says public education is more successful than it gets credit for.
Reform the way we pay teachers 19.12.2007 Seattle Times: Opinion
A year ago, Washington Learns, the governor's review of our state's education system, called for a "dramatic shift in thinking" about public...
Measure to Let Rhee Fire Workers Advances 19.12.2007 Washington Post: Education
D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee won an initial victory yesterday in her effort to shake up the school district's central office as the D.C. Council voted 10 to 3 to give her the power to fire nonunion workers without cause, an action supporters say could remove a major barrier to education...
Hockey Fight (News) 19.12.2007 Columns
City school boosters say the Parade Ice Garden sold out to a private school
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