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An advocacy group says Boston mayor wants to close 36 schools 1.12.2015 Boston Globe: Latest
The group says the city is withholding information about its plans to close nearly three dozens ...
N.M. earns $496M in federal energy revenue 28.11.2015 Durango Herald
ALBUQUERQUE – Oil and gas development and mineral production on federal and tribal lands in New Mexico have netted nearly a half-billion dollars in revenues for the state.The U.S. Interior Department announced this week that more than three dozen states, 34 American Indian tribes, numerous counties and thousands of individual...
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Finding the sweet spot of reason in evaluating schools and teachers 27.11.2015 LA Times: Commentary

The pendulum of American public education policy is swinging back, away from the stiff reform agenda of the past decade and a half. And the reformers themselves bear a share of the responsibility for the backlash. The No Child Left Behind Act, passed by Congress in 2001, will no doubt be remembered...

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Massive Rolling Strikes Shut Down Quebec 25.11.2015
After provincial bargaining stalled, 400,000 public sector workers across Quebec walked out in October and November on rolling one-day strikes. The government is proposing pension cuts and only a 3 percent salary increase over five years. Since coming to power in April 2014 it has already begun cuts to services, including slashing health and education funding. The Common Front, a coalition of Quebec public sector unions, is coordinating the strikes, which include teachers, health care workers, and government employees. Members voted to authorize six days of strikes per union. These began with one-day strikes, staggered by region. The Common Front vowed that if no agreement was reached, all members would strike at the same time December 1-3. Labor Notes interviewed Benoit Renaud and Philippe de Grosbois, who have both been on strike. Renaud is an adult education teacher in the city of Gatineau and a member of the La Fédération Autonome de L'enseignement. de Grosbois teaches in a pre-college program in ...
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Swing state Colorado mulls universal health care 23.11.2015 Durango Herald
DENVER – A new plan for government-run health care that covers everyone is coming from a surprising corner: Colorado, a politically moderate swing state where Republicans and Democrats often share control of state government.Universal coverage proposals – known as “single-payer” – have failed time and...
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Swing state Colorado mulls universal health care proposal 22.11.2015 Denver Post: Business
DENVER (AP) — A new plan for government-run health care that covers everyone is coming from a surprising corner: Colorado, a politically moderate swing state where Republicans and Democrats often share control of state ...
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Statewide stories of a broken public education system 22.11.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories

From Seattle to Selah, we heard frustration and anger from parents and taxpayers who feel like the state isn’t taking its paramount duty seriously and that their children miss out as a result.
Bipartisan agreement on bill to rework No Child Left Behind 20.11.2015 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Bush-era No Child Left Behind education law has long been criticized as unworkable, too punitive and in need of repair. After years of trying, Congress is finally on the verge of rewriting the 2002 law....
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In class, out of court: How one school district triumphed over truancy 19.11.2015 Seattle Times: Local

Sending kids who habitually miss school to court under the state’s 20-year truancy law hasn’t helped them stay in school. But a school-court-community effort in Spokane County is having impressive success.
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Bennet selected to committee overhauling K-12 education bill 19.11.2015 Durango Herald
WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., has been named a member of the joint House and Senate conference committee tasked with reauthorizing and fixing the No Child Left Behind Act. The bipartisan conference committee will reconcile differences between bills passed earlier this year by both the House of Representatives and...
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Texas Governor Joins Dozens Of Others Saying No To Syrian Refugees 18.11.2015 NPR News
Hundreds of people fleeing the war in Syria have already settled in Texas. The governor says he doesn't want any more. We found Texans who support the move against Syrians - and some who don't.
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In Venezuela, students and faculty caught in budget-driven university closures 17.11.2015 L.A. Times - World News

Normally buzzing with youthful high energy, professor Blas Dorta's biology classroom at Central University of Venezuela is eerily quiet. On a day when his class should be filled with 40 students, he is alone, absent-mindedly looking out a window.

The university, known by its Spanish initials, UCV,...

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How to solve the LAUSD puzzle 16.11.2015 LA Times: Commentary
The Los Angeles Unified School District is seeking a new superintendent, who will oversee a system with a $12.6-billion budget, 650,000 students, 90,000 employees and many challenges. Below, education experts, parents, teachers, students and others discuss what the district's priorities should...
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Mom to governor: 'Please buy my child a teacher' 16.11.2015 Washington Post
Mom to governor: 'Please buy my child a teacher'
Hundreds gather at Cal State Long Beach to remember 'a beautiful soul' 16.11.2015 LA Times: Commentary

Ambition and seemingly boundless energy had propelled Nohemi Gonzalez to move out of her mother's mobile home in El Monte to the campus of Cal State Long Beach.

At the school, the 23-year-old had earned high marks in her chosen major, industrial design, and decided this semester to study in Paris,...

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Pop quiz: What's wrong with L.A. Unified's leadership? Answer: Just about everything 14.11.2015 LA Times: Commentary

The more you hear about attempts to improve the nation's schools, the sorrier you have to feel for the kids.

After years of "No Child Left Behind" and "Race to the Top" initiatives, national test scores dived deeper into failure and mediocrity in the last reading. In a stunning reversal, the Obama...

No champagne — or state dinner — for Iranian president’s visit to France 14.11.2015 Washington Post: World
Usually when foreign leaders visit France, sumptuous tables are set for them with the best food and drink the country can offer. The French hosts are proud to flaunt their famous cuisine, and the glittering official dinner is the highpoint of the ...
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UC Riverside invokes #Mizzou during a march for free tuition 13.11.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Battling racism wasn't originally on the agenda. On Thursday at noon, about 100 protesters at UC Riverside joined students at campuses across the nation in an demonstration called the "Million Student March." Students held signs reflecting their demands, which were announced in an October article...
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What happened to Chicago's school system? 13.11.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
What happened to the Chicago Public Schools system? Simply put: It was taken over by politicians. It has not been the same since. The politicians then brought in non-educators, mostly business types with experience working with widgets rather than delicate young minds and with emphasis on the ...
More young Somali-Americans are choosing careers in education 12.11.2015 MinnPost
In recent years, Said Garaad has seen an increasing number of Somali-Americans in Minnesota who are choosing careers in education. Most of those joining the field are young people who grew up in Minnesota and received their first taste of education in urban classrooms filled with immigrants and refugees learning the English language, said Garaad, School Success Program Assistant at Minneapolis Public Schools. “These educators know what it means to learn in urban schools,” noted Garaad, who has been working with Minneapolis Public Schools for more than 10 years. “They’re now coming back to work in the same school system they left some years ago.” Teachers, counselors, social workers Many are getting their licenses in teaching, while others are becoming school counselors and social workers, explained Garaad, who is currently pursuing his master’s degree in school counseling at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He said that he’s also aware of other Somali-Americans who are attending education ...
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