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Why are out-of-state billionaires pouring big money into Louisiana board of education elections? 9.10.2015 Washington Post
Why are out-of-state billionaires pouring big money into Louisiana board of education elections?
Dispute flares over report on Minneapolis graduation rate 9.10.2015 MinnPost
On second thought, Alejandra Matos of the Strib , tells us, “A dispute has erupted over the results of a new study that shows that Minneapolis had the lowest high school graduation rate among 50 major cities. The study, released by a Washington-based education group, showed less than 50 percent of Minneapolis students graduate within four years, and just 4 percent of all high school students in the city took the ACT or SAT college entrance exams. Minnesota education officials are raising questions about the methodology and the data used by the Center for Reinventing Public Education, which advocates for charter schools and opposes teacher tenure rules. State officials say the participation on college entrance exams, for instance, is much higher than the group is reporting.” Frankly, I thought it would be a lot more. Curtis Gilbert at MPR says, “A court-sanctioned investigation has found State Sen. Jeff Hayden, DFL-Minneapolis, and his wife Theresa received at least $3,486 in improper reimbursements from ...
A six-point jump in D.C. graduation rates shows reforms are working 9.10.2015 Washington Post: Editorials
THE GRADUATION rate for the D.C. public school system this year jumped six percentage points over last year. It is a significant gain that followed three years of incremental increases and is yet another encouraging sign that the hard work of education reform in the District is paying off. That should prod other school districts to want to take a page from the District’s playbook.Read full article ...
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Justices should reconsider illogical charter-school ruling 9.10.2015 Seattle Times: Opinion

Problems in public education, such as poor outcomes for low-income and minority students, will persist in traditional public schools if charter schools are shut down.
Former Chicago Public Schools chief indicted in bribery scheme 8.10.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Former Chicago Public Schools Chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett was indicted Thursday on charges she pocketed bribes in return for steering a no-bid $20.5 million contract to a education consulting firm where she once worked. Gary Solomon and Tom Vranas, co-owners of the SUPES Academy, and the ...
Study: Minneapolis graduation rate 50th out of 50 metro areas 8.10.2015 MinnPost
We’re No. 50! Out of 50. Alejandra Matos of the Strib says, “Minneapolis had the lowest graduation rates compared to 50 other major cities, according to a study released by a Washington-based education group.  The city's graduation rate was below 50 percent, while the national average is approximately 75 percent. The study, conducted by the Center for Reinventing Public Education, grouped graduation rates from charter schools and public school in the 50 cities.” Doing the people’s work. Also from Matos : “Minneapolis school board members are expected to meet in two weeks to get new information on the racial makeup of schools and district boundaries, some of the most divisive issues facing the district. But school officials want to do this without opening the meeting to the public. E-mails obtained by the Star Tribune show that district officials have gone out of their way to ensure that informational sessions like the one coming up do not trigger the state’s open meeting laws.” Thank you. In the PiPress, ...
Englewood, Littleton, Cherry Creek school board seats up to voters 8.10.2015 Denver Post: All Political News
In Colorado, where local control of public education is spelled out in the state constitution, voter and education advocacy organizations are urging folks to get informed and cast their votes
The Harbaugh effect: A Big Blue boom, all the way down to the parking lots 7.10.2015 Washington Post
The Harbaugh effect: A Big Blue boom, all the way down to the parking lots
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Seattle schools have one of nation’s largest equity gaps, new study says 7.10.2015 Seattle Times: Local

Seattle ranked near the bottom of a 50-city study on several measures of equity examining who was more likely to attend the highest and lowest performing schools.
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Surprisingly Few Urban High School Students Take The ACT Or SAT 7.10.2015 NPR News
In 30 out of 50 cities studied in a wide-ranging new report, the rate is less than 15 percent.
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State erred in how it funded charter schools 7.10.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories

Private school boards created by nonprofit corporations means voters lose their right to elect representatives to oversee the spending of their taxes.
If city's top cop were fired, then what? 6.10.2015 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
I understand that the black aldermen who are calling for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to fire police Superintendent Garry McCarthy are frustrated. As they said Monday during a news conference, they have been tasked with the responsibility of keeping their streets safe and they don't believe the police ...
Q. & A. with Anne Lowe, Steamboat Springs School Board at-large candidate 6.10.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Steamboat Springs School Board at-large candidate Anne Lowe Occupation: Clinical pharmacist at Yampa Valley Medical Cebter and part-time work at Lyon Drug Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah Years in Steamboat: Settled here full time eight years ago. Family: My husband, Rich; 3 grown children, all Colorado college graduates including a nurse, an engineer and a graduate of construction management, each successfully working in their professions. Our oldest is married with two children. Civic involvement: Volunteered in past years for the therapeutic riding program with Humble Ranch (now part of the STARS program); on the board of directors of The Steamboat Institute – a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Q. Do you support the proposed $92 million bond measure? Why or why not? A. While I support solving the district’s capacity needs and strategic programming goals there are concerns. 1. The current plan is comprehensive and addresses present as well as future structural needs, but I’m concerned this project ...
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Q. & A. with Michelle Dover, Steamboat Springs School Board at-large candidate 6.10.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Steamboat Springs School Board, at-large Michelle Dover Occupation: Circulation services manager, Bud Werner Memorial Library Hometown: Steamboat Springs; I grew up in Denver Years in Steamboat: 22 years Family: My immediate family includes myself and my 7-year-old son, but my four grown children and their friends are frequent visitors. Civic involvement: Steamboat Springs Youth Soccer coach, elementary school classroom volunteer, fundraising and donating for charity on a local and global level. Q. Do you support the proposed $92 million bond measure? Why or why not? A. I am aware of the issues on both sides of the Steamboat Springs School District’s $92 million bond measure. I believe in adequate facilities for our children. I am ready to support whatever decision the community decides upon as a member of the Steamboat Springs School Board. I strongly encourage citizens to educate themselves with credible information by looking at both websites that represent different perspectives on the bond measure. ...
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Some reflections on covering education in Minnesota 6.10.2015 MinnPost
This morning I re-read the first story I ever wrote for MinnPost. It was published almost exactly eight years ago, and it detailed tensions between Minneapolis Public Schools and residents of the city’s near north side.  The flashpoints were the same as they are today — can the district deliver the same outcomes to its impoverished residents of color as it does its wealthy white students? — though the moment has definitely shifted. I’m working up to a point here. But I am also determined not to bury the lede. I’ve accepted a new position as writer-in-residence for Education Post. I’m incredibly excited about it, and more than a little nostalgic. Education Post is a year-old nonprofit based in Chicago, led by former U.S. Education Undersecretary Peter Cunningham and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Walton Family Foundation and the Broad Foundation. The aim is to foster constructive conversation about change in education. Chris Stewart, the former Minneapolis School Board member and African American ...
Reporter Beth Hawkins to join Education Post 6.10.2015 MinnPost
For about the first six months I worked at MinnPost, a curious thing seemed to happen whenever I talked to someone about the place, whether it was a friend, a writer or a source. Even before I could launch into my pitch about MinnPost, the other person would invariably say, “Yeah, that Beth Hawkins is great.” I couldn’t agree more, and not just because Beth’s education coverage made her a must-read for anyone who cared about the issue in Minnesota. You couldn’t ask for a better colleague.  All of which is why I really hate writing these words: Beth Hawkins is leaving MinnPost. She has decided to take a position with Education Post, a year-old nonprofit based in Chicago whose aim is to foster constructive conversations about public education. I’ll leave it to Beth to explain exactly what she’s up to next , but I’m happy to talk about what she’s meant to MinnPost over the last seven-plus years. Whether it was shining a light on little-known success stories or holding public officials accountable, the ...
On the News With Thom Hartmann: The Corporate Elite Rig the System Against Us, and More 5.10.2015 Truthout - All Articles
In today's On the News segment: Americans pay more for food, internet, banking services, airline tickets and prescription drugs than citizens of any other advanced nation; room and board charges are actually the fastest-growing expense related to going to college; Donald Trump's new tax plan calls for giant tax cuts for corporations and millionaires, and would create a huge budget deficit; and more. TRANSCRIPT: Thom Hartmann here - on the best of the rest of Economic and Labor News... You need to know this. It seems like the most popular word in this election cycle is "inequality," but we need more than talk to narrow the great divide between the haves and have-nots in our nation. According to a recent article by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, the pro-corporate elite have rigged the system against us, and it's going to take the majority of us standing together to change the system. As Secretary Reich explains, Americans pay more for food, internet, banking services, airline tickets and prescription ...
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These states spend more on prisons than colleges 5.10.2015 Washington Post
These states spend more on prisons than colleges
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New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan to run for US Senate 5.10.2015 AP Politics
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan is running for the U.S. Senate, setting the stage for a contest with Republican incumbent Kelly Ayotte that could be critical to determining control of the chamber....
Reactions to Arne Duncan's departure illustrate national divide over education 5.10.2015 Washington Post
Reactions to Arne Duncan's departure illustrate national divide over education
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