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Unions Forge Partnerships With Communities for the Common Good 8.6.2018
Unions are fighting for quality of life, not just contracts.

The post Unions Forge Partnerships With Communities for the Common Good appeared first on Truthout.

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Today: Inside the Mexican Mafia 24.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

How does a notorious gang operate inside the L.A. County jails and other detention facilities?


Inside the Mexican Mafia

Federal prosecutors call it “a gang of gangs.” With only 140 full members, the Mexican Mafia is said to control Latino street gangs around the U.S. and crime within...

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California's public universities on the way to getting a big longed-for boost in funding 24.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

The University of California and California State University systems are poised to get major funding boosts that will help them enroll thousands of additional state students and eliminate the need for tuition increases in the coming school year.

A key Assembly budget panel on Wednesday approved...

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Donna Edwards gets backing of SEIU Local 500 in race for county executive 22.5.2018 Washington Post
Donna Edwards gets backing of SEIU Local 500 in race for county executive
“Meg the Budtender” takes lead on new Colorado marijuana education campaign 21.5.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado's health department unveiled "Responsibility Grows Here," the latest public education effort that will include four targeted campaigns addressing consumers, youth, trusted adults, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.
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Bald eagle found shot dead in Weld County 21.5.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A state agency is seeking more information about a bald eagle that was found shot dead on May 10 about a mile east of Milton Reservoir in Weld County.
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What they said before and what they are saying now 21.5.2018 Washington Post
What they said before and what they are saying now
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Democrats should choose Rushern Baker for Maryland governor 19.5.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
The Prince George’s county executive is the right person to face Gov. Larry Hogan.
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Teachers deserve more than appreciation 18.5.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
If you can read this column, work to raise teacher pay.
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We are disarming America’s future 17.5.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
We are disarming America’s future
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This student followed the new L.A. schools chief on his first-day tour 17.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary
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Betsy DeVos knows little about public education. And she doesn't want to learn. 17.5.2018 Washington Post
Betsy DeVos knows little about public education. And she doesn't want to learn.
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Teachers fill North Carolina capital's streets demanding better pay, more resources 16.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Teachers demanding better pay and more resources filled the streets of North Carolina's capital city Wednesday with loud chants and the color red, continuing the trend of educators around the country rising up to pressure lawmakers for change.

Thousands of teachers from around the state marched...

North Carolina shuts schools, braces itself as teachers flock to state Capitol 16.5.2018 Washington Post
Teachers will rally for more public school funding, a protest expected to keep hundreds of thousands of students out of the classroom.
A few rich charter school supporters are spending millions to elect Antonio Villaraigosa governor 15.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

California voters have seen a barrage of sunny television ads in recent weeks touting former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s record on finances, crime and education, aired by Families & Teachers for Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor 2018.

But the group is, in fact, largely funded by a...

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Echoing MLK in 1968, activists kick off new Poor People's Campaign 14.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Carolina Alas, a fast-food worker from Richmond, Calif., does not meet official definitions of poverty.

The 48-year-old immigrant from El Salvador has a full-time job working 40 hours a week, cooking hamburgers at a Jack in the Box. But Alas, a U.S. citizen, struggles to pay her $700 rent, phone...

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Talking schools with L.A. Unified's new superintendent 13.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary
Incoming L.A. Unified superintendent Austin Beutner sits for an interview with the education team.
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David Blair for Montgomery County executive 13.5.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
A decisive primary race for the top job in a big locality facing equally big challenges.
Here's how the Poor People's Campaign aims to finish what MLK started 11.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

On Monday, thousands of low-wage workers, clergy and activists will gather at the U.S. Capitol and more than 30 statehouses across the country to kick off the Poor People’s Campaign, a radical civil disobedience movement that aims to push the issue of poverty to the top of the national political...

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John 'Jab'o' Starks, drummer for James Brown's band, dies at 79 5.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

John “Jab’o” Starks, a drummer whose crisp, disciplined grooves propelled some of James Brown’s biggest hits and helped define the offbeat rhythmic style of early funk and hip-hop, died May 1 at his home in Mobile, Ala. He was 79.

His manager, Kathie Williams, said he had myelodysplastic syndrome,...

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