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Interest in homeschooling has “exploded” amid pandemic 12.8.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
As parents nationwide prepare to help their children with more distance learning, a small but quickly growing number are deciding to take matters entirely into their own hands and begin homeschooling.
Around the world, the pandemic is wrecking Class of 2020′s hopes for landing a first job 10.8.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Young people worldwide with new degrees, diplomas and professional qualifications are struggling to enter the workforce as the coronavirus pushes the global economy into recession.
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Indiana chapter of the American Federation of Teachers backs strike if schools can’t reopen safely 5.8.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
If those safeguards aren’t met, AFT Indiana President GlenEva Dunham, of Gary, said union members would consider a strike.
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Coronavirus in Illinois updates: 1,298 new known COVID-19 cases as city looks again at cracking down on large parties after weekend warehouse event shut down 4.8.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Here are the latest updates on the coronavirus in the Chicago area and the rest of Illinois.
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“Pandemic pods” aim to provide stability to Colorado families worried about COVID-hampered schooling 4.8.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The unprecedented uncertainty whipped up by COVID-19 just weeks before the start of the school year is prompting an increasing number of parents to pursue what amounts to an academic side hustle -- small-group "learning pods" that families hope will bring some stability amidst the chaos of a global pandemic.
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COVID-19 “Microschools” Are Betsy DeVos’s Latest Privatization Scheme 3.8.2020
One school district nixed a proposed pilot with a Koch-backed microschool, but the model is spreading amid the ...
If the Fed Can Bail Out Wall Street, It Can Rescue Public Education 2.8.2020
If the Fed Can Bail Out Wall Street, It Can Rescue Public Education
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To Reopen Schools Safely, We Need to Fund Teachers — Not Cops 31.7.2020
Activists say removing police will make schools safer for students of color and free up cash for COVID safety ...
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Science points to in-person learning as safe amid COVID-19 pandemic — but is it safe enough for Colorado’s school districts? 28.7.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Much of the science on school safety across the globe indicates that the novel coronavirus, which has taken the lives of nearly 650,000 people worldwide but has largely spared the young, doesn't do well in a classroom setting.
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Letters to the Editor: Ethnic studies courses can spare young people a lot of pain 28.7.2020 LA Times: Opinion

A reader who says they were raised in a racist household recounts how an ethnic studies course changed their life.

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Here’s what dozens of educators across Illinois say about schools reopening: ‘I’m scared. I want to do my job, but I don’t want to die.’ 26.7.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Amid COVID-19, the Chicago Tribune asked Illinois teachers, social workers and staffers this: What are your concerns about the upcoming school year?
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Trump Cancels GOP Convention While Urging Schools to Reopen 24.7.2020
The push to reopen by has been denounced by education advocates as an attempt to weaken the public education ...
Trump and DeVos’s Plan to Reopen Schools Hides a Sinister Agenda 23.7.2020
Turning schools into hotbeds of infection is in line with Betsy DeVos’s plan to undermine the public school ...
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Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear Wants to Give Black Residents Health Coverage 18.7.2020
Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear Wants to Give Black Residents Health Coverage
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'Not knowing, it's just killing us' — parents, teachers wrestle with reopening schools 16.7.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Parents, teachers see 'slate of bad options' as coronavirus risk hovers over classroom learning

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30 Years of Teach For America Shows How Reform Movements Can Become Co-Opted 15.7.2020
30 Years of Teach For America Shows How Reform Movements Can Become Co-Opted
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Column: Inside Orange County's bizarre school-reopening vote 15.7.2020 LA Times: Business

Orange County's school reopening vote harks back to its right-wing past.

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Denver students offer youth perspective on racial justice with new podcast “Know Justice, Know Peace” 13.7.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
When the death of George Floyd sparked protests in Denver, this group of teens knew they couldn’t sit idly by. An idea snowballed into an original podcast series.
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Charter Schools May Have Double-Dipped as Much as $1 Billion in PPP Loans 10.7.2020
Some of the schools were also awarded millions from a grant that Betsy DeVos created in ...
Betsy DeVos Compares Risk of Returning to School to Riding a Rocket Ship 9.7.2020
DeVos reportedly told governors that the health risks of COVID should not deter them from reopening ...
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