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Under a Shroud of Secrecy and Security, ALEC Conference Gets Underway 24.7.2015
My 5th ALEC conference started like the others - under a shroud of secrecy and security. The night before, I attempted to register at the host hotel, only to be told by hotel staff that they were under strict orders not to give out any information about ALEC to anyone who wasn't staying at the hotel (I wasn't). Though ALEC is known for trying to slide under the radar, this level of secrecy exceeded previous efforts. As I left, I noticed a police car outside. And before I ducked out of the conference the next day, a security officer guarding the back door of the hotel warned me to take off my ALEC name tag, which must be worn at all times during the conference. For those of you who aren't familiar with ALEC, or the American Legislative Exchange Council, it is the most formidable right-wing policy machine in the United States. ALEC is a three-legged stool consisting of state legislators, corporations and right wing think tanks that come together to push pro-corporation policies to maximize corporate ...
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ALEC Admits School Vouchers Are for Kids in Suburbia 23.7.2015 Truthout - All Articles
(Photo: Suburbs via Shutterstock) Truthout combats corporate power by bringing you trustworthy, independent news. Join our mission by making a donation now - whatever you can spare will be matched dollar-for-dollar! School vouchers were never about helping poor, at-risk or minority students. But selling them as social mobility tickets was a useful fiction that for some twenty-five years helped rightwing ideologues and corporate backers gain bipartisan support for an ideological scheme designed to privatize public schools. But the times they are a-changin'. Wisconsin is well on its way towards limitless voucher schools, and last month, Nevada signed into law a universal "education savings account" allowing parents to send their kids to private or religious schools, or even to homeschool them - all on the taxpayers' dime. On the federal level, a proposed amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that would have created a multi-billion-dollar-a-year voucher program was only narrowly defeated ...
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What LAUSD needs in its next superintendent 23.7.2015 LA Times: Commentary
The Los Angeles Unified School District has at most a year to replace Ramon C. Cortines as superintendent. This is a crucial time for the district, which has weathered many controversies in the last decade. It is also a crucial time for American public education, which has been under assault for...
Essential California: Keep your drone away from my wildfire 22.7.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Good morning. It is Wednesday, July 22. Uber will try to buy your love, or at least your business, on Friday by delivering ice cream treats throughout Los Angeles. Here's what else is happening in the Golden State: Subscribe to the newsletter TOP STORIES New minimum wage Will Los Angeles County's...
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At last, the District’s public schools will get a new school-lunch vendor 22.7.2015 Washington Post: Editorials
IT IS welcome news that the District has decided to seek a new vendor to provide food services to students in the public school system. But why it didn’t act sooner to cut ties with a company accused of price-gouging and shoddy service is inexplicable. We hope investigations by the D.C. inspector general and city auditor provide the answers, and that school officials quickly find a way to supply the nutritious meals that play an important role in student learning.Read full article ...
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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's 2015 Inaugural Address (full text) 20.7.2015 Denver Post: All Political News
Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock's 2015 Inaugural Address as prepared:Good morning, Denver.
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What’s next for Washington’s education lawsuit 20.7.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories
The Legislature admits it has probably failed to meet the education-funding expectations of the state Supreme Court, despite possible contempt-of-court sanctions.
The white response to blacks’ injustice 19.7.2015 Seattle Times: Opinion
Dear Ta-Nehisi Coates, The last year has been an education for white people. There has been a depth, power and richness to the African-American conversation about Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston and the other killings that has been humbling and instructive. Your new book, “Between the World and Me,” is a great and searing contribution to this […]
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Senate OKs revised No Child education law, compromise needed 17.7.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories
WASHINGTON (AP) — More than a decade after No Child Left Behind established a stronger federal role in public education, the Senate on Thursday approved a rewrite of the much-criticized education law that would return much of that power to the states. The 81-17 vote comes a week after the House passed its own rewrite […]
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The AFT's Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Is an Insult to Union Democracy 15.7.2015
On Saturday, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)  announced  that its executive council "overwhelmingly" endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president. It did so, the official announcement says, on the basis of interviews (not released to members) and the results of a poll. The decision couldn't be more wrongheaded, and it's one that members should demand the union executive council rescind. We should propose instead a decision reached by a very different process: a referendum of members that follows and is informed by debate in union outlets. Every local should be charged by the executive council with providing space and place for members to air their opinions. The national union should encourage use of its magazine and website for this debate. In this discussion the leadership will have the opportunity to persuade members that endorsing Clinton is the wisest choice, but it will be obligated to carry out the will of the membership as expressed in the referendum. What is most ...
Income inequality is making your life worse 15.7.2015 Seattle Times: Opinion
One-third of children raised in middle-class families will fall out of the middle class by adulthood.
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Major teachers union endorses Hillary Clinton 12.7.2015 CNN: Top Stories
Hillary Clinton scored a major union endorsement on Saturday when the American Federation of Teachers announced its support for the Democratic frontrunner.
How your U.S. lawmaker voted 12.7.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories
How Washington state’s members of Congress voted in the week ending July 10.
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Why D.C.’s two-sector school system can hurt students 11.7.2015 Washington Post: Op-Eds
As enthusiastic as we are about the growth of high-performing charter schools in the District, we should be wary of unintended consequences. The different laws for our two public education sectors — D.C. Public Schools and D.C. public charter schools — mean that our most emotionally and academically challenged children are concentrated in traditional schools.Read full article ...
The next phase of D.C. education reform 11.7.2015 Washington Post: Op-Eds
School reform in the District is looking sweet. Public charter schools, which now educate half of the students in the District, boast a promising track record. And everyone agrees that things have vastly improved in D.C. Public Schools. Read full article ...
Strauss: Education Secretary Duncan’s children to go to Chicago private school he attended 9.7.2015 Washington Post
Education Secretary Arne Duncan grew up in Chicago and attended the private, prestigious University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. The pre-K-12 Lab Schools are progressive institutions that, according to its Web site, “ignite and nurture an enduring spirit of scholarship, curiosity, creativity, and confidence” and “value learning experientially, exhibiting kindness, and honoring diversity.”Read full article ...
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Even as Congress moves to strip his power, Arne Duncan holds his ground 9.7.2015 Washington Post
Christina Waters’s cellphone rang, and she looked down to see that the number was blocked. She knew immediately it was U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, just calling to check in.It has been that way since Waters attended a 2009 church picnic in Chicago and came away with a bullet lodged in her head from stray gunfire. She suffered hearing loss in one ear, and her college dreams were delayed. But she pushed forward, with encouragement from Duncan, who has known her since elementary school. Now 24, Waters is studying kinesiology at Sam Houston State University in Texas.Read full article ...
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Boulder ad agency helps state reduce unwanted pregnancies via Internet, marketing campaign 8.7.2015 Denver Post: Local
A Boulder-based integrated design and interactive agency is being lauded for its efforts in the campaign to reduce unintended pregnancies in ...
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A Big Lake battle: Prairie or forest? 8.7.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Which ecosystem is the right one for the Sand Dunes State Forest in Big Lake? The one that's there now? Or the one that once was there?
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Dalai Lama's 80th birthday celebration draws 18,000 to Anaheim 6.7.2015 LA Times: Top News
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