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White rage doesn't have to take to the streets 26.11.2014 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
When we look back on what happened in Ferguson, Mo., during the summer of 2014, it will be easy to think of it as yet one more episode of black rage ignited by yet another police killing of an unarmed African-American ...
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California College Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Tuition Hikes 25.11.2014 NPR News
The University of California system recently approved a 5 percent tuition hike, annually, for up to five years. Students at UC Berkeley have taken the lead in protesting the measure.
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Henry Giroux: Marginalized Youth Must Challenge the System That Oppresses Them 24.11.2014
(Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout )Henry Giroux teaches at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, and has written several books about youth, democracy and public education. In this interview with Camilla Croso, coordinator of the Latin-American Campaign for the Right to Education, Giroux talks about corporate interests in the privatization of education, attacks on the importance of schooling and the marginalization of youth under the current political and economic system. "I think that what we have seen since the 1980s is the recognition on the part of the right that the educative nature of politics is really crucial and important. They want to take control of those institutions that produce particular kinds of subjects, dispositions, attitudes, particular modes of desire that are compatible with market values and market social relationships. So the school becomes a reproductive tool that aligns itself with the belief that the market has the ability to govern all social life," Giroux tells Camilla ...
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Ain’t No Scandal Like an Online Parenting Forum Scandal 22.11.2014 Boston Globe: Massachusetts
The eleven year old online forum for moms with questions about nannies, summer camp, schools, vaccines, yeast infections, repairmen, orthodontists, post partum depression, nursing bras, and everything in between, announced a decision to trim its 3,229 members to a significantly smaller group.
NYC takes on 'man spread' and other rude subway habits; L.A. should too 21.11.2014 LA Times: Top News
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Are the Twin Cities' suburban swing districts now firmly DFL territory? 20.11.2014 MinnPost
CC/Flickr/Drew Geraets Before the mid 2000s, Edina was a place where a moderate Republican with a low-tax, business-friendly message could prosper. The city of Edina has changed a lot since its humble beginnings as a milling and farming community. Today it’s the wealthiest inner-ring suburb of Minneapolis, with a median family income approaching $130,000. There’s a first-rate public school system and plenty of parks, shopping and golf courses for its residents to enjoy. Politically, the suburban city has changed too. Before the mid 2000s, Edina was a place where a moderate Republican with a low-tax, business-friendly message could prosper. But sometime after the turn of the century, that started to change: the district went from GOP-leaning to a checkered red-and-blue swing district. Now political observers see it turning a more permanent shade of blue. Many of Edina’s residents are aging, but young families are also moving in, changing the demographics — and voting patterns — of a place that has long ...
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The Justice Department becomes a schoolyard bully in Wisconsin 20.11.2014 Washington Post: Op-Eds
MILWAUKEE It is as remarkable as it is repulsive, the ingenuity with which the Obama administration uses the regulatory state’s intricacies to advance progressivism’s project of breaking nongovernmental institutions to government’s saddle. Eager to sacrifice low-income children to please teachers unions, the Justice Department wants to destroy Wisconsin’s school choice program . Feigning concern about access for disabled children, the department aims to handicap all disadvantaged children by denying their parents access to school choices of the sort affluent government lawyers ...
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Jeb Bush faces backlash over education record 20.11.2014 AP Politics
MIAMI (AP) -- Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's signature education overhaul is drawing criticism in his home state that could complicate any plans to run for president in 2016....
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Jeb Bush faces backlash over education policy amid talk of 2016 presidential bid 20.11.2014 Star Tribune: Politics
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Report card: Illinois schools in the hole as spending rises 18.11.2014 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Illinois school districts ended up nearly $1 billion in the hole in 2013, dipping into reserves or borrowing to pay the bills, according to the latest finance data, painting a grim picture of the state's public school ...
Students to Teach for America CEOs: You Are "Complicit" in Attacks on Public Education 17.11.2014 Truthout - All Articles
Dani Lea, a sophomore at Vanderbilt University, believes that Teach for America (TFA) teachers in her high school in Charlotte, North Carolina, were detrimental to her learning experience and for those around her. Lea claimed that her principal didn't even know which teachers were members of TFA and which weren't. Upon hearing this, TFA co-CEO Matthew Kramer said, “That’s not our lived experience.” Lea responded, “That was my lived experience.” The volley took place during an unusual open meeting at TFA’s midtown Manhattan headquarters November 13 between United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) activists and TFA’s  top leadership , which offered the meeting after a widespread USAS  campaign  against the organization that includes visiting college campuses to question the education organization’s projected image as crusading do-gooders in American public education. USAS is the country’s largest student labor organization, which has emerged in recent years as a serious force to be reckoned on labor ...
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Two Detroits, Separate and Unequal: A Journey Across a City Divided 17.11.2014 Truthout - All Articles
Detroit, Michigan. (Photo: Thomas Hawk / flickr ) In late October, a few days after local news cameras swarmed Detroit’s courthouse to hear closing arguments in the city’s historic bankruptcy trial, “Commander” Dale Brown cruised through the stately Detroit neighborhood of Palmer Woods in a Hummer emblazoned with the silver, interlocking-crescent-moon logo of his private security company. Brown rolled down the window to ask a middle-aged woman walking her dog whether everything was okay (it was), and whether she had seen anything out of the ordinary (she hadn’t). Satisfied, he continued on, guided by a futuristic tablet map of the neighborhood’s languid streets. These had become even more impenetrable last year when the bankrupt city paid for and constructed a series of traffic barriers on the community’s edges. On his right, he pointed out, was the Bishop’s Residence, a 30-room Tudor Revival castle originally commissioned by a family of fabulously wealthy automobile pioneers who later sold their company ...
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New Polish board game mocks communist-era food and goods rationing system 17.11.2014 Star Tribune: World
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Voters want immigration reform? Not after this election. 16.11.2014 LA Times: Top News
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Man who helped craft Obamacare adds fuel to fire 16.11.2014 CNN: Top Stories
MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber called voters stupid, the GOP is calling him the Obamacare architect, and Democrats are calling it all a misunderstanding.
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Lessons learned: Some common themes to improving schools 16.11.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
The assignment sounded clear enough: Find schools making demonstrable improvements to student achievement, then explain how they did it so that others might do the same.
Obituary: Scott Wenzel was a passionate voice for public schools 16.11.2014 Star Tribune: Local
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After 'Dumber,' here are ideas for more comic-duo sequels 15.11.2014 LA Times: Opinion
I know where you were Friday night. The same place as I was, seated in a movie theater, laughing yourself stupid watching "Dumb and Dumber To." (I saw you. I waved. Repeatedly. Why didn't you wave back?)
Board decision revives discussion about religion in public schools 15.11.2014 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
After Montgomery County, Md.'s Muslim community asked the school district to recognize its religious holidays, the school board decided to scrap religious references in its calendar altogether.
Board Decision Revives Discussion About Religion In Public Schools 15.11.2014 NPR News
One of the largest public school systems in the U.S. dropped religious affiliations for holidays on its school calendar. The decision represents a classic church and state battle.
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