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UC and Cal State relax admissions criteria due to coronavirus: What you need to know 2.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Acknowledging disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the UC and Cal State systems will ease admissions requirements for applicants.

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Public schools expected to remain closed for the rest of the academic year, Newsom says 2.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Citing concerns over spreading the coronavirus, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced public schools will be closed for the rest of the academic year.

Pandemic Reveals Limits of Education System to Assist Students and Families 1.4.2020
Pandemic Reveals Limits of Education System to Assist Students and Families
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California schools unlikely to reopen this academic year amid coronavirus, state schools chief says 1.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, state public schools are unlikely to reopen, state schools Supt. Tony Thurmond said Tuesday.

Coronavirus relief package includes aid for just about everyone, including California interests 26.3.2020 LA Times: Health

Supporters say the bill will help buoy Americans who have been laid off or are working reduced hours, critics have identified holes in the legislative safety net.

California needs nurses. So why is the state about to give up 10,000 prospects? 25.3.2020 LA Times: Health

California regulations may prevent thousands of nursing students from graduating, despite frantic effort to boost numbers of healthcare workers amid the pandemic.

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CSU chancellor and 2 campus presidents delay retirement amid coronavirus disruptions 25.3.2020 LA Times: Health

CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White and the presidents of the Northridge and East Bay campuses say they will stay on through fall 2020.

Colorado cancels all K-12 state testing for remainder of school year due to coronavirus 17.3.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
End-of-the-year K-12 school testing is paused in Colorado for the remainder of the academic year as dozens of school districts across the state have shuttered in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Colorado Department of Education announced Tuesday.
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St. Paul educators reach tentative contract deal, call off strike 13.3.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The union representing and the district announced they had reached a tentative settlement at about 3 a.m. this morning. The union told members to report to work this afternoon, although schools will remain closed today.
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Colorado Education Association cancels upcoming Day of Action over coronavirus concerns 11.3.2020 Denver Post: Local
Concerns over the coronavirus have prompted the Colorado Education Association to cancel its Day of Action at the Colorado State Capitol later this month.
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UCLA to cancel most in-person classes until early April to protect against coronavirus 11.3.2020 LA Times: Health

UCLA will suspend most in-person classes beginning Wednesday, the latest University of California campus to join the escalating wave of restrictions on higher education instruction, travel and tours to guard against the global coronavirus outbreak

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Erik Prince Recruited Ex-Spies to Infiltrate Groups Hostile to Trump’s Agenda 8.3.2020
Erik Prince Recruited Ex-Spies to Infiltrate Groups Hostile to Trump’s Agenda
Letters to the Editor: Another reason school funding measures fail — under-funding by the lottery 1.3.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Don't expect taxpayers to vote to hand over more of their money to schools when the lottery is shortchanging public education.

Q&A: Amy Klobuchar on the difference between talking a good game and getting things done 29.2.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The Los Angeles Times editorial board talks with Amy Klobuchar about her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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Top DNC Committee Is Packed With Fossil Fuel and Bank Lobbyists 27.2.2020
Members include lobbyists for companies that oppose progressive policies like Medicare for All and a Green New ...
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Bloomberg’s Public Education Legacy Is a Case Study in Disastrous Privatization 26.2.2020
Bloomberg’s Public Education Legacy Is a Case Study in Disastrous Privatization
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Letters to the Editor: CSU's quantitative reasoning proposal is not as scary as it's made out to be 21.2.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The Cal State University chancellor responds to Sandy Banks' column expressing skepticism about a new proposed math requirement for incoming freshmen.

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Letters to the Editor: The new Prop. 13 doesn't deserve to pass, even if schools need more money 21.2.2020 LA Times: Opinion

California is spending $81 billion on schools; it should find additional funds in its $215-billion budget rather than ask for a bond issue.

Black Students in the Mississippi Delta Still Face Education Inequality 20.2.2020
Nearly 33,000 Mississippi students attend a school district rated as failing. Nearly all of them are ...
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Killings among Denver’s teens continue, even as city and community leaders try new solutions 16.2.2020 Denver Post: Local
Eight teenagers were shot and killed and killed in Denver last year, marking a second year of increased bloodshed among Denver’s young people. Teenagers accounted for 13% of all homicide victims in 2019, up from 4% just five years ago, when two teens died.
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