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Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky reunites with Thousand Oaks mansion in $13.5-million deal 25.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

NHL Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky has reclaimed his former estate in Thousand Oaks, paying $13.5 million for the sprawling compound, The Times has confirmed.

The 6.5-acre property has had quite the journey since Gretzky sold it to ex-New York Mets star Lenny Dykstra in 2007 for $18.5 million. Dykstra,...

Denver-area home prices just won’t stop. Gains accelerate after slowing down last year 25.4.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
Metro Denver home price gains, after running in the 7 percent range since last summer, have defied hopes they would calm down and accelerated back above 8 percent in February, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices.
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We know an awful lot about Manafort and Russia. Trump can’t make it disappear. 24.4.2018 Washington Post
We know an awful lot about Manafort and Russia. Trump can’t make it disappear.
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Family of boy killed in Vail avalanche awaits wrongful death trial 24.4.2018 Denver Post: Local
More than 2,330 days from the day Taft Conlin died in an in-bounds avalanche on Vail Mountain, his family will finally have its days in court.
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Fox News host Sean Hannity says he never talked to HUD about loans that helped his real estate investments 23.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Fox News host Sean Hannity said he had no direct discussions with the Department of Housing and Urban Development regarding loans for his real estate holdings revealed in a Sunday report by the Guardian.

The Guardian reported that Hannity has investments in shell companies that have bought real...

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What to do when family members who co-own a property don't pay their fair share of taxes 23.4.2018 Washington Post
What to do when family members who co-own a property don't pay their fair share of taxes
AT&T says its pre-5G mobile service coming to Denver this year 21.4.2018 Denver Post: Local
But AT&T's so-called 5G Evolution service, which the company said is two times faster than standard LTE wireless, is not 5G. True 5G speeds are supposed to hit 1 gigabit per second.
Denver judge awards more than $1.9 million to attorney, businesses accused by state of price gouging during nation’s foreclosure crisis 21.4.2018 Denver Post: Local
A Denver judge on Friday awarded more than $1.9 million to foreclosure king Larry Castle and two associated businesses who successfully defended themselves against Colorado attorney general allegations of price gouging during the nation’s foreclosure crisis.
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GE Takes Hit From Old Mortgage Unit, Cites Other Progress 20.4.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
General Electric reported a quarterly loss as the conglomerate took a $1.5 billion charge related to a subprime mortgage business it once owned, but the company said it was making progress on its cost-cutting efforts and reaffirmed its 2018 financial targets.
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How the Pulitzer jury opened its doors to hip-hop 19.4.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The Pulitzer Prize for Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. represents a shifting tide in rap's cultural status. But a juror who helped select the prize says it means as much for an institution like the Pulitzers.
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Why America Needs More Social Housing 16.4.2018 American Prospect
This article appears in the Spring 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine.  Subscribe here .  The quest to provide what has come to be called “affordable housing” in America is hobbled by one fundamental reality. Too much housing is in the market sector and too little is in a social sector permanently protected from rising prices. The result is that supply and demand relentlessly bids up market prices. Government is required to provide deeper and deeper subsidies to keep rents within the bounds of incomes, so fewer and fewer people get any kind of help. This is true whether the form of public subsidy is tax breaks, direct subsidies, vouchers, or deals with developers to set aside some percent of units as affordable. In most cities, the median rent far exceeds what median incomes can afford. In cities with hot housing markets, homeownership is even further beyond reach for those who do not already own homes, exacerbating competition for scarce apartments. The idea of having a permanent sector of ...
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Lawsuits filed against L.A. County, lenders over green energy program 13.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Attorneys representing homeowners filed lawsuits Thursday against the Los Angeles County, alleging a county program that funds solar panels and other energy-efficient home improvements is a “plague” that’s ruined the finances of many borrowers by saddling them with loans they cannot afford.


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Tread very carefully when considering purchase of a home in a tax or foreclosure sale 11.4.2018 Washington Post
Tread very carefully when considering purchase of a home in a tax or foreclosure sale
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A black bank witnessed devastation after the 1968 riots. Now ‘the future is bright.’ 8.4.2018 Washington Post
Industrial Bank survived the violence on U Street — and meltdown of black wealth afterward — in a part of D.C. that has experienced a total turnaround.
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Wes Scantlin’s foreclosed home in Hollywood Hills readies for a new lease on life 5.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

From being foreclosed to being worth forkloads, the former home of Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has come a long way.

The contemporary estate, on the market in Hollywood Hills for $2.995 million, featured a green-colored pool when Scantlin tried to sell it in 2014 for $1.49 million. A year...

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Barclays agrees to $2-billion settlement stemming from crisis-era toxic mortgage bonds 29.3.2018 LA Times: Business

Barclays Plc agreed to pay $2 billion in civil penalties to settle a U.S. investigation into its marketing of residential mortgage-backed securities between 2005 and 2007 that were backed by subprime loans that went into default.

The probe resolves a rare Justice Department lawsuit that the bank...

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There are Denver homeowners living in affordable houses they make too much money to qualify for, and the problem is more prevalent than you might think 29.3.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
An review of covenant-restricted affordable housing in Denver has revealed a compliance system in shambles and left officials scrambling to address violations that include a number of those units being sold at market rates to people never told what they were buying.
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Trump’s economic team needs to grow up — fast 27.3.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Imagine the financial crisis with them in charge.
D.C. ruling offers good news for condo associations, bad news for banks 23.3.2018 Washington Post
D.C. ruling offers good news for condo associations, bad news for banks
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10 years after the fall of Bear Stearns, D.C. is poised to cause another financial crisis 19.3.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Ten years ago this week, Bear Stearns, the high-flying Wall Street investment bank, collapsed after years of reckless risk-taking and regulatory neglect. Its stunning failure blindsided the public officials charged with safeguarding our financial system and marked the moment when the simmering...

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