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Can a Tenant Renovate Without Prior Approval? 13.10.2007 NY Times: Real Estate
Do I need the landlord’s permission to update my kitchen?
Garden Rentals, Evergreen 13.10.2007 NY Times: Real Estate
Other than the diner, there may be no architectural type so closely identified with New Jersey as the garden apartment.
Growing Pains at UConn 13.10.2007 NY Times: Real Estate
Over the past decade, the state has poured nearly $1 billion into facilities at the University of Connecticut’s 3,996-acre main campus.
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A Staging Area for the Next Purchase 13.10.2007 NY Times: Real Estate
Even before he moved to New York from Washington, Jack Howard had begun to amass a small real estate portfolio.
What a Difference 38 Years Make 13.10.2007 NY Times: Real Estate
After 38 years in the meatpacking district, Vincent Inconiglios cannot believe that his once-obscure neighborhood is a destination.
Luxury Trash Talk 13.10.2007 NY Times: Real Estate
In addition to washing machines and wine refrigerators, high-end developers are advertising garbage disposals.
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At Home in Infamous Surroundings 13.10.2007 NY Times: Real Estate
Shuttered asylums, hospitals and even prisons have been transformed into apartments and condominiums in the past decade.
Landlord, son charged in tenant beating 13.10.2007 Chicago Tribune: Popular
A 67-year-old landlord and his son were charged with battery after they allegedly broke down the back door of a Villa Park home and beat an underwear-clad tenant in his bedroom after an argument over missing rent.
Landlords Can't Ask About Immigration 13.10.2007 AP National
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- California has become the first state to prohibit landlords from asking tenants about their immigration status, drawing sighs of relief from property owners who were concerned they might have to be "de-facto immigration cops."...
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Rochester calendar 12.10.2007 Post-Bulletin: Local News
Bingo, Elks Lodge, Hillcrest Shopping Center, Rochester. 282-6702. 6:50 p.m. Every Tuesday and Friday evening. Proceeds benefit local youth activities. Flu, Pneumonia, Tetanus Shot Clinics, Kmart Advanced Practice Pharmacy, 201 Ninth St. S.E., Roch
Ailing Celtic tiger? 12.10.2007 The Economist
Ireland's economy may suffer from a property slump Ireland's property market is already showing signs of a correction. Estate agents report prices down in some areas by around 10% this year, and shares in companies with property market exposure have also experienced falls. But is a contraction a welcome correction in a bloated market? Or could the property market spiral downwards, harming the broader economy via a weakened construction sector, lower household spending and rising unemployment? These are serious risks, though the data so far points to a soft landing. In the decade up to 2006 residential property prices in Ireland rose more rapidly than in any other developed-world economy. Strong demand partly explains this: incomes, employment ...
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On Long Island, an Artful Retreat From the Art Scene 12.10.2007 NY Times: Real Estate
One couple’s weekend house on Long Island suggests the Modernist architecture of Southern California.
Mortgage Turmoil Hits Renters 11.10.2007 WSJ: Most Viewed Today
More renters are facing eviction as landlords fall behind on mortgage payments, sending their properties into ...
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Mortgage Turmoil Hits Renters 11.10.2007 WSJ: Most Emailed Today
More renters are facing eviction as landlords fall behind on mortgage payments, sending their properties into ...
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NEWS BRIEFS: Arson, assault, Runestone 11.10.2007 Mankato Free Press: Local News
Sun Communities Beats Housing Slump 11.10.2007 AP Business
NEW YORK (AP) -- In this dark housing market, Sun Communities Inc. looks like a bright spot. The manufactured-home park owner survived an industry recession and is poised to benefit as a foreclosure wave sweeps the nation, forcing many homeowners to seek cheaper digs....
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Good Question: Can We End Homelessness? 11.10.2007 WCCO: Local News
Ending homelessness may seem like an impossible problem to solve but a group of Hennepin County leaders says they'll end homelessness in our area in the next 10 years. ...
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Fleeing Rents in Capital, Nonprofits Buy Condos 10.10.2007 NY Times: Business
Abetted by a revenue bond program, several Washington nonprofit groups have agreed to buy space in new and renovated office buildings in prime downtown locations.
Once Reluctant, Retailers Now Rush to Hawaii 10.10.2007 NY Times: Business
Despite the high costs of buying land and shipping goods, Hawaii has recently drawn attention from several national retailers trying to enter the market for the first time.
Lawmakers' per diems can exceed salaries 10.10.2007 Post-Bulletin: Local News
A number of state senators and House representatives, including five in southeastern Minnesota, have made at least $25,000 in per diem pay, mileage, lodging, travel and other reimbursements in nine months. The figures rival the annual legislator salary of $31,140
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