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As temperatures drop, winter will test Rochester’s new homelessness services 18.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Rochester is poised to open a new overnight warming shelter this winter for people experiencing homelessness. It’s part of a broader effort among city officials and local organizations aimed at better assisting the city’s growing homeless population.
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Plans for a huge North Hollywood transit village move forward 17.11.2019 LA Times: Business

Called District NoHo, the $1-billion project will combine housing, offices, stores and restaurants around the area's subway and bus hub.

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Jared Kushner's White House ties proving a problem for start-up he co-founded 15.11.2019 LA Times: Business

Real estate start-up Cadre had a shot at an investment from SoftBank's Vision Fund. But there was a hitch: co-founder Jared Kushner.

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Youth, diversity take the reins of power at St. Paul City Hall 15.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
“We made our campaigns about people,” says council member-elect Nelsie Yang, 24 — a renter, a woman of color and one of the new faces of political power in St. Paul.
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Letters to the Editor: 1 million more homes for L.A. and Orange County? That's reckless 14.11.2019 LA Times: Opinion

A plan by Southern California governments to locate more housing in cities closer to the coast does not address the real threats posed by climate change.

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Minneapolis grants $18M to add lower-cost apartments 14.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Forty percent of the units will be within reach of families making about $30,000 a year. Rent would not be much more than a week's income for them.
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Heating assistance program for low-income Minnesotans gets $105 million in federal funds 14.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program is receiving more than $105 million in federal funding to help low-income residents in the state pay their heating bills this winter. Homeowners and renters who earn less than half of the state’s median income are eligible.
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Aspen Skiing Co. among those saying goodbye to ski wax, hello to Phantom 13.11.2019 Denver Post: Entertainment
A new, waxless base treatment product called Phantom claims to eliminate the need to ever wax your boards again, for their lifetime.
AM Update: Renting with your pet in Twin Cities? Get your pet’s DNA ready 12.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Plus, a story of one female officer who tries to balance work and family life.
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More Twin Cities apartments welcome pets — for a price 12.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
In addition to fees, some renters have to register their dogs’ DNA so apartment managers can police poop pickup.
California might not require solar panels on new homes, after all 12.11.2019 LA Times: Environment

State officials will vote this week on a proposal to allow "community solar" farms instead of rooftop panels.

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Former New Mexico state Sen. Phil Maloof sells flashy Vegas penthouse for $12.475 million 8.11.2019 LA Times: Business

Former New Mexico state Sen. Phil Maloof has sold his flashy Palms Place penthouse with a massive rooftop deck for $12.475 million.

Ghost council meeting in Federal Heights speaks to tumult at the top of city government 5.11.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Government dysfunction went on full display Monday -- a lone mayor sat at an imposing dais with half a dozen empty chairs around him. An invocation was made, followed by the pledge of allegiance. Then from the corner of the room, the city clerk declared a lack of quorum to go on -- six of seven city council members were missing. "I have no choice but to adjourn the meeting," Federal Heights Mayor Daniel Dick said, gaveling proceedings to a close. The lights went out and people headed for the doors. Total time elapsed for the Nov. 4 Federal Heights City Council meeting: less than five minutes.
Apple pledges $2.5 billion to combat California's housing crisis 4.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The plan includes $1 billion for a mortgage assistance fund for first-time homebuyers in the state, and $1 billion for an open line of credit to develop "very low- to moderate-income housing."
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Trump team has a plan for national parks: Amazon, food trucks and no senior discounts 4.11.2019 LA Times: Environment

The Trump administration is mulling proposals to further privatize national parks and limit the use of senior passes there, setting off an angry backlash from conservation groups and retirees.

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Letters to the Editor: High rents drive up homelessness. California simply needs more housing 3.11.2019 LA Times: Opinion

We can talk about mental health and substance abuse, but as long as housing is unaffordable, homelessness will remain a stubborn problem.

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Airbnb bans 'party houses' after California shooting 3.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Airbnb's CEO said the company was taking actions against unauthorized parties in the wake of a deadly shooting at a Halloween party held at an Airbnb rental home in California.
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Halloween terror: 4 killed at Northern California party 2.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Four people were killed and several wounded at a Halloween party shooting at a Northern California home rented by a woman who falsely claimed she wanted the Airbnb so her asthmatic family members could escape wildfire smoke.
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Column: California fires will result in higher insurance rates for homeowners 31.10.2019 LA Times: Business

This year's fire damage to California properties may not be as catastrophic as last year's, which led to $12 billion in insurance claims. But costs are climbing.

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Days of terrifying darkness, cold and hunger amid PG&E's sweeping power blackouts 31.10.2019 LA Times: Environment

No gasoline. Generators in short supply. Spoiled food. Darkness. Hunger. In Lake County, thousands endured days of PG&E's most recent power outages, aimed at protecting the public and limiting the utility's wildfire liabilities.

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