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Editorial: Getting homeless people off the street doesn't mean forcing them into shelter they don't want 2.12.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Sheltering homeless people is challenging. Forcing people to take a shelter bed they don't want isn't the way to go.

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Op-Ed: L.A. County's legal self-help services are used by 150,000 a year. Yet the program may be cut 2.12.2020 LA Times: Commentary

Self-Help Legal Access Centers have helped more than 1.5 million people navigate civil court in L.A. County. But revenue is declining due to COVID-19.

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Victim of abuse by Denver’s Father Woody speaks out: “They’re no longer going to have this shining light” 2.12.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
The legacy of Denver's so-called "patron of the poor" was obliterated Tuesday when Woodrich was named as an child sex abuser in a report spearheaded by the Colorado Attorney General's Office.
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Editorial: It shouldn't take squatters to compel California to act on homelessness 1.12.2020 LA Times: Opinion

By taking over houses owned by Caltrans, activists have shined a spotlight on the housing crisis.

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PHOTOS: Homeless camp along Platte River in RiNo cleared 1.12.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
In a pre-dawn operation along the Platte River on Monday, Denver officials began uprooting a street camp where people live in tents, in parked cars and under tarps, telling them to move to another location.
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Wife pleads guilty in Golden trailer park killing during couple’s two-state crime spree 1.12.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Kathleen Boutain, 26, pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and reckless manslaughter; 19 other counts against her were dismissed as part of the plea deal, according to online court records.
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Here’s what you may have missed over the long Thanksgiving weekend 30.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Here’s a roundup of some of the best stories you may have missed over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
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Pandemic could mean vicious winter for those without homes in Denver’s suburbs 29.11.2020 Denver Post: Local
Denver's suburbs are no stranger to homelessness, even if the phenomenon looks different than what is seen in the city. Communities step up their efforts to help as the financial devastation wrought by COVID-19 threatens to make the problem worse.
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Chicagoans collect hundreds of donations to aid victims of hurricanes in Honduras: ‘Only the people can save each other’ 29.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Though Doris Aguirre left her beloved Honduras two decades ago and cannot return due to her immigration status, she has never forgotten her people.Most live in poverty and scarcity, she said. The pandemic worsened the financial struggle and then, in November, Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit nearly two weeks apart, leaving still more people homeless and at a higher risk of contracting the virus. When she saw the videos and photos of homes underwater and hundreds of families in shelters without food and clothes, she cried — then immediately sought out a way to provide help from Chicago.
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Abcarian: Looking for right-wingers banned from Twitter? Check out Parler. Or better yet, don't 29.11.2020 LA Times: Commentary

After Trump lost and Twitter began enforcing its policy on disinformation, people have turned to Parler, which has no restrictions on falsehoods

Coloradans are creating mutual aid networks to deal with devastating needs amid COVID-19 28.11.2020 Denver Post: Local
Eight months in, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt and endanger Coloradans’ lives. In the wake of this loss, Coloradans across the state formed mutual aid networks to address people's needs.
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City revises plans on emergency mental health responses, will fund pilot that does not include police 28.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
City revises plans on emergency mental health responses, will fund pilot that does not include police.
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Editorial: In this time of COVID, let's transform Black Friday into something meaningful 27.11.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Let's lighten a dark period by doing the lion's share of our shopping in small local stores and by channeling our busy holiday doings into gifts for others.

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Homeless families sought shelter from COVID-19 in vacant homes. CHP evicted them before Thanksgiving 27.11.2020 LA Times: Health

The Thanksgiving eve evictions came as activists argued that government officials had failed to provide shelter to keep people safe during the pandemic.

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On Thanksgiving: ‘Just because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that volunteer work will stop’ 27.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
For more than two hours Thursday, Salvation Army volunteers handed out ready-to-go meals in Chicago. Levy Restaurants donated 2,000 meals to the effort, and Salvation Army chefs did the cooking.
COVID-19 outbreak at Chicago homeless shelter points to coronavirus surge dangers, advocates say 26.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
A Chicago homeless shelter is grappling with an outbreak of COVID-19 cases, prompting concerns from advocates and organizations as the coronavirus surges nationwide.
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Coronavirus in Illinois updates: Here’s what’s happening on Thanksgiving with COVID-19 in the Chicago area 26.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Here are the latest updates on the coronavirus in the Chicago area and the rest of Illinois.
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Thanksgiving looks different on L.A.'s skid row this year 26.11.2020 LA Times: Health

There will still be turkey dinners, but Thanksgiving will be far less festive than usual on L.A.'s skid row this year.

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s ‘pandemic budget’ for 2021 cleared the Chicago City Council. Here are 5 things to know. 25.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Chicago aldermen on Tuesday narrowly approved Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s $12.8 billion “pandemic budget” for 2021, a package that will fund city government through the next fiscal year while closing a projected $1.2 billion budget deficit fueled by coronavirus-pandemic driven revenue losses to municipal coffers. Among other things, the package includes a $94 million property tax hike, as well as increases in fees and fines. Aldermen voted 28-22 in support of Lightfoot’s property tax increase and 29-21 to pass her budget.Here are five things to know:
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California's new stay-at-home order now in effect: What you need to know 21.11.2020 LA Times: Health

A modified stay-at-home order goes into effect for the much of California as of Saturday morning to try to slow the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

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