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Lynwood moves closer to legalizing commercial cannabis manufacturing 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The city of Lynwood is close to approving a measure that would allow businesses to grow medical marijuana within city limits. If it gains final passage, the southeast city of 70,000 would be among the first in Los Angeles County to issue such permits.

On a 3-1 vote, the City Council on Tuesday...

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L.A. school board won't vote to approve superintendent's strategic plan 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

After months of review, haggling and soul searching, Los Angeles Board of Education members this week avoided voting on a strategic plan developed by Supt. Michelle King.

She’ll go ahead with it anyway.

The plan’s centerpiece is a target of 100% graduation, which has never been achieved by a large school...

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Head of L.A. County's child protective services agency to retire in early 2017 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Philip L. Browning, the director of Los Angeles County’s child protective services agency and a veteran of county government, announced Wednesday that he is retiring early next year, capping a career in which he brought stability to a department plagued by high leadership turnover.

Browning, 70,...

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How did a study about struggling community college students lead to a state investigation? 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

A San Diego State study that concluded that many California community college students are struggling to find adequate food and shelter has been overshadowed a bit by the angry response it apparently elicited from an employee of the state Department of Education.

On Monday, after co-author and...

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Building inspectors had not been inside Oakland warehouse in 30 years, officials say 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Oakland officials revealed Thursday that no building code enforcement inspector has been inside the warehouse where 36 people died in at least 30 years, raising new questions about government oversight of the property.

The interim director of the city's planning and building department said the...

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Pope warns about fake news - from experience 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Pope Francis is warning about the dangers of fake news, and he should know: Earlier this year, he was reported — falsely — to have endorsed Donald Trump for U.S. president.

In an interview published Wednesday with the Belgian Catholic weekly Tertio, Francis repeated a frequent warning of his that...

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Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood to receive $30 million HUD grant 8.12.2016 Denver Post: News: Local
Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood will receive a $30 million Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to improve housing, increase business opportunities and access to jobs, Sen. Cory Gardner’s office announced Wednesday.
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The SoftBank investment Trump touted looks pretty great for SoftBank 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

When President-elect Donald Trump announced Tuesday that Japanese corporate giant SoftBank had agreed to invest $50 billion in the U.S. and create 50,000 new jobs, he presented it as a triumph for American workers. But economists and analysts who have been scrutinizing the announcement suggest...

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'It's excruciating': Inside the heartbreaking recovery of 36 bodies in Oakland warehouse 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

For four days, they sifted through despair.

The fire that climbed walls and felled a roof had left a sprawling Oakland warehouse blanketed in charred debris. Among the ashes lay an unknown number of bodies. The expertise of two doctors who had combed through wreckage after 9/11 would help.


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USC campus security officer pleads no contest to manslaughter in graduate student's death 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

A USC campus safety officer pleaded no contest Wednesday to vehicular manslaughter in connection with the 2015 death of a student, whose car was struck by the officer’s speeding cruiser.

Appearing in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom, Miguel Guerra, 37, entered the plea to the misdemeanor count...

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Big retailers tricked shoppers into thinking they were getting a great deal, claims L.A. city attorney 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office said it plans to sue four big retailers for deceptive advertising which allegedly misled shoppers into believing that thousands of products were on sale at a hefty discount.

The retailers — JC Penney, Sears, Kohl’s and Macy’s — falsely advertised high “list”...

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L.A. backs measures to roll back 'mansionization' in single-family neighborhoods 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Spurred by years of complaints from neighborhood groups, the Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to seek new restrictions on “mansionization” — the practice of constructing houses that are far larger than those nearby.

On a 13-0 vote, lawmakers asked City Atty. Mike Feuer to rewrite sections...

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Battery makers Tesla and Sonnen tout similar products but have different strategies 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The two top competitors in the home energy storage market — a market that barely exists at present — are preparing for burgeoning sales in coming years as renewable energy supplies grow more common.

One name is familiar: Tesla, the electric car maker, which makes a battery called the Powerwall...

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Pebble smartwatch maker calls it quits, proving that being first doesn't guarantee success 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

When smartwatch maker Pebble Technology Corp. went up against Apple and Google last year, industry insiders described it as a battle between David and Goliath

On Wednesday, David lost.

Pebble, one of the first companies to manufacture smartwatches, announced on its website that it would shut...

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Trump's Carrier jobs triumph looks more like a sham every day 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

I was taking some time off last week, when Donald Trump announced his big rescue of jobs at a Carrier furnace factory in Indianapolis, so I’ve needed a few days to catch up.

One thing was clear even on Dec. 1, when Trump made his announcement on the scene, and has become even clearer with every...

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SunPower to cut 2,500 jobs amid struggles in the solar industry 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

A San Jose solar company announced plans Wednesday to cut 2,500 jobs, including about 200 in California, as part of an effort to restructure operations and reduce expenses.

Most of SunPower Corp.’s layoffs, which represent 25% of its workforce, are expected to come from its operations in the Philippines,...

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Libyan forces seize last stronghold of Islamic State in Sirte 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The last buildings occupied by Islamic State militants in Sirte have fallen into the hands of Libyan fighters, officials said, as anti-militant fighters celebrated in the streets of the group’s final stronghold in Libya.

“This is the last major battle, but it is not the end of military operations,...

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Syrian rebels on the cusp of losing Aleppo as humanitarian crisis deepens 8.12.2016 L.A. Times - World News

Pro-government troops in Syria have swept into the Old City quarter of Aleppo, swiftly moving toward a complete takeover of the city from rebels who had once hoped to use it as a springboard to national power.

Aid groups reported Wednesday that more than 31,000 people had been displaced by fighting...

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Iowa governor, who has long ties to Beijing, is selected as Trump's ambassador to China 8.12.2016 LA Times: Nation

President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday picked Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad as the next ambassador to China, tapping a Republican with long ties to Beijing less than a week after Trump’s controversial phone conversation with the president of Taiwan. 

The Republican governor was chosen because he...

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L.A. plans crackdown on unsafe warehouses in wake of Oakland tragedy 8.12.2016 LA Times: Commentary

In the wake of Oakland’s devastating warehouse fire that killed 36 people last week, Los Angeles city officials will meet next week to determine how to address the city’s own unpermitted housing issues, the city attorney’s office said.

Using a mixed-use building at 931 E. Pico Blvd. as an example...

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