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Elizabeth Warren is on the hunt again 1.10.2015 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Elizabeth Warren, collector of corporate hides, is on the hunt again. Fresh from her triumph Tuesday over the Brookings Institution in which she forced the ouster of a corporate-backed scholar, the populist Democratic senator from Massachusetts was at Lutheran Church of the Reformation on Capitol Hill, firing up a crowd of housing activists Wednesday afternoon. Read full article ...
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Despite losing HUD subsidy, residents of Chinatown building won’t be evicted 1.10.2015 Washington Post
Despite losing HUD subsidy, residents of Chinatown building won’t be evicted
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Hedge Funds: The Ultimate Absentee Landlords (Fall Preview) 29.9.2015 American Prospect
This article appears in the Fall 2015 issue of The American Prospect magazine.  Subscribe here . Each month, Esperanza Rosales sends $1,785 to the Blackstone Group, one of the world’s largest private equity firms. Steve Schwarzman, the CEO, has a net worth of $11.8 billion and last year earned $690 million. He owns a Park Avenue apartment, a villa in Jamaica, and large estates in Palm Beach, the Hamptons, and St. Tropez. Rosales, a 45-year-old seamstress, pays her rent to Invitation Homes, a Blackstone subsidiary established in 2012, which owns the modest 1,200-square-foot house in South Los Angeles where she lives with her husband (who is unemployed), her four children (one of whom is autistic), and her daughter Yuri’s three children. Rosales explains that her nine-member household lives “day to day, month to month” in order to pay the rent and the additional $400 to $500 a month in water and electricity bills. Invitation Homes has already told them that their rent will go up another $100 a month next ...
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Settlement: Landlord, management companies collected side payments from Section 8 tenants 17.9.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Federal prosecutors say Richard Edlich, Cities Home Rentals, MDC 2000 Investments Inc. and Rifive Investments LLC collected $60,000 in side payments from 16 tenants between 2008 and 2014.
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This Helmet Will Make F-35 Pilots Missile-Slinging Cyborgs 14.9.2015 Wired Top Stories
The new helmet that will let the pilot see through the plane, aim missiles with his eyeballs, and keep an eye on key data no matter where he turns his ...
Janice Hahn wants second chance for L.A. on Jordan Downs housing grant 12.9.2015 LA Times: Commentary
Rep. Janice Hahn is asking federal housing officials to reconsider bestowing grant money to jump-start redevelopment of the Jordan Downs project, which earlier this year was passed over by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development because of what Los Angeles officials say was a glitch...
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At 50, This Housing Policy Needs a Big Renovation 9.9.2015 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
HUD’s mismanagement and mission creep have made it a feeble tool for urban renewal.
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An alternative education: From 'messed up' to resilient and determined 29.8.2015 MinnPost
CC/Flickr/Ricky Romero We’ve got to make academic opportunities available for all children of all colors and cultures at every economic status. On Sept. 18, 1990, I retrieved my Wayzata High School diploma from the Wayzata Schools administrative building because I hadn’t attended the ceremony with the rest of the Wayzata senior class. My graduation ceremony occurred on June 3 at West Metro Elliot, of District 287, an alternative education program in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. There were six of us graduating that year, one of the largest senior class groups that West Metro Elliot had at that point. Christy Coaty I may have received my official Wayzata High School diploma, but it was NOT easily acquired. From a young age, I couldn’t focus in school. I had trust and behavioral issues with many of my teachers and classmates, and frankly I was “different.” I was also economically disadvantaged, which was particularly difficult living in an affluent suburban community; I had grown up in various HUD ...
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Running mate talk 'flatters' Texan 28.8.2015 CNN: Top Stories
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro defended former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday morning on her use of private email -- as he also deflected chatter about him as a potential running mate to her presidential campaign.
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Developer, builders group sue city over affordable housing rule 28.8.2015 Chicago Tribune: Business
A Chicago developer and a trade group representing local homebuilders have filed a lawsuit against the city for its affordable housing requirements, two months before even more stringent rules are set to take ...
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HUD Secretary Castro attends Minneapolis event to mobilize Latino voters 26.8.2015 MinnPost

A group pushing for higher Latino turnout in elections is hosting HUD Secretary Julian Castro today in Minneapolis. 

Unidos Votamos is holding the event at Plaza Verde, 1516 East Lake St., from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The group says it's working to "organize our community and increase Latino voter participation in Minnesota and the nation."

Castro, a former San Antonio mayor, has been mentioned as a possible vice-presidential option for Hillary Clinton.

Also scheduled to attend are: State Sens. Patricia Torres Ray and Melisa Franzen; state Rep. Carlos Mariani; Ramsey County Commissioner Rafael Ortega, Minneapolis City Council Member Alondra Cano and Bloomington School Board member Nelly Korman.

Obama invokes free-market principles to promote clean-energy plan 25.8.2015 LA Times: Commentary
President Obama cited free-market principles in making the case for alternative energy Monday night, speaking on a day when his administration also announced new government support for clean-energy industries.
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Obama visits Nevada, the center of the solar boom, to talk clean energy and climate change 24.8.2015 Washington Post
This story has been updated.LAS VEGAS — President Obama will arrive here Monday to announce a bevy of initiatives to promote clean-energy growth in America’s homes and on its rooftops — the first stop in a climate and energy-focused tour that will also take him to New Orleans and Alaska this month.Read full article ...
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The housing crisis is more complex than a few people paying too little in rent 21.8.2015 Washington Post: Editorials
MUCH HAS been made of a New York family paying $1,574 a month to live in public housing while earning $497,911 a year. The case, which the inspector general for the Department of Housing and Urban Development unearthed, is as “egregious” as the watchdog said in a report. Yet the real problem is not the relatively small number of tenants who earn more than they are allowed; it is the much larger number of people on the waiting list for housing.Read full article ...
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HUD flips public housing stance on families earning too much 20.8.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
The Department of Housing and Urban Development said Tuesday that in response to an unsparing audit by its watchdog, it's urging public housing authorities across the country to kick out tenants who make too much money to qualify for government ...
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After criticism, HUD says it’s trying to give the boot to public housing families who earn too much money 19.8.2015 Washington Post: Politics
Housing advocates are furious that conservatives are using an inspector general's review of public housing incomes as fodder to criticize the ...
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Twin Cities suburbs need more affordable housing, Met Council says 17.8.2015 Pioneer Press: Most Viewed

On paper, the cities of St. Paul and Lakeville tie for their lack of affordable housing, and not in a good way. Each city would have to add more than 2,200 units to keep up with demand, according to the Metropolitan Council.

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A family in public housing makes nearly $498,000 a year. And HUD wants tenants like this to stay. 17.8.2015 Washington Post: Politics
The government public housing policy allows tenants who earn money over the income limit for subsidies to ...
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Ellison and Hodges take HUD Secretary Julián Castro on tour of Minneapolis 'Promise Zone' 7.8.2015 MinnPost
Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison will take Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro on a walking tour of the city's newly designated Promise Zone. HUD recently added Minneapolis and other cities to its Promise Zone program, which identifies "economically struggling communities for special government attention as they work together to reduce poverty and crime, increase economic and educational opportunities and attract private investment." Today Castro is in town to check out the Minneapolis zone, which has these boundaries: Queen Avenue North (western), Mississippi River (eastern), Memorial Parkway/45th Avenue North (northern), and Bassett’s Creek (southern).  Today's walking tour will start at Dupont and West Broadway, and end at the EMERGE Career and Technology Center, 1936 N. Emerson Ave. City officials say their goals for the Minneapolis Promise Zone (MPZ) are: Reduce racial inequities in public services and institutions that contribute to the ongoing economic ...
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The Fair Housing Failure—Where Even the Liberal North Whistles Dixie 6.8.2015 American Prospect
AP Photo/Jim Fitzgerald In this June 29, 2012 photo, the Cottage Landings affordable housing project is shown while under construction in Rye, New York. The development is part of a 750-unit requirement in the settlement of a 2009 lawsuit against Westchester County. The county is being criticized by the federal government over its implementation of the settlement.  In 2006, a civil-rights lawyer named Craig Gurian filed suit against Westchester County, New York, charging that the affluent county just north of the Bronx had been engaging in exclusionary housing practices that prevented people of color from moving into the county’s upscale suburban communities. Facing up to $150 million in fines for having, according to a federal judge, “utterly failed” to fulfill its obligations under the 1968 Fair Housing Act, Westchester entered into a landmark anti-discrimination settlement. The agreement committed the county to build 750 affordable housing units by 2016 in the whitest locales and market them in ...
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