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Trump’s War on the Environment Is a Civil Rights Emergency 26.11.2017 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by The Guardian and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  The Trump administration’s dismantling of environmental regulations has intensified a growing civil rights battle over the deadly burden of pollution on minorities and low-income people. Black, Latino, and disadvantaged people have long been disproportionately afflicted by toxins from industrial plants, […]
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Historians respond to John F. Kelly's Civil War remarks: 'Strange,' 'sad,' 'wrong' 31.10.2017 Washington Post: Politics
“It's the Jim Crow version of the causes of the Civil War. I mean, it tracks all of the major talking points of this pro-Confederate view of the Civil War,” said Stephanie McCurry, professor of history at Columbia University.
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The grandson of a slave is a vocal champion for Confederate monuments 9.10.2017 Washington Post
The Florida resident, whose grandfather was a Confederate soldier, calls the flag a symbol of Christianity: “A lot of people thought blacks fled, but blacks fought in every state.”
Battling Blight in Memphis 5.10.2017 American Prospect
(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) Tennessee’s second-largest city has become a national model for eliminating the scourge of abandoned buildings and vacant lots. In 2012, New Horizon Apartments, located midway between Elvis Presley’s Graceland and Memphis International Airport, had a major problem. The recently renovated complex was wedged between two burned-out buildings that were often targeted by vandals. But these kinds of contradictions are built into the cityscape. “Memphis is like a checkerboard: One street over, it’s horrible blight and the next street it’s just the nicest neighborhood you’ve ever been in,” says Ryan Poe, a life-long Memphis resident who writes for The Commercial Appeal, the city’s daily newspaper. “Growing up in Memphis, blight is a daily sight, and you know, you’re used to it.” Yet the checkerboard quality of blight erodes the quality of life in a neighborhood, depresses property values, and frustrates residents. Private developers were interested in acquiring the derelict buildings ...
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Two Mexico City earthquakes exactly 32 years apart. Two very different responses 22.9.2017 LA Times: Commentary

At 22 million people, metropolitan Mexico City is the largest urban area in our hemisphere. As the capital of New Spain, it governed a massive empire, stretching from the Philippines to Utah. The symbol of the eagle and the snake, which is at the center of our flag and on the seal of the city of...

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London mayor targets ‘ghost mansions’ and empty penthouses 19.9.2017 Washington Post: World
Sadiq Khan believes taxing the empty properties could ease the city’s affordable housing shortage. Others aren’t so sure.
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A roundup of recent Michigan newspaper editorials 11.9.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

The Detroit News. September 7, 2017 Go hard after city’s tax cheats Taking the unwarranted profit out of blight is an important step toward ridding Detroit of derelict buildings and keeping others from falling into disrepair. The city is taking the right step in aggressively pursuing the owners of foreclosed and abandoned properties for payment […]
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Rosa Parks’ house found a home in Berlin, but is set to return to U.S. 3.9.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

While the house has a ticket back to America, the question of where it would find a permanent home remains unanswered.
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Natural-lawn advocate contests blight citation for her yard 31.8.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

NEW LONDON, Conn. (AP) — A natural-lawn advocate is fighting a citation for blight in her front yard at her Connecticut home. Maggie Redfern, of New London, is challenging local ordinances in a case that has rallied like-minded conservationists. She sees her yard as a rebuke to the chemical-soaked, manicured lawns of suburban America. Redfern […]
Cleaning Up With The 'Motor City Blightbusters' 30.7.2017 NPR: All Things Considered
A group of Detroit residents are trying to help the city recover, on a hyper-local scale, by removing the blight from their neighborhood, one abandoned house and empty lot at a time.
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Healthcare with 'heart'? Don't let children in pro-Trump areas suffer Medicaid cuts 8.7.2017 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: Big cities have their blight, violent crime, homelessness and lack of jobs. This is not good. These conditions must be resolved if we are to prosper as a great nation.

And now, under the latest healthcare proposal of the Republican Party, our rural areas and small towns like those...

Also found in: [+] is proving that brick-and-mortar retail is the new coal 9.6.2017 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: Are book stores and other brick-and-mortar retailers different than the coal industry? (“ is a 21st century deal with the devil,” Opinion, June 4)

Just to establish my credentials as a reader: I have read books just about continuously since my teenage years, and I’m 67....

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Circus of life: Dreams take flight amid urban blight 3.5.2017 Seattle Times: Top stories

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A group of would-be circus performers in New Jersey’s capital city are using unicycles, acrobatics and spinning plates to bridge the divide between poverty and privilege. The Trenton Circus Squad brings kids ages 12-17 from both the struggling city and its wealthier suburbs together, using circus skills to give them a […]
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Supreme Court rules Miami, other cities can sue big banks over housing bubble damages 1.5.2017 Washington Post: Politics
Majority agrees that Fair Housing Act applies, but cities face a higher burden of proof of predatory lending’s effects than individuals.
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'A house without a home': Rosa Parks's Detroit dwelling was resurrected in Berlin 10.4.2017 Washington Post: World
When Ryan Mendoza learned that a house where Parks lived in the late 1950s was to be demolished as part of Detroit's massive anti-blight campaign, he launched a spectacular rescue operation.
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Michigan officer fatally shoots 73-year-old man 29.3.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

MANISTEE, Mich. (AP) — Authorities say a 73-year-old man has died after being shot by a police officer in Michigan. Manistee Public Safety Director Dave Bachman says the officer shot Lee Pat Milks after the man came out of a house with a gun Tuesday evening and told the officer to go away. Police say […]
Memphis officials to help save Aretha Franklin’s birthplace 24.3.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — The Memphis mayor’s office is pitching in to help figure out the future of the dilapidated house where soul singer Aretha Franklin was born, a lawyer said Thursday. Alan Crone, special counsel to Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, told a judge that a working group from the mayor’s office plans to assist […]
Blight battle finds focus at Aretha Franklin’s birthplace 21.3.2017 Seattle Times: Top stories

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — The crumbling house where Aretha Franklin was born looks no different from many others on Lucy Avenue in Memphis’ Soulsville neighborhood: empty and shuttered, with plywood over the windows. A rear section has collapsed, and weeds grow all around it. No one has lived there for years. It’s a monument to […]
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Blight battle finds focus at Aretha Franklin's birthplace 21.3.2017 AP Top News
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- The crumbling house where Aretha Franklin was born looks no different from many others on Lucy Avenue in Memphis' Soulsville neighborhood: empty and shuttered, with plywood over the windows. A rear section has collapsed, and weeds grow all around it. No one has lived there for years....
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Tulsa's former Black Wall Street tries to remake itself 23.2.2017 AP Business
TULSA, Okla. (AP) -- Not far from a gleaming $183 million arena and other signs of a midsize city striving to become something more, smooth pavement gives way to potholes, rusted fences and shuttered storefronts. They're the remnants of what was once known as Tulsa's Black Wall Street, before one of the worst race riots in U.S. history....
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