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Letters to the Editor: Boise wants to punish homeless people for sleeping. That's un-American 17.10.2019 LA Times: Opinion

When a city has a shortage of shelter beds, homeless people are forced to sleep outside. Why should they be punished for that?

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Column: Republicans blame Democratic leadership for California's problems. They have a point, but ... 16.10.2019 LA Times: Opinion

It's true Democrats have had a firm grip on California politics recently, but what have Republicans offered?

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Letters to the Editor: Build housing for homeless people, but only in sparsely populated areas 16.10.2019 LA Times: Opinion

A protest in Chatsworth against a homeless housing project shows that voters are fine spending tax money on these items, but just not near their homes.

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Older Minnesotans struggle to afford housing 15.10.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A new study says a quarter of Minnesota seniors who own their homes have trouble affording them. It also says nearly two-thirds of renters 65 or older pay 30 percent or more of their income for housing.
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As hot-button debates rage in Aurora, election remains about bread-and-butter issues 15.10.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
As anger over the fatal police shooting of a black man and conditions at an immigration detention facility blow up into loud protests at Aurora City Council meetings, the candidates for mayor say those aren't the issues voters say they care about most.
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6 questions that loom over the crowded Democratic debate 15.10.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Just a month has passed since the last presidential debate, but the state of the Democrats' 2020 race has shifted.
Editorial: It took Los Angeles years to adopt rules for Airbnb. Don't delay them now. 15.10.2019 LA Times: Opinion

With short-term rental regulations set to take effect Nov. 1, some homeowners want the city to delay the rules or throw them out and start over. That would be huge mistake.

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A small way to save on rent 15.10.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
More small apartments are getting built. Some renters look to trade space for lower rent.
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St. Paul council races overflow with candidates. Some say that's a good thing 14.10.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The St. Paul City Council is up for reelection in November, and 28 names are on the ranked-choice ballot.
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How to watch the next Democratic debate 14.10.2019 LA Times: Nation

What time is the Democratic debate, and where can I watch it? A dozen candidates will crowd onstage in Ohio on Tuesday for the largest primary debate ever.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Portrayal of Julián Castro On Saturday Night Live Was Perfection 13.10.2019 Mother Jones
Saturday Night Live has been criticized recently for its lack of Latino representation, particularly after it left out former housing secretary Julián Castro from its season opener that spoofed the Democratic debates. But this week, the show brought on Lin Manuel Miranda to play Castro in the show’s cold open last night that was based on CNN’s LGBT town hall.  […]
Why this widow can't get her late husband's Social Security benefit 13.10.2019 LA Times: Business

When a spouse dies, the survivor usually can get Social Security benefits. But this widow has run into something called the windfall elimination provision.

Opinion: The Sylmar area has burned three times in recent years. What are we thinking? 13.10.2019 LA Times: Opinion

Saddleridge is the third major fire to erupt in the Sylmar area over the last 11 years. Homes built in fire zones have turned what we call "wildfires" into "structural fires."

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Why are these L.A. people sleeping in stacked pods? It's not just the cost of housing 12.10.2019 LA Times: Business

No private bedrooms for these L.A. residents. They choose to live in pods or rooms filled with bunk beds.

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Trump Has No Clue About Homelessness. This California Lawmaker Actually Does. 11.10.2019 Mother Jones
In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has escalated his ongoing feud with California, repeatedly turning his attention and Twitter feed to the state’s homelessness crisis. The administration is reportedly planning a crackdown that may involve moving homeless people in the state to government-backed facilities. After visiting last month, Trump claimed—seemingly without basis—that needles and other trash from San Francisco and […]
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California's workplace sexual harassment laws strengthened 11.10.2019 LA Times: Business

Gov. Gavin Newsom took action on legislation that aimed to strengthen California law against workplace sexual harassment.

An urban farm grows in Los Angeles 10.10.2019 LA Times: Environment

Filmmaker Ali Greer and teacher/chef Eric Tomassini are juggling full-time careers while living their dream of running the Avenue 33 Farm, an urban farm carved into the steep acre behind their Lincoln Heights home, just minutes from downtown L.A.

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St. Paul prepares to close an encampment near the Mississippi 10.10.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
St. Paul officials have ordered 16 people camped near the Mississippi River to move by Thursday, one of approximately 120 homeless encampments cleared so far this year.
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A Homeless Singer’s Viral Video Lands Her an Offer From a Grammy-Nominated Producer 9.10.2019 Mother Jones
Welcome to Recharge, a weekly newsletter full of stories that will energize your inner hellraiser. See more editions and sign up here. Emily Zamourka says she learned to sing by imitating opera performers on TV while growing up in Russia. Decades later, with her belongings beside her, she began singing at a Los Angeles subway […]
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Colorado doctor challenges firing by Centura Health over assisted suicide 9.10.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
A Colorado doctor fired after trying to help a terminally ill man obtain drugs to end his life has filed an updated lawsuit that challenges her firing by a Christian hospital company.
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