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U.S. says leaking nuclear waste dome is safe; Marshall Islands leaders don't believe it 2.7.2020 LA Times: Environment

The DOE says that radioactive leakage from Runit Dome, a respository for U.S. atomic waste, is insignificant. Marshall Islands leaders are skeptical.

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Chomsky: We Must Not Let Masters of Capital Define the Post-COVID World 1.7.2020
The malign forces of capital are working tirelessly to ensure that the system they created and benefit from will ...
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House Democrats’ climate plan would end greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 1.7.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
House Democrats on Tuesday unveiled a plan to address climate change that would set a goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, while pushing renewable energy such as wind and solar power and addressing environmental contamination that disproportionately harms low-income and minority communities.
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France's oldest nuclear plant Fessenheim shuts down 30.6.2020 BBC: World
Fessenheim on the Rhine provided thousands of jobs but activists had long called for it to close.
Russia denies its nuclear plants are source of radiation leak 29.6.2020 BBC: World
Scandinavian states have reported elevated, but not dangerous, radiation levels in the atmosphere.
Galwan Valley: China to use martial art trainers after India border clash 28.6.2020 BBC: World
The move follows deadly fighting between Indian and Chinese troops in an area where guns are banned.
Galwan Valley: Satellite images 'show China structures' on India border 25.6.2020 BBC: World
The construction along the disputed frontier is near the site of clashes that killed 20 Indian troops.
Nuclear waste shipment leaves Germany for Russia 24.6.2020 BBC: World
The dispatch of a trainload of waste raises new fears that Russia may become a "dumping ground".
India expels dozens of Pakistan diplomatic staff 23.6.2020 BBC: World
Relations between the countries are tense after two Indian diplomatic staff were allegedly mistreated.
Galwan Valley: China accuses India of 'deliberate provocation' 20.6.2020 BBC: World
A spokesman says Indian troops attacked Chinese soldiers but gave no details of Chinese casualties.
Galwan Valley: India PM Modi says military will keep borders secure 20.6.2020 BBC: World
Narendra Modi says no foreign troops are on Indian territory, following deadly border violence.
Five key questions about our energy future after Covid-19 9.6.2020 BBC: Front Page
The pandemic has seen CO2 emissions fall - but will these changes be permanent?
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Sizewell C: Nuclear power station plans for Suffolk submitted 27.5.2020 BBC: Business
Critics say EDF's plans would take money from projects that could transform the UK energy landscape.
Cleanup to resume at troubled Santa Susana Field Laboratory site 22.5.2020 LA Times: Environment

After years of delay, the federal government will resume environmental cleanup at a former nuclear and rocket test site in the hills of Ventura County

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Covid recovery could 'tip the balance' for nature 21.5.2020 BBC: Science
Scientists call for the conservation of nature to be at the centre of the economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic.
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Protecting Public Health Requires COVID-19 Treatments to Be Patent-Free 19.5.2020
Congress could declare treatment development is a response to a national emergency and can’t be subject to ...
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Amid Pandemic, Everyone Should Be Deemed “Essential” — and Protected as Such 14.5.2020
Amid Pandemic, Everyone Should Be Deemed “Essential” — and Protected as Such
Spectacular demolition at German nuclear site 14.5.2020 BBC: World
Two cooling towers are blown up at the disused Philippsburg nuclear power plant.
Tunnel Vision: Lessons in the Impermanence of Permafrost 3.5.2020 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in Undark and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. To enter the Fox permafrost tunnel—one of the only places in the world dedicated to the firsthand scientific study of the mix of dirt and ice that covers much of the planet’s far northern latitudes—you must don a […]
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Is Carbon Capture and Storage a Climate Solution or a Pyramid Scheme? 24.4.2020
Despite billions invested, the current carbon capture rate is far behind what’s needed to meet global emissions ...
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