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To Honor Ginsburg, Democrats Have One Choice: Go Nuclear 19.9.2020 Mother Jones
It’s a popular sentiment on the left: Don’t mourn, organize. But with the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that won’t be enough. Ginsburg, a hero of female empowerment and of the Supreme Court, deserves much mourning. But Democrats and progressives can waste no time prepping for the battle royal that lies ahead. […]
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Climate change: Earthquake 'hack' reveals scale of ocean warming 17.9.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
Using sound waves from underwater earthquakes, researchers can more accurately measure sea temperatures.
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The Papers: Testing 'circus' as Hancock says it may last weeks 16.9.2020 BBC: Front Page
The government's testing system faces criticism on many of Wednesday's front pages.
Wylfa: Hitachi 'withdraws' from nuclear project 15.9.2020 BBC: Business
The Japanese firm is pulling out of the stalled £15-£20bn power plant scheme, Anglesey council says.
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Give us green post-Covid recovery, urges CBI boss 14.9.2020 BBC: Business
The head of the industry body is urging government to create new green jobs to lift productivity.
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Extinction Rebellion: Nuclear power 'only option' says former spokeswoman 10.9.2020 BBC: Science
Zion Lights says a car-crash TV interview led her to rethink her support for Extinction Rebellion.
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Climate change: Tax frequent fliers, get rid of SUVs, government told 10.9.2020 BBC: Front Page
Climate change: Tax frequent fliers, phase out polluting SUVs, citizens say
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Nord Stream 2: Why Germany may pull plug on Russian pipeline 9.9.2020 BBC: World
The controversial pipeline could be at risk after Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was poisoned.
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California to let gas plants stay open as time runs low for climate action 2.9.2020 LA Times: Environment

After rolling blackouts, state officials voted to allow four fossil fuel power plants near Los Angeles to keep operating past 2020.

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India accuses China of 'border violation' 31.8.2020 BBC: World
China is yet react to the allegation which comes after several rounds of peace talks.
Without another bailout, Exelon plans to close two Illinois nuclear plants next year 28.8.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Chicago-based company wants more money from customers as its ComEd subsidiary pays $200 million fine connected to Springfield bribery scheme.
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The Spin: Anticipating Trump’s fiery GOP convention finale | Lightfoot takes next step toward Chicago casino | Exelon to close 2 power plants 28.8.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Welcome to The Spin, the Chicago Tribune's daily politics newsletter.
The lights went out. Now California might let these gas plants stay open 24.8.2020 LA Times: Business

The gas plant vote Tuesday is the first major energy decision for Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration following this month's blackouts.

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Transitioning to Renewable Energy Isn’t So Simple. Just Look at California. 23.8.2020 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in Slate and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. The recent “heat storm” in California has pushed grid operators to impose rolling blackouts for the first time since 2001. A combination of heavy air conditioning usage, the unplanned unavailability of some power plants, limited options for importing power […]
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Dounreay site available for reuse in the year 2333 20.8.2020 BBC: Front Page
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority says the Dounreay facility will be ready for redevelopment by 2333.
Apple helped make 'top secret' iPod for US government 19.8.2020 BBC: Technology
A former Apple engineer says the modified iPod secretly recorded data using hidden extra hardware inside.
Here's how California can keep the lights on while meeting its clean energy goals 19.8.2020 LA Times: Business

Supplying enough power on hot summer evenings is one of California's main challenges. But experts say there solutions.

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Belarus: Five things you may not know about the country 11.8.2020 BBC: World
The country's election has put Belarus back into the headlines but what do you know about the country?
Nick Goldberg: The nuclear threat the U.S. unleashed on the world 75 years ago is still terrifying 6.8.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The atomic bomb transformed the nature of war, raised the specter of Armageddon and launched an ever-escalating arms race with the Soviet Union. Yet somehow, we survived

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India and China race to build along a disputed frontier 30.7.2020 BBC: World
The rival nuclear powers are trying to out-build each other along their disputed Himalayan border.
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