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So, it is time to shut this down. The internet world in 2020 is vastly differently from 2003 when I first conceptualized this service. Thanks for using this all these years.

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What does Boris Johnson's Green plan mean for Scotland? 18.11.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
The PM's plan will need to look heavily to Scotland for both the natural and the technical fixes.
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UK climate plan: what do the terms mean? 18.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
Ahead of a UK plan to reach "net zero", we guide you through some of the key terms in climate change.
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Ban on petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under the PM's green plan 18.11.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
The PM confirms he is bringing the ban forward as he sets out his "green industrial revolution".
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Government to invest £4bn to create 250,000 new green jobs 17.11.2020 BBC: Business
It is part of a long-awaited plan to hit net zero emissions that will be released later on Tuesday.
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75 Years Later, Victims of Nuclear Bomb Tests on U.S. Soil Still Seek Justice 15.11.2020 Truthout.com
U.S. nuclear tests have caused serious health issues to generations of New Mexico residents who remain ...
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Extra £40m for green spaces in England, Boris Johnson pledges 15.11.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
Funding will support thousands of jobs, as part of a green recovery from Covid, the government says.
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Rolls Royce plans UK class of mini-nuclear plants 11.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
A consortium led by Rolls Royce announces plans to build up to 16 mini-nuclear plants in the UK.
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Anglesey has 'best site in UK for nuclear plant' 11.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
American firm Bechtel is reported to be leading a consortium-bid to restart the project at Wylfa.
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Boris Johnson to chair nuclear summit 9.11.2020 BBC: Business
The government is committed to building nuclear power stations to decarbonise the UK's electricity.
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Climate change: Why the UK's carbon-free future will need rules 8.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
Tackling climate change will need action right across society and the economy - with a host of new incentives.
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Extend scheme for cosy homes, green groups say 5.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
A coalition of environmentalists want a scheme offering home insulation grants extended to 2030.
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UK fusion experiment used in hunt for clean energy 30.10.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
A pioneering nuclear fusion experiment based in Oxfordshire has been switched on for the first time.
Trump Admin to Give $1.4 Billion to Try to Revive the Nuclear Power Industry 29.10.2020 Truthout.com
A new study, however, raises serious doubts about the low carbon emissions claimed by proponents of nuclear ...
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An Effective Green New Deal Must Be Global. This Is What It Could Look Like. 25.10.2020 Truthout.com
Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin's latest book gives us a concrete plan to deal with this truly existential ...
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Coronavirus is here. What else should we be worried about? 25.10.2020 BBC: Front Page
Serious questions are being asked about the way the UK predicts - and prepares for - emergencies.
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Climate change: Technology no silver bullet, experts tell PM 25.10.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
Boris Johnson's techno-optimism ignores the need for big societal changes, experts warn.
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ExxonMobil’s Supposed Shift on Climate Belies Its Donations to Climate Deniers 19.10.2020 Truthout.com
The company’s professed support for a carbon tax is a disingenuous public relations ploy to delay government ...
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Beirut blast was 'historically' powerful 5.10.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
The huge explosion in Beirut in August was one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history.
What wobbling rocks can tell us about nuclear safety 1.10.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
How precariously balanced rocks will inform the earthquake hazards faced by critical infrastructure.
New Technologies Should Be Regulated by Government — Not by Those Who Profit 1.10.2020 Truthout.com
Efforts to revive Congress’s Office of Technology Assessment have been renewed to assess and control new ...
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