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'Sydney mega fire getting out of control' 7.12.2019 BBC: World
Australia's capital city has been blanketed by thick smoke all week due to bushfires.
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COP25: Thousands gather for change climate protests in Madrid 7.12.2019 BBC: World
Organisers say 500,000 people have assembled in the city as the UN hosts key climate negotiations.
Australia bushfires north of Sydney 'too big to put out' 6.12.2019 BBC: Front Page
Firefighters battle to contain a "mega blaze" across a 60km front north of the city.
BP Challenged Over Ads That Mislead Consumers About Its Polluting Portfolio 6.12.2019
The British Petroleum logo is seen on a building
A formal complaint against BP alleges that its ads misrepresent its level of commitment to tackling climate change.
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Climate Curious: When are electric vehicle fast chargers coming to greater Minnesota? 6.12.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
As part of our ongoing series, we explore how well you can get around the state in an electric vehicle.
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COP25 climate change conference: What are you giving up for environment? 6.12.2019 BBC News - Science & Environment
As the annual COP25 climate change summit continues in Madrid, we asked delegates from all over the world how they were adapting their lives for the sake of the environment.
Huge waves and disease turn Marshall Islands into 'a war zone,' health official says 6.12.2019 LA Times: Nation

The Marshall Islands' capital city is flooded by storm waves, dengue fever and flu are rampant, and its president pleads for help from the global community.

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Throne Speech: Six things on Trudeau's to-do list 6.12.2019 BBC News - US & Canada
Justin Trudeau promises to tackle climate change, tighten gun control and sooth regional divides.
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Ryrkaypiy: Far-north Russian village overrun by polar bears 5.12.2019 BBC: World
All public activities in Ryrkaypiy have been cancelled until the polar bears leave.
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Genetics can play key role in saving trees 5.12.2019 BBC News - Science & Environment
Tree conservation strategies based on genetic data are best suited for landscapes affected by a rapidly changing climate, a study suggests.
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Newsletter: Beyond Con Law 101 5.12.2019 L.A. Times - World News

Here are the stories you shouldn't miss today: TOP STORIES Beyond Con Law 101 The House Judiciary Committee's first impeachment hearing yesterday featured four legal scholars testifying about whether President Trump's actions were impeachable offenses under the Constitution.

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Doctor's advice: Forget the climate change deniers, focus on the 'passive allies' 5.12.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A Twin Cities doctor is drawing on the theories she uses in health care to take her climate activism to the next level.
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General election 2019: Has this been a Brexit campaign? 5.12.2019 BBC: Front Page
Brexit triggered the general election, but is it still the most important issue for voters?
Global Carbon Emissions Will Hit a Record High in 2019… Again. 5.12.2019 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in HuffPost and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. Global carbon emissions will hit a record high once again in 2019, despite climate scientists warning louder than ever of impending environmental disaster, according to a study published Wednesday. The report, from a consortium of researchers as part […]
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Climate models are often attacked, but most of the time they're remarkably good 5.12.2019 LA Times: Science

Climate models been frequently attacked by climate change deniers, but guess what? They did a remarkably good job of predicting what actually happened.

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California must act now to prepare for sea level rise, state lawmakers say 4.12.2019 LA Times: Environment

The state Assembly's Select Committee on Sea Level Rise and the California Economy convened Tuesday for the first time in five years.

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Jane Fonda protests against climate change 4.12.2019 BBC: World
The actress told the BBC fossil fuel companies have committed "crimes against humanity".
Climate change is causing birds to shrink, study says 4.12.2019 BBC: World
In the 'largest study of its kind' researchers studied 70,000 bird specimens over a 40-year period.
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Grassland hawks driven into Boulder County by heavy snow 4.12.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Heavy snow and cold temperatures have contributed to an influx of grassland hawks in Boulder County.
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How Supporters of the Green New Deal Are Showing Up for Workers 4.12.2019
People stand holding signs reading "UAW WORKERS ON STRIKE"
Calls for a just transition have become central to a robust and revitalized environmental movement in the U.S.
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