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Boaty McBoatface Just Completed Its First Mission, Casting New Light on Southern Ocean Abyss 18.6.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
The findings of the expedition could help scientists to better predict how climate change will have an impact on sea levels around the world.
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Oregon is poised to pass cap-and-trade climate policy, joining California 18.6.2019 LA Times: Business

Oregon is on the precipice of becoming the second state after California to adopt a cap-and-trade program, a market-based approach to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions behind global warming.

Supporters call it the United States’ most progressive climate policy, saying it not only cuts emissions...

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Climate Deniers Beware: A Tsunami of Public Opinion is Coming to Wipe You Out | Opinion 17.6.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Younger Americans are not just concerned about climate change; they are angry. Just wait and see what happens as more of them get the vote.
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How Unions and Climate Organizers Learned to Work Together in New York 17.6.2019
A bill in the works since 2016 has brought together climate activists and unions for radical climate action in New York.
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Jay Inslee's 2020 plan: Become president, save the planet 17.6.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

The heap of ashes behind Jay Inslee used to be an acute-care center in Paradise, Calif.

Now it was a backdrop for the message the Democrat was about to bring to the 2020 presidential campaign trail — the message he has embraced for more than two decades.

“We can’t allow climate deniers in the White...

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Today: In Hong Kong, an Apology Is Not Enough 17.6.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Protesters in Hong Kong want the city’s leader to do more than just apologize for and suspend a bill that would allow extradition to China.


In Hong Kong, an Apology Is Not Enough

Massive peaceful demonstrations in Hong Kong have prompted the territory’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam to...

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Republicans need to change their product. Californians aren’t buying it 17.6.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Politics is like private enterprise. You either sell your product or perish.

California voters have not been buying Republican merchandise. So Democrats have monopolized the market.

It’s not the fault of consumers for not liking what the GOP has been peddling. Nor should the Democratic retailers...

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Intelligence Squared debate: Engineering solar radiation is a crazy idea 17.6.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Is solar geoengineering a radical idea? Or is it likely to emerge as an important, supplemental tool in the fight against climate change?
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The family-of-four living off grid 17.6.2019 BBC: Front Page
Two former vets from Essex and their children are showing others how it is possible to live self-sufficiently.
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Climate Change: Why are thousands of species facing extinction? 17.6.2019 BBC: Front Page
The Earth's biodiversity is decreasing at a faster rate than ever before. Why is this happening?
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EU leaders face pressure to deliver on climate change 17.6.2019 BBC: World
The Greens' election success reshapes the agenda as EU leaders decide the bloc's priorities.
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A Scientist Took Climate Change Deniers to Court and Wrested an Apology From Them 16.6.2019 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by National Observer and is shared here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  In 2011, renowned scientist Michael E. Mann sued a Canadian think tank that published an interview suggesting his work on climate change was fraud. Eight years later, the Winnipeg-based Frontier Centre for Public Policy—which often promotes climate change denial—apologized […]
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A Father’s Day Gift For Myself: Activism 16.6.2019
My two-year old will barely be the age I am now when the climate catastrophe comes.
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United Nations Agency Criticizes Carbon Offsets 15.6.2019
The UN Environment Programme is now criticizing a strategy it had supported for two decades.
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HuffPost Just Published a Bombshell Story About the EPA 15.6.2019 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by HuffPost and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. A top Environmental Protection Agency official gave a presentation last year at a gathering of some of the most zealous deniers of climate science, highlighting the influence a small, fringe movement hawking crank theories now wields in Washington.   Emails HuffPost […]
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An article on the magic of witches — really, L.A. Times? 15.6.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

To the editor: In these times of the Flat Earth Society, climate change deniers and anti-vaxxers, for the Los Angeles Times to print a front-page article that comes across as supportive of the benefits and healing powers of the “magic” performed by witches does the community a disservice.

The nonsense...

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Trump Administration Official Repeatedly Consulted with Climate Change Deniers on Climate Policy 15.6.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
"It's the equivalent to formulating anti-terrorism policy by consulting with groups that deny terrorism exists," Nisbet told the AP.
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Pope warns oil bosses of climate threat 14.6.2019 BBC: Science
Oil company bosses have been rapped by the Pope for seeking more of the fossil fuels that are damaging the climate.
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“Chernobyl” Undermines True Socialism at a Time When We Need It Most 14.6.2019
We can't hope to get out of the climate crisis without massive state intervention and economic reorganization.
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This Los Angeles couple is on a mission to save the environment, starting with their own backyard 14.6.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Plant a native; help save Los Angeles. That’s Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi’s mission.

They’re not alone. All over Southern California, gardeners are removing their turf lawns and replacing them with indigenous plantings, prompted by turf removal rebates, the opportunity to combat climate change and, as...

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