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'Denying' Science Could Be Dangerous 22.1.2010 NPR: Talk of the Nation
Genetically modified food, vaccines and synthetic biology are all hot-button issues. But they shouldn't be, according to guest Michael Specter, author of the new book Denialism. He argues that the scariest threat is not science itself, but the reluctance to discuss it.
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Big or small acres pay off 22.1.2010 Salt Lake Tribune
After years of losing agricultural lands to development, small farms are beginning to flourish along the Wasatch Front. The number of farms along the state's urban corridor has grown by more than 20 percent since 1974, despite a loss of 464,500 agricultural acres in Salt Lake, Davis, Utah and
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Groups want to stop Roundup Ready sugar beets 21.1.2010 Seattle Times: Business & Technology
Lawyers for organic seed growers and food safety advocates want a judge to stop farmers from planting sugar beet seed this spring that has been genetically altered to resist an herbicide made by Monsanto.
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Bogs get grants for going green 21.1.2010 Boston Globe: Massachusetts
Bogs get grants for going green
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VISUAL ARTS | At Common Roots, photographs of laborers building a greener America 21.1.2010 Twin Cities Daily Planet
News Story In the light-filled Common Roots Cafe, specializing in organic food and fair trade coffee, adorning the walls are color photographs of people working: laying pipe for geothermal energy, making solar energy panels, setting up a wind turbine, and growing a green roof. The Green Jobs Photography Project was sponsored by the Blue-Green Alliance , a partnership between environmental groups and labor unions. MORE » Copyright: ©2010 Lydia Howell Caption: Photos courtesy Blue-Green Alliance Large Thumbnail: Use Large ...
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Kraft must keep organic cacao farmers sweet 20.1.2010 Guardian: Environment
If Kraft ditches Green & Black's ethical commitments it would cast a shadow over their competence Long before Kraft came to own Green & Black's by buying Cadbury this week , I founded the company in 1991 along with my wife Jo Fairley. We had total and undemocratic control of the brand; all the major decisions were the result of pillow talk – we'd agree policy and strategy and didn't have to consult with anyone else. When we decided to pay fair prices and offer long-term guarantees to cacao farmers in Belize we didn't have to justify our actions to shareholders or even to the rest of the team at our office. Getting the Soil Association and the Fairtrade Foundation to approve our products was easy – we more than complied with their requirements. ...
Urban green spaces may actually contribute to global warming 20.1.2010 New Kerala: World News
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Joanne Palmer: Nevermind, I’ll just have a salad 20.1.2010 Steamboat Pilot
Food. It’s not what’s for dinner anymore. Guilt is for dinner instead. As more and more additives, chemicals and yucky-sounding ingredients such as hydrogenated oils and high-fructose corn syrup creep into our food, eating — once the simplest of pleasures — has grown increasingly complicated.
Introducing Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm 19.1.2010 Guardian: Environment
Joanne Brannan is busy preparing for her first growing season at Oak Tree Farm , where it's all about cutting down on the carbon footprint Looking out over this landscape, it is hard to believe that this field really belongs to me. Welcome to the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm , a 12-acre arable field surrounded by mature hedgerows. The field is far bigger than anything I have gardened before, so I have to rethink how to cultivate, weed and sow, though the principles remain the same, of course. As the name suggests, the farm's carbon emissions will be as low as possible; for example I'll grow fertiliser on site, using nitrogen-fixing plants and deep-rooted perennials to draw minerals up from the subsoil. On three-fifths of the land I'll grow ...
Are 'Natural, Organic, Eco-Friendly' Products Really What Label Claims? 18.1.2010 Views
by Leigh Donaldson

Once upon a time, Burt Shavitz, a beekeeper in Dexter, sold honey in pickle jars from the back of his pickup truck. He lived in the wilderness in a turkey coop with no running water or electricity.

In 1984, he met named Roxanne Quimby and together they started a business of natural-inspired health care products made from honey, including the Burt's Bees line.

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Five fatal flaws of animal activism | Victor Schonfeld 18.1.2010 Guardian: Environment
From tacky nude posters to dubious concepts such as 'happy meat', animal rights groups are losing the fight for real change There are a few things that have kept me going, and kept me proud of how I've been living over the decades. Pretty near the top of the list is being a vegetarian for ethical reasons. That was deeply unfashionable back in 1977 when I abandoned meat-eating and went on to make The Animals Film . I was over the moon when that film had a greater impact than I'd dreamed it would; and then I went back to human concerns in my creative work. It wasn't until some 30 years later at the suggestion of the BBC World Service that I returned to this terrain for the radio documentary series One Planet: Animals and Us . But I'd remained a ...
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Why You Should Fear Your Sofa, Baby Stroller and Nursing Pillow 18.1.2010 AlterNet
Flame retardants in everyday products cause cancer, birth defects or endocrine disruption in every animal species studied.
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NATION: JFK terminal evacuated after alarm is triggered 17.1.2010 Chicago Tribune: Popular
NATION: JFK terminal evacuated after alarm is triggered
San Jose Journal: In Latino Gardens, Vegetables, Good Health and Savings Flourish 17.1.2010 IHT: Health/Science
The fledgling effort to bring vegetable beds to San Jose, Calif., is part of a national movement to make healthy food accessible to marginalized urban neighborhoods.

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Obamas celebrate first lady’s birthday 17.1.2010 MSNBC
Obamas celebrate first lady’s birthday
Poll: Obama slipsin popularity 17.1.2010 Star Tribune: Politics
President throws surprise party for First Lady at organic pioneering restaurant 17.1.2010 Star Tribune: Politics
Obamas' celebrate first lady's birthday 17.1.2010 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama has treated first lady Michelle Obama to a surprise birthday party at a tony Washington restaurant known for its commitment to organically grown food....
Obamas' celebrate first lady's birthday 17.1.2010 Boston Globe: Latest
Obamas' celebrate first lady's birthday
Obamas' celebrate first lady's birthday 17.1.2010 Seattle Times: Top stories
President Barack Obama has treated First Lady Michelle Obama to a surprise birthday party at a tony Washington restaurant known for its commitment to organically grown food.
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