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The Decline of European Home Cooking 12.11.2010 Wall St. Journal: World
Home cooking has been on the decline in Europe for over 60 years, but author Rose Prince says that in today's culture, there is a chance to revive the heroic, nurturing motherly food of each nation.
Utah company to cut water use for solar ponds 12.11.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
Utah company to cut water use for solar ponds
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Utah company to cut water use for solar ponds 12.11.2010 Seattle Times: Business & Technology
A Utah company seeking government approval to boost production of fertilizer from Great Salt Lake said Thursday it can cut by more than half the amount of lake water it originally planned to take for the expansion.
Cassidy: Santa Cruz ice cream shop's sweet video brings a call from Joe Biden 11.11.2010 San Jose Mercury News: Breaking News

When Kendra Baker and Zach Davis opened the Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz, their plan was to make some exquisite ice cream. While they were at it they made an inspirational YouTube video heralding the federal stimulus act. Next thing they knew Vice President Joe Biden was on the phone.
Legal trusts provide for pets after owner dies 10.11.2010 Seattle Times: Health
Some of us are specifying exactly what happens to Fido.
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Delivering the goods 10.11.2010 Boston Globe: Business
Delivering the goods
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Recipes for Health: Flourless Carrot Cake 10.11.2010 New York Times Health
This spicy carrot cake is less sweet and cloying than the traditional kind.

Eating game meat 9.11.2010 Washington Post: Health
Eating game meat
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Natural winemaking 9.11.2010 Guardian: Environment

Henrietta Lovell visits 'natural' winemaker Thierry Puzelat to see how he makes his wine an 'expression of the land' by keeping his vines herbicide and pesticide-free

Box Elder farmer brings local poultry back to Utah 9.11.2010 Salt Lake Tribune
By Kathy Stephenson The Salt Lake Tribune Updated Nov 8, 2010 07:16PM MDT Bothwell • Poultry saved Nels Anderson’s family farm. Last fall, the organic onion farmer and his family were in financial trouble, thanks to a combination of too much debt and a few bad business dealings. The only thing the Box Elder County clan had left — besides clothes and some furniture — were a flock of turkeys. The family had originally planned to give the birds as gifts to neighbors and suppliers, but now they were forced to sell them for income. Anderson contacted Slow Food Utah, hopin... ...
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Holiday shopping Fast sales, tofu turkey 6.11.2010 Durango Herald
These days, shoppers dont even have a day to pounce on a discount.In recent weeks, major chains have been pushing online discounts that last only a few hours, and the trend is expected to get increasingly more popular as the holiday season progresses.
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When it comes to real-wood decks, redwood is the way to go 5.11.2010 Washington Post: Real Estate
DEAR TIM: I'm about to build a new deck and love the look and feel of real wood. I've got my eye on redwood decking and wonder if it truly is all it's cracked up to be. Have you ever installed a deck using this material, and what can you tell me about it? Are there any special considerations or n...

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Many to get Morris County recycling awards tonight 5.11.2010 The Daily Record: Local
A company that collects batteries for recycling and students who make wooden birdhouses are among those to be honored at the 23rd Annual Morris County Recycling Awards dinner tonight.
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Community Garden celebrates harvest with 100-mile meal 4.11.2010 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
The brilliant, vibrant colors of organically-grown fruits and vegetables picked that very morning. A team of chefs who creatively nurtured the bountiful harvest of the Pacifica Community Garden into an unforgettable meal. Community members who came out to support a good cause and enjoy
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Whole Foods doubles net income, raises guidance 4.11.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
Whole Foods doubles net income, raises guidance
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Editorial: They Really Are Giants 3.11.2010 NY Times: Editorials
Let’s remember, for as long as we can, this long-haired, farm-raised, mostly home-grown and organic World Series.

Clif Bar keeps it green and local in Emeryville 2.11.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
Clif Bar keeps it green and local in Emeryville
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Healthiest, Best Vegetable Oils: What to Buy and How to Use Them 2.11.2010 AlterNet
Expeller pressed or cold pressed? Refined or unrefined? With so many differing opinions it's hard enough to figure out what's healthy and what's not.
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Solar farm sparks heated debate in California's Panoche Valley 1.11.2010 LA Times: Most Emailed
San Benito County officials support a proposed Solargen facility just south of San Francisco Bay, but local farmers and ranchers say it will ruin their livelihoods and further endanger some species.

A kind of family feud has erupted in San Benito County's rich slice of Central California farmland over plans to build a massive solar power facility in a valley shared by 20 ranchers and organic farmers and some of the rarest creatures in the United States.

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Japan Looks to Ancient Village Wisdom to Save Biodiversity 1.11.2010 Common Dreams: Headlines

Four decades ago the oriental white stork became extinct in Japan, the victim of rapid industrialisation and modern farm practices and heavy pesticide use that destroyed its habitat.

Today, the graceful migratory bird soars again over restored wetlands around the small town of Toyooka in western Japan, now a showcase for an ambitious conservation effort called the Satoyama Initiative.

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