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Fair trade importer says it’s ripe for success 4.1.2010 Boston Globe: Business
Fair trade importer says it’s ripe for success
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Juicy and Tender, Seitan Is Quite Possibly the Best Fake Meat -- But There Is a Downside 4.1.2010 AlterNet
Seitan is all the rage in vegan kitchens for its versatility and uncanny meatishness, but the bad news for some is that it's made of wheat gluten.
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Latino theater director quits the limelight to help poor people grow food at home 4.1.2010 San Jose Mercury News: Breaking News

After a successful career leading Teatro Vision, Raul Lozano starts a new one helping low-income families in sunny San Jose grow organic vegetables in their backyards; Señoras y señores, Swiss chard is not a beet!
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Going Organic Helps A Small Dairy Stay Afloat 3.1.2010 NPR: Sunday
Up before dawn seven days week, Tim Maikshilo and Kristen Dellert still couldn't turn a profit off their conventional northern Vermont dairy farm. But after a couple of years with an empty barn, they gave it another go — this time, as part of an organic co-op.
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Vail Daily letter: Don't want it in Eagle 3.1.2010 Vail Colorado: Editorials
I have been following with some interest the Eagle River Station project proposals and the battle over it. As the son of a dreaded developer, I have a few comments: I am unimpressed by the projections of 95 percent-plus occupancy for commercial space, and the overall size of the project, 550,000 square feet, is an awful lot of space to be absorbed in the Eagle retail market, particularly with all the "For Rent" signs you see in the area. Some say the economy will recover by the time ERS is built and any way the risk is on the developer. That may be true, but more empty storefronts won't help all of the existing property owners get fair rents for their space. I was impressed by one writer who said in essence, "Let's just say 'no' now, ...
Connecticut Dining | New Haven: In a Pizza Mecca, a Nontraditional Take 1.1.2010 NY Times: NY Region
Kitchen Zinc serves what is billed as artisanal pizza: thin-crust pies topped with local ingredients. Just don’t go looking for the usual red sauce and mozzarella version.

Sunday Routine | Pam Liebman: No Work or Naps, and Lots on the Menu 1.1.2010 NY Times: NY Region
Pam Liebman, the Corcoran Group real estate firm’s chief executive, spends much of her weekend negotiating the menu to satisfy the preferences of her daughters.

The Real Top Ten Stories of the Past Decade 1.1.2010 Views
by Robert Freeman

The media are awash with talking heads bloviating about the top stories of the last decade.  The wired-in society.  The growth of organic food.  The new frugality.  This is the ritual that reveals their true function in the culture:  pacification.  It's their way of signaling the masses that Bigger Thinkers are looking after things, so go back to your Wii or Survivor or Facebook reveries.   

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Ask Lucy: Keeping urban chickens 1.1.2010 Guardian: Environment

Green living expert Lucy Siegle is shown how to keep chickens in a city garden to collect up to 12 organic free-range eggs a week

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Customers back ammonia-treated beef after report 1.1.2010 Star Tribune: Business
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How much should coffee shops charge for soy milk? 1.1.2010 Seattle Times: Top stories
The usual price for replacing cow's milk in an espresso drink with soy or rice milk seems to be 50 cents.
John Mackey Steps Down As Chairman of Whole Foods: Did He Jump or Was He Pushed? 1.1.2010 AlterNet
You would think, reading the comments on his blog, that it is greatest left-wing victory since Franklin Roosevelt won the presidency.
Field Report: A Whey With Words 31.12.2009 NY Times: Magazine
Goat cheese comes wrapped in political humor at Vermont’s Lazy Lady Farm.

10:10 travel: Low-carbon holidays for 2010 31.12.2009 Guardian: Environment
You can still get away from it all while reducing your carbon emissions. These 10 ideas for green breaks should give you inspiration for any time of year 1. New year detox Recharge yourself for the year ahead at the stunning new Scarlet eco-hotel in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall. Its motto is "sumptuous need not mean unsustainable", and while it comes with the trappings (and price tag) of a luxury hotel, the building is heated by a biomass boiler and the indoor pool by solar panels. The hotel's tented, holistic spa offers ayurvedic treatments, an outdoor reed-filtered pool and clifftop log-fired seaweed baths, looking out to sea. Free yoga lessons are available. : 30 mins from Bodmin Parkway train station. Doubles from £180 ...
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Behind the Scenes: Looking Fabulous in Fur 31.12.2009 NYT: Home Page
"I take the conventions from the fashion world and apply them to the underclass barnyard animal," the photographer Rob MacInnis told Kristen Joy Watts.

Mountain Exchange 31.12.2009 Durango Telegraph
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Are Vitamin-Enhanced Alcohols a Heathier Choice? 30.12.2009 Newsweek Top Stories
Some spirit makers boast natural ingredients and nutritional additives in an effort to attract a health-conscious clientele. But can alcohol really be healthy? ...
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Aisle be damned | Dan Kennedy 30.12.2009 Guardian: Comment is Free
If a 'natural and organic' supermarket such as Whole Foods sells the same junk as everyone else, then what's the point? Not long ago I made one of my periodic forays to Whole Foods, the all-natural-groceries conglomerate. My assignment was to buy a Christmas ham from a pig that had not suffered unduly, and that was relatively free of chemicals and antibiotics. I was somewhere between the Amy's organic soups and the own-label cans of vegetables when I came upon an unexpected sight: bottles of Heinz regular ketchup that, like much of the industrial food that comprises the American diet, is sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). As you may know, HFCS is among the laboratory-created synthetic foods targeted for elimination by ...
Corporate Agribusiness Helps Scuttle Climate Justice 29.12.2009 Views
by John E. Peck

As the old saying goes, with crisis comes opportunity, and that certainly was the mentality of the corporate lobbyists that descended in droves on the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. In fact, the largest nongovernmental organization there was the International Emissions Trading Association, a front group representing 170 companies and hosting 66 events. Sadly, many government officials and even some nonprofit groups have fallen for this sleight of hand, mistaking an old-style protection racket for newfound corporate responsibility.

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Locavores track where their food comes from 29.12.2009 Twin Cities Daily Planet
News Story A really hungry person eating her way from Raymond and University up to Como and Doswell could get very full, entirely on locally produced food. MORE » By: Anne Holzman Copyright: ©2009 Park Bugle Large Thumbnail: Use Large ...
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