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Bristol Farms markets sold 30.10.2010 LA Times: Business
A team of local management and an investment firm pay an undisclosed amount to acquire the upscale 13-store grocery chain from corporate parent Supervalu Inc.

Struggling against mounting pressure from big-box food retailers, grocery chain Supervalu Inc. has sold off its Bristol Farms stores to a team of local management and a West Coast investment firm.

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Boulder passers-by alarmed by roaming pigs 29.10.2010 Denver Post: News: Local
Boulder's Cure Organic Farm has been fielding a lot of calls from panicked passers-by lately.
Don’t buy it, juice it instead 29.10.2010 Salt Lake Tribune
By MaryJane Butters Updated Oct 28, 2010 04:39PM MDT If you have yet to sip fresh fruit juice first thing in the morning, you don’t know what you’re missing. The taste of fresh juice is positively brilliant, made even sweeter because you know exactly what went into your glass. The Environmental Law Foundation ( tested nearly 150 common juice and packaged fruit product and, according to recent news reports, it found that 85 percent contained alarming levels of lead. In some instances, individual servings of juice harbored lead l... ...
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The Juice Cleanse: A Strange and Green Journey 28.10.2010 NYT: Home Page
A woman tried the cleanse diet that half of Hollywood seems to be on.

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Southwestern painter Georgia O’Keeffe ahead of today’s organic food trend 27.10.2010 Salt Lake Tribune
By Kathy Stephenson The Salt Lake Tribune Updated Oct 26, 2010 03:56PM MDT Santa Fe, N.M. • Georgia O’Keeffe is best known for her paintings of large-scale flowers and Southwestern landscapes. But few realize that the artist who made her home in northern New Mexico also was a “foodie.” “She would have fit in with today’s healthful, organic movement,” said Margaret Wood, a caregiver and companion to O’Keeffe during the last years of the artist’s life. Just as O’Keeffe was meticulous about her artwork “there was a particular way she wanted her food,” Wood told members of... ...
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China Food Safety Update 26.10.2010 NPR: Morning Edition
Two years after Chinese babies died as a result of tainted milk powder, food safety is still a huge concern in China. So much so that some Shanghai residents have set up their own organic farm outside the city. Despite the efforts to address the problems, there are still horrendous stories from across China.
News in Brief: Karzai Acknowledged His Office Took Money From Both Iran and US, and More ... 25.10.2010

Karzai Acknowledged His Office Took Money From Both Iran and US

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Industrial farming puts ecosystems at risk of collapse, warns Prince Charles 25.10.2010 Guardian: Environment
Farming methods must be low-impact, organic and low-carbon to protect natural resources for the long term Prince Charles has warned that the world's ecosystems face collapse because of a dangerous over-reliance on industrial farming systems that work against nature rather than with it. In a speech to launch a new sustainable farming project with the supermarket chain Morrisons, the Prince of Wales said farming needed to shift quickly to low-impact, organic and low-carbon methods to survive into the long term. The prince directly attacked farms that "treat animals like machines by using industrial rearing systems". Although he did not mention it directly, his criticisms echo fears about the UK's first diary "super farm" planned for Lincolnshire , where 8,000 cows will produce milk 24 hours a day and will be housed in four open-sided barns. He also criticised the increasing use of "green" labelling and award schemes which failed to protect natural resources in the long term and which ...
Land transformed into park helps to heal ex-offenders 25.10.2010 Houston Chronicle: Texas
Sweat and tears transformed the 2½ acres of overgrown, donated land into an oasis called Esteban Park that the public can enjoy.

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Farmstand yes! 25.10.2010 Boston Globe: Opinion
Farmstand yes!
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Food Security as If Women Mattered: A Story from Kerala 24.10.2010 Views
by Ananya Mukherjee-Reed

Kerala, hailed as God's own country, attributes its high development indices to the local women. Through their group Kudumbashree, these women have not only rejuvenated the local agrarian economy but also brought about a social transformation in the way women are perceived. Ananya Mukherjee-Reed explores the myriad achievements of Kusumbashree as she travels across the state.

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Organic Gardens Feeding People from Argentina to Haiti 24.10.2010

Buenos Aires/Port Au Prince - Neither hurricanes nor floods, nor the devastating January earthquake or Haiti's chronic political instability managed to wipe out the organic gardening initiative underway in that country since 2005. The seed was planted in Argentina twenty years ago.

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Quick Bite | Westfield: Local, Fresh and in Season 24.10.2010 NY Times: NY Region
Alan’s Orchard in downtown Westfield caters to consumers who want to know who grows their food. It focuses on organic produce and local meats and dairy products.

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Biodynamics: Natural Wonder or Horn of Manure? 23.10.2010 WSJ: Most Emailed Today
Proponents swear by it, detractors say it's pure nonsense. Jay McInerney weighs the arguments.
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Letters: Animosity Farm 22.10.2010 NY Times: Magazine
“As one of the neighbors of the farm Bob Morris writes about in the Lives column, I hardly recognized the place he describes. "

Local Food - Where Sustainability Meets Self-Reliance 22.10.2010

Last week, environmentalists and food advocates warily welcomed the news that Walmart plans to expand its local, sustainable food program. The company announced it would double its sales of locally grown food by 2015 and, in new markets, would source from small and midsized producers. Given Walmart's market share, this announcement is generally understood to be a positive development for the sustainable food movement.

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Halloween takes on more eco-friendly color 22.10.2010 MSNBC
Manufacturers and retailers are tapping into a developing consumer market — green Halloween — that offers creative alternatives to the ritual of buying store-bought costumes and eating unhealthy treats. ...
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Nestle nine-month sales up 4.1 percent 22.10.2010 Seattle Times: Business & Technology
Nestle, the world's biggest food and drink company, said Friday that sales over the first nine months of the year increased 4.1 percent to 82.8 billion Swiss francs ($85.6 billion) as stronger demand was dampened by the drop in the dollar, which hurt its international sales.
Using Music Videos To Sell Food, And A (Heavy) Metal Cookbook 22.10.2010 NPR News
In two unlikely instances of mash-up marketing, a new hip-hop video features wholesome youths rapping about organic dairy farming. And a new cookbook is aimed at fans of heavy metal: Mosh Potatoes.
Helping Chickens Go Calmly to Slaughter 22.10.2010 NY Times: Business
Two chicken producers are switching to a system of killing their birds that they consider more humane.

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