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Greenland ice yields hope on climate 6.7.2007 Boston Globe: Latest
An international team of scientists, drilling deep into the ice layers of Greenland, has found DNA from ancient spiders and trees, evidence that suggests the frozen shield covering the immense island survived the earth's last period of global warming.
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Chocolate is latest U.S. organic heavy-hitter 6.7.2007 Boston Globe: Latest
Organic chocolate sales are booming as more U.S. consumers seeking untreated natural ingredients are choosing the sweet treat to satisfy their cravings, and mainstream companies are entering what was once considered a high-end market.
Organic tomatoes have more antioxidants 5.7.2007 New Scientist: News
A 10-year study shows level up to twice as high - the overfertilisation of conventional crops may be the explanation
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Rick Friedman | Buying Into the Green Movement 3.7.2007
Rick Friedman states that a "vision of an eco-sensitive life as a series of choices about what to buy appeals to millions of consumers and arguably defines the current environmental movement as equal parts concern for the earth and for making a stylish statement."
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Kelpie Wilson | Preparing for Permaculture 2.7.2007
Kelpie Wilson of Truthout reports: "While in Australia for the International Agrichar Initiative conference in April, I got a chance to visit Djanbung Gardens, a farm and learning center founded by permaculture expert Robyn Francis in the alternative community of Nimbin, New South Wales. After a wonderful hour touring the garden with students from Canada, South Africa and France, I sat down with Robyn for a chat about permaculture and the future of Australia's and the world's agricultural systems."
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The simple water can gets an update 2.7.2007 Star Tribune: Business
Ovation Science hopes gardeners and organic farmers will adopt its Enki oxygen-enhancing watering system, which, studies show, improves flower growth and yields of tomatoes and bell peppers.
Five Eco-Diets Get Put to the Test 30.6.2007 AlterNet
It pays to be wary of fad diets -- even if they’re in the name of the planet. We put five to the test.
Scenes from the market / Farmers feed appetites for local products as the bountiful summer season begins 27.6.2007 SFGate: Top Stories
Saturday morning at the Alemany Farmers' Market. A man spotting an acquaintance: "I didn't know you shopped here." The answer: "Well, you know, we're supposed to eat locally." The message preached by environmentalists, Slow Food followers, junk-... ...
Ethanol Demand Outgrowing Corn Crop 27.6.2007
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New almond rules drive some foodies nuts 27.6.2007 Chicago Tribune: Business
Raw, organic almonds form the basis of Karyn Calabrese's garlicky nut pate, her vegan pie crusts and vanilla ice cream custards.
OPINION: Diet Drug Makes a Bitter Weight-Loss Dose 27.6.2007 Women's eNews
A new diet pill to hit drugstore shelves is feeding the national weight-loss obsession. Judy Norsigian and Heather Stephenson say the drug, marketed as Alli, is the wrong answer for consumers who hunger for better health.
Organic means organic 27.6.2007 LA Times: Opinion
Re "Nonorganic ingredients get tentative OK," June 23
Steve Chapman: And the two ought to become one 26.6.2007 Star Tribune: Commentary
A pair of mergers -- Whole Foods/Wild Oats and XM/Sirius -- are delayed by misreadings of the market.
Iowa pushes organic farming to fill demand gap 25.6.2007 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
Farmers in the Sioux City, Iowa area are being encouraged to switch to organic crop production. If it works, the new producers will join a growing industry.
Chatham market to include produce, sweets, music 25.6.2007 The Daily Record: Local
A weekly, seasonal farmers market will open in Chatham starting Saturday.
A Long Line for a Shorter Wait at the Supermarket 23.6.2007 NY Times: Business
Whole Foods in Manhattan is teaching the locals a new rule of living: the longer the line, the shorter the wait.
Who's afraid of mergers? 21.6.2007 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
Federal regulators lose sight of free market's efficiency, power

Someone once said that the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it vigorously, thus making its flaws visible to all. Federal regulators may not induce repeal of the antitrust laws, but they show a talent for making the statutes look obsolete.
Via blogs, e-mails and books: Farmers are coming up literary 21.6.2007 International Herald Tribune: Front Page
Their work encompasses a wide range of writing styles, from the homespun to the polished. Many farmers say they are responding to the increased public appetite for food's back story.
Yes, there are healthy food choices at Rochesterfest 20.6.2007 Post-Bulletin: Local News
At Rochesterfest, it isn't uncommon to see someone sipping on an oversized slushy while holding a bag of minidoughnuts in the other hand. But a group of vegetarian vol
Case against Whole Foods deal laid out 20.6.2007 Star Tribune: Business
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