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Steve Chapman: And the two ought to become one 26.6.2007 Star Tribune: Commentary
A pair of mergers -- Whole Foods/Wild Oats and XM/Sirius -- are delayed by misreadings of the market.
Iowa pushes organic farming to fill demand gap 25.6.2007 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
Farmers in the Sioux City, Iowa area are being encouraged to switch to organic crop production. If it works, the new producers will join a growing industry.
Chatham market to include produce, sweets, music 25.6.2007 The Daily Record: Local
A weekly, seasonal farmers market will open in Chatham starting Saturday.
A Long Line for a Shorter Wait at the Supermarket 23.6.2007 NY Times: Business
Whole Foods in Manhattan is teaching the locals a new rule of living: the longer the line, the shorter the wait.
Who's afraid of mergers? 21.6.2007 Chicago Tribune: Opinion
Federal regulators lose sight of free market's efficiency, power

Someone once said that the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it vigorously, thus making its flaws visible to all. Federal regulators may not induce repeal of the antitrust laws, but they show a talent for making the statutes look obsolete.
Via blogs, e-mails and books: Farmers are coming up literary 21.6.2007 International Herald Tribune: Front Page
Their work encompasses a wide range of writing styles, from the homespun to the polished. Many farmers say they are responding to the increased public appetite for food's back story.
Yes, there are healthy food choices at Rochesterfest 20.6.2007 Post-Bulletin: Local News
At Rochesterfest, it isn't uncommon to see someone sipping on an oversized slushy while holding a bag of minidoughnuts in the other hand. But a group of vegetarian vol
Case against Whole Foods deal laid out 20.6.2007 Star Tribune: Business
FTC: Whole Foods CEO Sought Market Grip 20.6.2007 AP Business
DALLAS (AP) -- The chief executive of Whole Foods Market Inc. told his board that if it bought its leading rival, the company would "eliminate forever" the possibility that anyone else could create a nationwide competitor in the natural and organic grocery business, government lawyers say....
FTC: Whole Foods CEO Sought Market Grip 20.6.2007 SFGate: Business & Technology
The chief executive of Whole Foods Market Inc. told his board that if it bought its leading rival, the company would "eliminate forever" the possibility that anyone else could create a nationwide competitor in the natural and organic grocery ...
World news briefs 19.6.2007 Star Tribune: Business
Global business
Fibrominn powers ahead with turkey litter 18.6.2007 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
When you flip on your lights now, you may be tapping into the region's newest source of electricity; a plant in Benson that's the first facility in the country to make power by burning turkey litter.
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Car caper leads to self-serve slaughterhouse 18.6.2007 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
A story of true crime that begins in a parking lot and ends in a do-it-yourself slaughterhouse.
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Organic Food Helps Revive Fortunes of Europe’s Farmers 14.6.2007 Common Dreams: Headlines
BRUSSELS - The organic revolution is sweeping across Europe, with the area of land dedicated to environmentally-friendly, pesticide-free food production more than doubling in the last decade. Organic farming now accounts for more than 4 per cent of agricultural land in the EU, more than double its 1998 share, according to a new report from its [...]
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Whole Foods isn't a monopoly 14.6.2007 LA Times: Opinion
The FTC's move to block a merger with Wild Oats doesn't make sense for consumers.

HOW DOES A retailer that controls about 10% of a market and is competing with much larger players become a monopolistic threat? That's a question the Federal Trade Commission needs to answer before it blocks the proposed merger of Whole Foods Market and the struggling Wild Oats Markets natural foods chain.
Organic is organic 13.6.2007 LA Times: Opinion
Re "What is 'organic'? USDA still isn't sure," June 9
EU unifies rules for organic food labelling 13.6.2007 International Herald Tribune: Business
EU organic farmers have had difficulty selling organic food in different EU countries as there is a patchwork of national and private logos that can be costly and complicated to obtain.
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If it's organic, EU labels will tell it like it is 12.6.2007 Reuters Health
LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - EU ministers ended 18 months of squabbling on Tuesday over new rules for organic farming and came up with a labeling system that will tell consumers exactly what they are ...
U.S. regulators assess the use of nonorganic ingredients in organic foods. 11.6.2007 International Herald Tribune: Business
Manufacturers argue that a certain nonorganic ingredients are irreplaceable, but some consumers are not convinced.
Organic Dairies Test Organic Feed Supply 10.6.2007 AP Business
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) -- It comes as no surprise to anyone that the number of organic farms is booming to meet consumer demand for healthy food. In Washington, a state known more for its apples than any other crop, there are 45 organic dairies. Five years ago, there were just two....
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