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Veal, without the cruelty 6.9.2007 The Guardian -- Front Page
Life & style: British organic farmers are now producing the meat humanely, and the good news is it's just as tasty, writes Allegra McEvedy.
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Monkey’s Uncle (News) 5.9.2007 All Recent Articles
Darwin denier misses link between free speech and common sens e
Monkey’s Uncle (News) 5.9.2007 News & Features
Darwin denier misses link between free speech and common sens e
The green agenda: September 3.9.2007 Guardian: Environment

Rachel Dixon rounds up the best of the month's lectures, food festivals and fundraising events.

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Hunger growing for organic food 1.9.2007 Financial Times US
Sales of organic and free-range eggs have outstripped sales of eggs from battery hens for the first time, underlining the UK's love affair withethically sourced produce
For Tokyo desserts, a yen for the lean and light 30.8.2007 International Herald Tribune: Front Page
With the city's populace honing their twin main obsessions of slimming and eating, the more streamlined and calorie-slashed the product, the better.
Organic Dairy Agrees to Alter Some Practices 30.8.2007 NY Times: Business
Colorado’s Aurora Organic Dairy agreed Wednesday to stop applying the organic label to some of its milk and to make major changes in its operations after its organic certification was threatened.
Snack attack / With a new law and schools cracking down on junk food, what's left for kids to eat? 29.8.2007 SFGate: Top Stories
When I was growing up, my after-school snack almost always started with a triple-decker peanut butter and sugar sandwich on Wonder bread. When I got older, my sister, brother andI would hit the 7-Eleven after classes for a box of strawberry Pop-Tarts, which... ...
Whole Foods Closes Buyout of Wild Oats 29.8.2007 NY Times: Business
Whole Foods Market said that it closed its acquisition of Wild Oats Markets, after months of delays as federal antitrust authorities sought to block the deal.
The Farm That Doesn’t Exist (News) 29.8.2007 All Recent Articles

Critics say Target undercuts organic growers by pretending to be one of them
The Farm That Doesn’t Exist (News) 29.8.2007 News & Features

Critics say Target undercuts organic growers by pretending to be one of them
Time to tune in to the real world 28.8.2007 BBC: Science
People are more interested in reality TV and the world of celebrities than the real world and the challenges it faces.
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Working With the EnemyOnce the youngest president of the Sierra Club, Adam Werbach used to call Wal-Mart toxic. Now the company is his biggest client. Does the path to a greener future run through Bentonville? 26.8.2007 Common Dreams: Headlines
“To this day, they won’t speak to me,” says Adam Werbach. His clients — or rather, his old clients — fired him when word got out last year that he was doing work for Wal-Mart. Of course, many people make compromises to do business with the largest company in the world — accept lower profit [...]
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State Fair Composting Provides Numerous Benefits 26.8.2007 WCCO: Local News
There's no question, Minnesotans are big consumers at the state fair. The fair generates more than 6,000 tons of trash but most of it gets recycled.
Video: Maya Nishikawa Reports
More Local News
Floods' pain spreads 26.8.2007 Star Tribune: Business
Some customers who contract with farms for produce are experiencing their own losses after fields were washed out.
Is Eating Local Even Possible? 25.8.2007 AlterNet
The author samples some of the growing list of how-to books on eating local -- including the latest from Barbara Kingsolver -- and follows their recipes for the slow food lifestyle.
Farming the Concrete Jungle 25.8.2007
Phoebe Connelly and Chelsea Ross, In These Times, write: "The Food Project is part of a growing urban agriculture movement to improve access to quality food in cities by creating local sources of fresh produce. The movement is showing that sustainable, local food systems are not only a way to ensure food security, but also a means of addressing social justice issues."
Appeals Court Clears Way for Whole Foods Deal 24.8.2007 NY Times: Business
A federal appeals court today cleared the way for Whole Foods Market to buy rival organic grocer Wild Oats Markets.
Court Clears Way for Whole Foods Merger 24.8.2007 AP Business
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A federal appeals court on Thursday cleared the way for Whole Foods Market Inc. to buy rival organic grocer Wild Oats Markets Inc....
GMO: A Choice of Agricultural Policy 24.8.2007
In Le Monde, Herve Kempf describes how the on-going fight over genetically modified crops has dominated this summer's environmental debate in France, and how that fight reflects on the larger question of what kind of food we want to eat and produce.
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