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Midwestern Farm Network Is Leading the Way to Chemical-Free, Sustainable Farming 25.1.2020
Midwestern Farm Network Is Leading the Way to Chemical-Free, Sustainable Farming
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Growing your own celery is easier than you think 22.1.2020 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Celery is today's star vegetable. Here's how to grow your own at home. It's easier than you think

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New solar power source and storage developed 21.1.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
Tie-up of flexible solar film and energy storage aims to take homes and business off-grid.
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Your $14 salad's not as eco-friendly as advertised — but Sweetgreen's trying 15.1.2020 L.A. Times - Technology News

Sweetgreen has long said nothing from its stores goes to landfill. On closer inspection, that's more aspiration than guarantee.

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My Money: 'Both my stomach and wallet are very happy' 9.1.2020 BBC News - US & Canada
As part of a new BBC blog series, Chelsea Thomas shares what she spent her money on this week.
Climate change: Arctic ice melt makes permafrost vulnerable 9.1.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
A new study shows that the absence of Arctic sea ice is linked to the melting of permafrost.
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Women Farmworkers Fight to Secure Their Rights and End Sexual Harassment 30.12.2019
Two women pick cotton in a field
Members of the first national women’s farmworker organization in the U.S. discuss their experiences.
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Fast Fashion May Be Cheap, But It Comes at a Cost 24.12.2019
Garment factory workers sewing.
The garment industry is taking a steep toll on people and the planet in order to keep prices low.
'Fashion industry's pollution made me cry' 23.12.2019 BBC: Front Page
Yael Aflalo on the trip to China that sparked the growth of her California-based Reformation chain.
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Column: Do Devin Nunes' constituents think he's as ridiculous as the rest of us do? 7.12.2019 LA Times: Commentary

How are some of Devin Nunes' constituents feeling about the aggressive Trump defender?

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Indigenous Colombians Escalate Fight to Rescue Ancestral Lands 1.12.2019
A person with a covered face walks through the brush
Nasa activists are taking direct action to liberate the land, cutting down cane fields and growing native vegetation.
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Hepatitis concern prompts warning about some Fresh Thyme Farmers Market blackberries 22.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
Minnesota officials are telling consumers not to eat non-organic blackberries purchased Sept. 9-13 from Fresh Thyme Farmers Market grocery stores following a multistate outbreak of hepatitis A.
America Recycles Day Encouraged Recycling. It Was Sponsored by Companies That Produce a Ton of Plastic. 16.11.2019 Mother Jones
This piece originally appeared in the Guardian and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. America’s government-backed national recycling awareness day is being used as cover by large corporations that are churning out enormous volumes of plastic that end up strewn across landscapes, rivers and in the ocean, critics have said. The America Recycles […]
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Western plastics 'poisoning Indonesian food chain' 14.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
Chicken eggs were found to contain 70 times the level allowed under European safety standards.
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Amazon to open new grocery store in Los Angeles next year 11.11.2019 LA Times: Business

The store in Woodland Hills will be different from its Whole Foods grocery stores, but it won't use the high-tech Amazon Go checkout system, the company said.

USDA recalls ground beef shipped to Colorado that may contain plastic 8.11.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Consumers should be aware that federal authorities have recalled 130,000 pounds of ground beef that may contain plastic and was shipped to Colorado and other states.
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There Are 2,000 Untested Chemicals in Packaged Foods — and It’s Legal 7.11.2019
There Are 2,000 Untested Chemicals in Packaged Foods — and It’s Legal
Opinion: Advice for the climate-conscious consumer: Don't sweat the small stuff 5.11.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Can't decide how best to reduce your carbon footprint? Focus on transportation and electricity, which are responsible for more than 60% of GHG emissions.

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Regenerative farms 'producing more, opening new markets' while fighting climate change 1.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
How do farmers reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep productivity high at the same time? Experts say it’s possible with regenerative farming.
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Boulder County’s carbon sequestration project reports limited impact in first year 27.10.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
“People are going to have to be patient, it’s going to take a long time to figure this out,” said Elizabeth Black, head of the Citizen Science Soil Health Project that analyzes soil samples from all over Boulder, Larimer and Weld counties. “Climate change is really scaring people and they want a solution. When they hear about soil carbon sequestration there is this tendency for people to say this is great, farmers are going to fix this. That is not fair or realistic. Everybody has to do their part. People in cities need to figure out what they’re going to do to fix it on their end, too.”
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