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Why are lawyers using brain damage as a criminal defense? The science doesn't support it 3.5.2017 LA Times: Commentary

When his criminal trial begins next week, attorneys for Andres “Andy” Avalos, a Florida man charged with murdering his wife, a neighbor and a local pastor, will mount an insanity defense on behalf of their client because, as they announced last summer, a PET scan revealed that Avalos has a severely...

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Dopamine levels fall and fluctuate during a migraine attack 30.3.2017 Lifestyle – The Indian Express
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Care guidelines for cancer survivors often unclear, review finds 21.3.2017 Health
B.C. Cancer Agency

Treatment guidelines on care for survivors of the most common cancers in North America and Europe often lack specifics, a review finds.

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Billions spent, but a cure for Alzheimer’s remains elusive 7.2.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Despite a 99 percent failure rate and a recent setback, Alzheimer's researchers are plowing ahead with hundreds of experiments - and a boost in federal money - to try to crack a deadly disease that has flummoxed them for decades.
A sniff test for Alzheimer's checks for the ability to identify odors 26.7.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: News
New research suggests it may be possible to spot people in the early stages of Alzheimer's by testing their ability to recognize fragrances. The goal is a quick and inexpensive screening test.
A Sniff Test For Alzheimer's Checks For The Ability To Identify Odors 26.7.2016 NPR News
New research suggests it may be possible to spot people in the early stages of Alzheimer's by testing their ability to recognize fragrances. The goal is a quick and inexpensive screening test.
Longtime UCLA medical school dean Sherman Mellinkoff dies at 96 26.7.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Dr. Sherman Mellinkoff, who took the newly created UCLA School of Medicine and turned it into a powerhouse of medical research and academics, has died at age 96. 

The university said in a statement that Mellinkoff died July 17 at his home near the Westwood campus. 

He took over the school in 1962,...

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'Brain training' cut dementia risk in healthy adults, study says 25.7.2016 Health

A computerized brain training program cut the risk of dementia among healthy people by 48 per cent, researchers say in reporting an analysis of the results of a 10-year study.

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New technique opens window into how brain cells communicate 21.7.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

WASHINGTON (AP) — The brain’s nerve cells communicate by firing messages to each other through junctions called synapses, and problems with those connections are linked to disorders like Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. Now Yale University researchers have developed a way to picture synapses in living brains. The technique reported Wednesday, using PET scans, is highly experimental […]
Study: Brain scans reveal hidden consciousness in patients 26.5.2016 Seattle Times: Local

NEW YORK (AP) — A standard brain scanning technique is showing promise for helping doctors distinguish between patients in a vegetative state and those with hidden signs of consciousness. A study released Thursday is the latest to investigate using technology to help meet the challenge of making that distinction, which now is generally based on […]
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Former Sen. Norm Coleman says he is cancer-free 8.3.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
On Facebook, Coleman said: "The release from anxiety was palpable."
Former Sen. Norm Coleman optimistic he'll beat throat cancer 15.2.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
His next PET scan in March will determine whether the cancer is gone.
Could CT scans cause cancer? 7.1.2016 CNN: Top Stories
Jean Hanvik decided that enough was enough. When a painful intestinal inflammation flared in 2014, the 55-year-old benefits communications consultant balked at her doctor's recommendation that she undergo another abdominal CT scan — her fourth in eight years.
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Publicly funded fertility treatment comes to Ottawa, but doesn't meet demand 22.12.2015 Ottawa Citizen: News
The waiting list has been growing at the Ottawa Fertility Centre since the Ontario government announced earlier this year it would begin paying for in vitro fertilization for women under 43 by the end of the year. As of this week, the fertility centre will start calling patients on that list to begin treatment under the new […]
Colombian clan could lead researchers to Alzheimer’s cure 21.11.2015 Toronto Star: Living
MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA—The man who would become known as Patient No. 1 was a 47-year-old farmer who had forgotten how to farm. His name was Pedro Julio, and his family had travelled through the mountains, on horseback and then by bus, to San Vicente de Paul hospital in Medellin. They wanted to know if Pedro Julio was developing the terrible sickness that had robbed his mother and grandmother of their senses. La bobera, they called it. The foolishness. Dr. Francisco Lopera was the physician on staff that day, a few weeks before Christmas in 1984. He was a young neurology resident whose boyhood obsession with UFOs had sparked an early interest in astronomy, until he decided the mysteries of the human brain were more interesting. Pedro Julio was a mystery that would define his career. Lopera had never seen dementia in patients so young. Soon after, a lottery ticket seller from another rural town arrived with the same symptoms and family history. He was 45. Intrigued, Lopera travelled through the countryside to ...
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Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel to resign after season, cites lymphoma diagnosis 14.11.2015 Washington Post
Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel to resign after season, cites lymphoma diagnosis
Cancer patient waits months for scans due to lack of radioactive dye 21.10.2015 Health
Erica Malanchuk

A Calgary woman with cervical cancer has waited months to find out whether she needs more chemotherapy because her PET-CT scans have been postponed — due to a radioactive dye shortage also affecting others in the province.

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A blood test for Alzheimer's 19.10.2015 Health
Alzheimer's disease brains

Would you want to take a blood test that diagnoses Alzheimer's disease? It's closer than you think.

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Modest gains reported in experimental Alzheimer's drug studies 22.7.2015 Health
MED Alzheimers Drugs

Researchers at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Washington on Wednesday updated ongoing research with three experimental drugs that aim to fight Alzheimer's by targeting a sticky protein that clogs the brain.

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Study: Women with mild memory problem worsen faster than men 21.7.2015 Chicago Tribune: Health
Older women with mild memory impairment worsened about twice as fast as men, says new research that illustrates the especially hard toll that Alzheimer's takes on ...
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