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Exposure to 9/11 disaster tied to low birthweight, preterm delivery 26.8.2016 Health
Sept. 11 Attacks Secret Files

Infants whose mothers performed rescue or recovery work were 1.9 times more likely to be born preterm in the first couple of years.

Cancer survivor Sindy Hooper is an inspiration for us all 25.8.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
It will be a satisfying if not triumphant return for Sindy Hooper on Sept. 11 when she participates in THE RIDE on behalf of The Ottawa Hospital Foundation and the facility that saved her life. A mom and triathlete, Hooper is a rare survivor of pancreatic cancer. She’s three years, seven months cancer-free and regaining […]
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Violence has taken years off of life expectancy in Syria 25.8.2016 Health
Syria hospital

The ongoing violence in Syria has taken years off of people's life expectancy, according to a new analysis

Parents' behaviours key to kids' healthy living, Ontario survey suggests 24.8.2016 Health
Exchange Worries-Snow

Active parental support is essential to encourage children to be physically active, eat their fruits and veggies and turn off screens, researchers say.

Changes needed to boost end-of-life care in Canada: doctors 23.8.2016 Health
assisted suicide

Canada needs to broaden its approach to palliative care to provide support to patients with serious chronic illnesses, not just those with cancer, suggests a group of doctors who deal with end-of-life care.

No more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day for kids, experts say 23.8.2016 Health
Candies and sweets

Children from the age of two to 18 should eat or drink no more than six teaspoons of added sugars daily, according to recommendations published Monday in an American Health Association journal.

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Gord Downie brain cancer fund raises $265K, still growing 23.8.2016 Health
Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie

The Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research has received $265,000 in donations from fans during the Tragically Hip’s Man Machine Poem tour so far. And it's still growing.

Palliative care gets a 'D' in Canada 22.8.2016 Health

Canadians like to praise our health care system. You won't believe how poor we do at palliative care.

Time for psychiatrists to 'roll up our sleeves' to improve access to mental health care 22.8.2016 Health
Accessing Psychiatrists

Demand for mental health care such as counselling outstrips the supply offered by psychiatrists in Ontario, say researchers who suggest improvements.

'That's criminal to me': How Canada is failing to end HIV/AIDS at home 22.8.2016 Health
South Africa AIDS Conference

Two studies released last month show the tools exist to potentially end the more than three-decades-old scourge of HIV/AIDS, but activists and front-line public health workers in Canada say we simply aren't using them effectively.

Medical marijuana home-growers rejoice, but will their gardens survive legalization? 22.8.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
They may call it weed, but what grows in Laurie MacEachern’s plot is more like the lush fields of corn near her rural home, southeast of Ottawa, than the goldenrod and wild parsnip in the ditch.  “Welcome to my garden,” she tells a rare recent visitor, surveying rows of luxuriant green plants that will be […]
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Disbelief as an internationally renowned lab fails to get funding 20.8.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
The small electric fish that are key to Leonard Maler’s research are hiding at the bottoms of tanks scattered around his laboratory. It’s easy to miss them. It’s impossible, though, to miss the sense of disbelief that hangs in the air as the neuroscientist — an internationally recognized leader in brain research — and his […]
Puerto Rico reports 1st death from paralysis linked to Zika 20.8.2016 Health
Zika Puerto Rico

​Puerto Rico on Friday reported its first death from a paralysis condition that developed from a Zika infection

This is Sting's brain on music 19.8.2016 Health

Sting's song Englishman in New York and the Rolling Stones' (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction might not seem that similar to some, but scans of the Englishman's brain as he listened to the works showed similar activity for both.

Thyroid cancer often overdiagnosed, WHO's cancer arm says 19.8.2016 Health
Deana Ruston

The thyroid cancer "epidemic" in 12 developed countries is largely due to diagnosis of tumours that are very unlikely to cause symptoms or death, say researchers who call for curbs on unnecessary surgery.

Are cellphones brain savers? Or are they eating into our memories? 18.8.2016 Health

How much is our reliance on smartphones as memory aides affecting the way our brains work? CBC Radio science columnist Torah Kachur looks into a new Canadian review of the benefits, and costs, of these daily "information offloads."

City warns of false claims spread about quality of water 18.8.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
The city is warning residents to beware of phoney claims made about the quality of Ottawa’s drinking water. The City of Ottawa released a statement Thursday that describes reports of door-to-door salesmen providing “incorrect information about water quality” to residents. The false information provided is supposedly part of their sales pitch for selling water filtration and treatment […]
How to cut through confusion when pregnant women are 'bombarded' with health advice 18.8.2016 Health
Aliya Visram

Pregnancy can be a bewildering time when conflicting advice on doing what's best for her baby can put a woman on guard, but there are some strategies to cut through the confusion.

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Liberal Health Minister spent $1,700 in one day on limousine service 17.8.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
That amount was paid to a Toronto-based limousine company. Its owner, Reza Shirani, was a volunteer on Jane Philpott’s electoral campaign last year
How long will you live? Ottawa research measures impacts of lifestyle choices 17.8.2016 Health
No Tobacco Day 20160531

The Ottawa Hospital is using new research to update an online calculator that predicts how long you'll live, based on lifestyle choices.

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