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Lead levels significantly higher in Flint kids after water switch: report 25.6.2016 Health

Children under the age of six in Flint, Mich., had significantly higher blood-lead levels after the city switched its water source in 2014 to save money, according to a CDC report released Friday.

The NRC: A century of invention inside 'The Temple of Science' 25.6.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
Inside the imposing limestone edifice dubbed the Temple of Science – a nickname conferred by a touring British noble that stuck – is a series of cryptic objects that look like they ought to be dusty. But they come to vivid life thanks to the irrepressible enthusiasm of National Research Council archives officer Steven Leclair, […]
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Five of the NRC's coolest inventions 25.6.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
Here are five of the coolest inventions of the last 100 years developed by National Research Council scientists: The Electronic Sackbut – Trained musician and physicist Hugh Le Caine began working on what would be the world’s first electronic music synthesizer in 1945, using ideas from atomic physics, radar and radio technology. The electronic music […]
CRISPR gene editing heads to human trial as cancer treatment 25.6.2016 Health

Approval in the U.S. of a human trial using the gene-editing technique called CRISPR to target certain cancers could open the door to dozens of trials using the promising new technology.

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Obese seniors live as long as thin ones, but they're sicker 24.6.2016 Health

Seniors who are obese may live just as long as their thinner peers, but they are more likely to develop heart disease and to get it slightly earlier in life, a Dutch study finds.

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Max rides again for muscular dystrophy research 24.6.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
At about 10 a.m. on Saturday, five-year-old Max Sedmihradsky will climb into the box of his father’s cargo bike on Parliament Hill to begin a seven-day journey to Hamilton to raise money for research into the disease that stalks him. Max suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a fatal muscle-wasting disease for which there is […]
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National award-winning school board right here in Ottawa 24.6.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
It has been an outstanding year of national accolades for the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Staff and students have claimed top prizes across the country for several high profile initiatives. The impressive recognition seems to originate from the way they approach education. They have pride in the work they are doing, and want to show […]
From the street to straight A's: The inspiring story of Monica Higgins 24.6.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
On the day she was to graduate from high school, four months shy of her 40th birthday and seven years since she had held a razor blade to her wrist after a 12-day crack cocaine binge, Monica Higgins heard Garth Brooks on the radio and cried.  Blame it all on my roots I showed up […]
Egan: 11 area residents honoured with GG service medals 24.6.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
Today, we profiled Edwina Eddy, who received a Meritorious Service Cross at a Rideau Hall ceremony on Thursday. There were 10 other local residents honoured. Here are the names and descriptions provided by Government House. (If you want to see photos from today’s event, go here.)  Winners of the Meritorious Service Cross Chief Supt. Craig J. […]
March to your meeting minutes: physical activity boosted in pilot study 23.6.2016 Health
Women walk through University of Saskatchewan campus

Office workers who swapped one seated meeting a week for a walking meeting clocked an extra 10 minutes of physical activity, according to a small study.

Ouch! Flu spray fails again, U.S. panel urges shot instead 23.6.2016 Health

The nasal spray version of the annual flu vaccine failed to protect U.S. kids again last year, the latest in a string of failures that has prompted an expert panel to recommend that doctors stop giving it to patients.

Vancouver clinic prescribes medical-grade heroin to chronic addicts 23.6.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
Two or three times a day, seven days a week, some 75 chronic drug users walk into a Vancouver health clinic where they receive a syringe loaded with medical heroin, and inject themselves under a nurse’s care. Providence Crosstown Clinic — one of two safe injection sites in Canada — is the only facility in […]
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$419M a year spent on harmful medications by Canadian seniors, researchers find 22.6.2016 Health
Nursing Homes Eviction

More than one in three Canadian seniors fills a prescription for a risky medication that should be avoided in older patients, say researchers who estimate $419 million a year is spent on the drugs.

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A UPEI researcher is taking a closer look at what makes screen time so bad for you 21.6.2016 Health
Screen eating

Research is piling up that shows screen time is bad for you, and UPEI applied human science professor Travis Saunders is taking a closer look at why.

Zika virus damage 'not fully understood by the world,' UN adviser says 21.6.2016 Health
Puerto Rico Zika Fallout

Even though the explosive spread of the Zika virus has been met with a new level of international response, thanks to lessons learned from the Ebola crisis, experts warn they are only beginning to grasp the damage the mosquito-borne virus can do.

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Low testosterone therapy in older men a shot in dark 20.6.2016 Health
Testosterone Benefits

The controversial use of testosterone replacement therapy in men with age-related declines in levels of the hormone lacks clear definitions, the Canadian authors of a new review say.

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Twins 'happier together,' finds award-winning IWK sleep study 20.6.2016 Health
Twin babies infants - stock image

A veteran neonatal nurse in Halifax has published an industry-applauded study that may improve twin sleeping, as well as the health and happiness of twins and their parents.

Stats show bail granted for nearly all who ask, but still too many remanded in custody, critics complain 20.6.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
The vast majority of offenders who seek their release from jail are granted bail, according to statistics from Ontario’s courts, but critics of the province’s bail system say what’s concerning is the number of people who don’t even bother asking for their release in the first place. The province said statistics from Ontario’s Court of Justice […]
Egan: One has ALS, the other destined to, but hope a shared defence 20.6.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
June is ALS month, 30 days to take a second to consider their every waking hour. I ask Carol Skinner, 44, about this. She was diagnosed with so-called Lou Gehrig's Disease on Sept. 19, 2013 and now uses a wheelchair to leave her Kanata apartment.
When hope returns: a new drug takes on a rare, aggressive skin cancer 19.6.2016 Health
Fred Ewart and grandchildren

Fred Ewart is taking a new immunotherapy drug in the hopes it will help him survive Merkel cell carcinoma. So far, it's working.

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