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Young campers' ability to learn to manage their chronic illness pleasant surprise to doctors 22.7.2016 Health
Hailey Tolensky

Children and young people who feel in control of their chronic illness are more likely to be able to manage their condition as adults, a study on campers suggests.

Regular drivers, take heed: Skin cancer can come in through the side window 21.7.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
Of all the bizarre sources of skin cancer — the side window of your car? It’s true, say medical developments in the past several years that have finally worked out why dermatologists keep seeing more damaged skin, and skin cancer, on the left side of people’s faces and necks. Or, in Australia, on the right side, […]
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Young athletes with concussion show less blood flow, smaller frontal lobes in brain study 21.7.2016 Health
Concussion Study 20160721

Looking back now, volleyball player Julia Hamer admits she feels like an "idiot" for not recognizing signs of a concussion.

Doctor suggests outdoor workers buddy up 21.7.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
With extreme heat warnings in recent weeks, a leading Ottawa physiologist says workers must increasingly take preventive measures to protect themselves against heat-related injury and illness. Dr. Glen Kenny, a human and environmental physiology professor at the University of Ottawa, says Ministry of Labour thresholds for workers in hot environments are outdated and that it’s […]
Young, female blood could impact recipient survival: study 20.7.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
Transfusion recipients of red blood cells from young, female donors might have a higher mortality rate, according to a recent study. Dr. Dean Fergusson, a senior scientist and director of The Ottawa Hospital’s clinical epidemiology program, said the study linked 30,503 transfusion recipients between October 2006 and December 2013 with 80,755 donors to look at whether age […]
Hospitals bring down 'da noise 18.7.2016 Health
Ear decibel reading data Ottawa Hospital noise March 19 2015

Constant noise threatens the wellbeing of hospitalized patients. @NightshiftMD explains why forward thinking hospitals are finding imaginative ways of turning down the volume.

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'It's new, it's electronic, it's cool:' e-cigarette use by Canadian teens climbs, worry doctors 18.7.2016 Health
Electronic cigarette

Parents and doctors questioning teens about whether they smoke should also be asking if they're using e-cigarettes, which could be a gateway to nicotine addiction later on, says a pediatrician who led a new study.

Virtual violence makes it more urgent that parents monitor media diet of their children, teens 18.7.2016 Health

The immersive and inescapable way children and teens are exposed to violence in their "media diet" on social media apps, video games, movies can make them more aggressive, violent and fearful, the American Academy of Pedatrics says in a new policy statement.

Who is at greater risk for insomnia? 15.7.2016 Health
Air Traffc Control

At look at the stages of life when we're more susceptible to insomnia and why.

Regina researchers develop digital 'second opinion' to diagnose breast cancer 15.7.2016 Health

Researchers at the University of Regina have created a computer system which could help improve the accuracy of breast cancer diagnoses by providing a digital "second opinion".

Woman found to spread Zika through sex for 1st time 15.7.2016 Health
basket of condoms

A New York City woman infected her male partner with Zika virus through sex, the first time female-to-male transmission of the germ has been documented.

Miscommunication common between dying cancer patients and their doctors, study says 15.7.2016 Health
Assisted dying/palliative care

Most patients with advanced cancer view their odds of survival more optimistically than their doctors, say researchers who point to the "urgent clinical and societal need" for oncologists to communicate better to avoid misunderstandings.

Zika expected to end within 3 years 15.7.2016 Health
The Zika outbreak rampaging through Latin America will likely burn itself out in the next two to three ...
It runs in the family: how 4 siblings with 'bone death' helped Montreal scientists make medical discovery 14.7.2016 Health

Scientists in Montreal have discovered a new genetic mutation linked to "bone death" or osteonecrosis of the hip, with the help of four young siblings who suffered from the debilitating disease.

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CIHR backs down from research financing reform 14.7.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
Canada’s chief health science funding agency backed down Wednesday, agreeing to undo a controversial reform that led to open revolt by many of the country’s scientists. “I think it is a big win for health research in this country,” said Bill Tholl of HealthCareCan which represents academic health science centres in Canada, at the end […]
Scientists win peer rebellion, face-to-face review is restored 14.7.2016 Health
Health 20160606

After a day-long emergency meeting with angry scientists, the federal agency responsible for funding health research has agreesd to restore face-to-face peer review committees.

Why fair-skinned, without red hair face higher skin cancer risk 13.7.2016 Health

Having genes that give you red hair, pale skin and freckles increases your risk of developing skin cancer as much as an extra 21 years' exposure to the sun

Scientists come to Ottawa seeking change to a system they say is 'playing lotto' with their futures 13.7.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
They might be unmuzzled, but they are far from happy. Eight months after the Liberal government came to power with a promise to treat scientists — and fundamental science — with more respect, Canadian health researchers have staged an unprecedented revolt over changes to the way research proposals are selected and funded. On Wednesday, nearly […]
CHEO offers support to rural health workers dealing with child mental health needs 13.7.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario is throwing a virtual lifeline to family doctors and nurses across the province who are dealing with unprecedented child and youth mental health needs. Project ECHO Ontario, based at CHEO, will train health care providers in rural, underserviced and remote parts of the province through regular videoconferencing sessions with […]
Chronic opioid dependence use increases after surgery, researchers find 11.7.2016 Health
People who undergo various types of common surgeries are at an increased risk of becoming chronic users of opioid painkillers compared with other ...
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