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Universal celiac screening lacks evidence, U.S. panel finds 30.3.2017 Health
Farm and Food Allergy Pantry

There is not enough evidence to encourage or discourage doctors from testing all their patients for celiac disease, according to a U.S. government-backed panel.

Roseann Runte to head Canada Foundation for Innovation 29.3.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
Roseann O’Reilly Runte, who announced last week that she was stepping down as president and vice-chancellor of Carleton University, has been named president and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the organization announced Wednesday. “Well regarded as a highly skilled leader and strategic visionary with deep knowledge of the post-secondary environment, Dr. Runte was […]
Students aim to cure design flaws in peekaboo hospital gowns 28.3.2017 Health
Hospital gown prototype

Nova Scotia university students have designed three prototypes for new hospital gowns that aim to preserve a patient's dignity.

Ottawa scientist wins prestigious 'baby Nobel' prize 28.3.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
A renowned Ottawa neuroscientist, whose work has helped turn strokes from devastating to treatable and preventable, has been awarded the prestigious 2017 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award. Dr. Antoine Hakim received the award for “outstanding research into stroke and its consequences and championing stroke prevention and treatment in Canada and beyond,” during a ceremony in Toronto […]
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Concerns about accidental child poisonings grow as pot legalization looms 28.3.2017 Health
Gummy candy seized

Health-care professionals in Canada are worried more children will fall victim to accidental cannabis poisoning after the drug is legalized, and are bracing for more emergency department visits and calls to poison control centres.

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2 Canadians win Gairdner Awards for contributions to medical science 28.3.2017 Health
Gairdner Awards 20170328

Two Canadian researchers are among the winners of this year's Gairdner Awards, which recognize some of the most significant medical discoveries made by scientists around the globe.

Jim Pattison donates $75M to Vancouver's St. Paul's Hospital Foundation 28.3.2017 Health
St. Paul's rendering

B.C. billionaire's donation is the largest by a private citizen to a single medical facility in Canadian history, St. Paul's Foundation says.

Ottawa man taken off suicide watch in jail — less than a day later he killed himself 28.3.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
An inmate who hanged himself in his segregation cell at the Ottawa jail had been off suicide watch for less than a day when he took his own life, according to a statement provided to the man’s family by the coroner’s office. New details about Yousef Hussein’s death have emerged as the families of two other […]
New advice if you are allergic to tree nuts 27.3.2017 Health
EpiPen epinephrine auto-injector

If you’re allergic to one kind of tree nut you may not be allergic to all of them. @NightshiftMD has a new study and some important new advice.

'It's sickening': Widow horrified after husband's body forgotten in morgue, not donated to science 27.3.2017 Health
Elizabeth Belding-Roe

Gaylon Roe's final wish was to help others by donating his body to science. Instead, in a strange and rare chain of events, the man's remains were left — forgotten — in a hospital morgue for almost two weeks.

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1 child or youth injured by gunfire nearly every day in Ontario, pediatricians find 27.3.2017 Health
Firearm seized in arrests following Toronto street robbery

A child or youth is injured by gunfire in Ontario almost every day, say doctors who urge prevention measures.

'Dr. Fraud' gets a lot of job offers, and songs to save a life to 26.3.2017 Health
test tubes

Second Opinion is a vital dose of the week's news in health and medicine from reporter Kelly Crowe and CBC Health.

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Sisters of Charity hand over health-care operations to Bruyère 25.3.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
The Sisters of Charity of Ottawa signed over ownership of the lands and buildings that make up Bruyère Continuing Care to the health-care organization during a ceremony Friday attended by Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast and numerous local officials. The “passing of the flame” from the Sisters of Charity to Bruyère will change little in the […]
Nuns model skillful ways to speak to ill seniors 24.3.2017 Health
Elderly nuns

The sisters caring for cognitively impaired elderly nuns in a Midwestern convent spoke to their care recipients in a strikingly different way, linguistic anthropologist finds.

Scanlan: Kids are now heavier, rounder and weaker — the fix ought to be simple 24.3.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
A 12-year-old millennial is taller, heavier, rounder and weaker that a typical child a quarter-century earlier. So says a professor of pediatrics and a leading expert on childhood obesity. Part four of a four-part series by Wayne Scanlan on youth fitness and sports specialization. Here’s a doctor who gives the diagnosis straight up. The patient, in […]
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Superbug tuberculosis threatens global control efforts 23.3.2017 Health
Tuberculosis patient

Experts warn of possible epidemic over next decade

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CHEO proves it pays to give nurses more control over asthma patients 23.3.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
CHEO has handed nurses more responsibility for monitoring patients with severe asthma based on a study that shows they're best positioned to manage the steps required to get children safely — and swiftly — back home.
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Budget 2017: Federal government review coming for at least three departments in public service 23.3.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
The public service can expect a “comprehensive review” of at least three departments as part of a federal government effort to eliminate inefficient programs, curb wasteful spending and end ineffective and obsolete initiatives, according to the federal budget released Wednesday. Exactly which departments will be subjected to the review won’t be revealed until sometime down […]
Prostate cancer patients report that surgery offers worst outcome on quality of life 22.3.2017 Health
Two studies published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association try to explore the ramifications of prostate cancer treatment, by getting patients to rank their quality of life — defined as sexual, urinary and bowel function — after surgery or ...
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Fish oil supplements during pregnancy don't improve child's intelligence, study says 22.3.2017 Health
Pregnancy discrimination complaint dismissed.

Pregnant women who take omega-3 supplements in the belief it will give their babies a brain boost might want to reconsider, says a new study, which found no cognitive edge among children whose mothers took the supplements.

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