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When eating your veggies isn't good for you 28.5.2016 Health
Veggie burger D is for Dinner squash West End Well co-op Oct 15 2014

The Listeria-related frozen vegetables recall shows that it's not just meat processing that should concern consumers. Veggie burgers and dogs do generally worse than their meat equivalents for pathogens, undeclared allergens and ingredients, missing ingredients, and hygienic issues. And the veggie ones may secretly contain meat.

Sewer robots snoop through poo to track drugs, disease 28.5.2016 Health
Sewer robot

There could soon be robots wandering our sewers, sucking up what we flush down to analyze our diets, our drug use and our health, and to watch out for disease outbreaks.

What to keep in mind about cellphones and cancer risk research 28.5.2016 Health
Mariners School Visit

The question of whether cellphone radiation is linked to tumours remains inconclusive after the partial release of a $25-million U.S study on rats.

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A transcendent moment? Transgender Canadians know battle against discrimination far from over 28.5.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
On a sunny Tuesday morning, Talia Johnson walked down a long corridor to the House of Commons foyer, its polished marble floors buzzing with activity. It was the third time in her life she had come to Parliament Hill to urge MPs to extend human rights protections to transgender people like her. But this time was different. Johnson and about […]
Health officials concerned over spread of resistance to last-resort antibiotic 28.5.2016 Health
David Cameron

The nightmare scenario of untreatable infections isn't a reality but it is an evolving situation of concern to doctors and public health officials worldwide.

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Around Town: Ottawa women raise $1.6 million for mental health 27.5.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
More than 400 women in this city have put their money where their mouths are by supporting an all-female philanthropic program that’s helping to transform the way mental illness gets diagnosed, treated, researched and publicly discussed. The Women for Mental Health initiative was celebrated at a reception held Wednesday at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health […]
NRC 'can't say' if firefighting chemicals in Mississippi Mills water supply came from its fire lab 26.5.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
Canada’s National Fire Lab had an unorthodox way of dealing with some waste chemicals: It flushed overflow into the sewage system, and then into the surrounding environment. An engineering report commissioned by the National Research Council identified the problem in 2013, and it sheds light today on how the lab in Mississippi Mills contaminated its own groundwater. The lab between Almonte and […]
Attacks on hospitals killed nearly 960 in 2 years, WHO finds 26.5.2016 Health
WHO Hospitals Attacked

Nearly 960 people have been killed worldwide in attacks on medical facilities in conflicts over the past two years, the World Health Organization said in a report that highlights an alarming disrespect for the protection of health care in war by both governments and armed groups.

Unemployment in recession tied to hundreds of thousands of excess cancer deaths 26.5.2016 Health
job board fair employment unemployment sign

Cancer death rates increased in many countries as unemployment rose during the global economic crisis but universal health coverage such as Canada's provided a buffer, according to a large international study.

Concussions tied to more school problems than other injuries 26.5.2016 Health
Teens Concussion 20140415

In a small sampling, American high school and college students who suffered a concussion struggled more with academics than their peers with other types of sports injuries.

Zika birth defect risk estimated as 'substantial' 26.5.2016 Health
As the international epidemic of Zika virus disease has unfolded and led to devastating birth defects for at least 1,300 children in eight countries, an agonizing question has persisted: What is the chance that an infected pregnant woman will have a baby with these ...
Federal government asks NCC to review sites for Ottawa Hospital's new Civic campus 26.5.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
In a May 20 letter to NCC Chair Russell Mills, obtained by Postmedia, Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly asked the agency to review the four possible sites identified by the hospital and make a recommendation by the end of November. The Ottawa Hospital announced in March that it was re-evaluating its plan to build the new […]
NRC staff got warnings about chemicals in drinking water two years before neighbours 25.5.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
The National Research Council protected its own staff from firefighting chemicals in their drinking water for nearly two years before it told its neighbours about the problem, Postmedia has learned. Chemicals used in the NRC’s National Fire Lab in Mississippi Mills have spread through the surface water and groundwater around the facility. In December, the NRC warned neighbours that they […]
Alberta's oilsands industry is a huge source of harmful air pollution, study says 25.5.2016 Health
Plane in flight

Alberta's oilsands industry is one of the biggest sources in North America of harmful air pollutants called secondary organic aerosols (SOAs), a new Environment Canada study has found.

Gord Downie's courage called a 'beacon for all patients with glioblastoma in Canada' 25.5.2016 Health
Gord Downie Cancer 20160524

Tragically Hip frontman ​Gord Downie's resilience and openness about his terminal glioblastoma and his plans to tour could help to reduce stigma and improve awareness, some cancer experts say.

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Inside the U.S. labs trying to get a handle on Zika 25.5.2016 Health

The rapidly spreading Zika virus can be devastating to a human fetus. But one of the problems researchers face is that, in their experiments with mice, it becomes wimpy.

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Canadian military members more likely to attempt suicide, University of Manitoba study finds 25.5.2016 Health
Afghanistan Canada depression

A new study from the University of Manitoba has found Canadian military members have higher rates of suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts than the rest of the Canadian population.

It's OK to let your baby cry herself to sleep 24.5.2016 Health

A controversial method of "sleep training" in which babies cry themselves to sleep does help babies fall asleep sooner and doesn't appear to have harmful effects. But an alternative technique works almost as well, a new study has found.

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Most back safe injection site, poll finds 24.5.2016 Ottawa Citizen: News
More than half of Ottawans polled back a safe injection site downtown for intravenous drug users with the young, affluent and well educated most likely to be behind the plan. The numbers are in line with results from Canada’s biggest city, where a drive is also underway to establish safe injection sites aimed at preventing overdoses and […]
Bial, Biotrial deemed at fault in fatal drug trial 23.5.2016 Health

Portuguese drugmaker Bial and French laboratory Biotrial are at fault "on several counts" for a fatal drug trial that left one person dead and five others hospitalized in January, French Health Minister Marisol Touraine said on Monday.

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