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SECOND OPINION | 'Phantom' research paper cited at least 400 times by scientists 18.11.2017 Health
crowdfunding keyboard

Children's perception of "nature" might be different from their parents'. And how did a research paper that never actually existed get at least 400 citations by scientists?

Flu shot dramatically reduces the risk young children will be hospitalized 18.11.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
Getting a flu vaccine helps keep young children out of the hospital, according to new research based, in part, on data from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Research from Public Health Ontario and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences found that the risk of hospitalization from flu infection dropped 60 per cent among young […]
Honours for uOttawa grad who invented famous skin cream 17.11.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
Every tube of skin cream with AHA, the wildly popular anti-wrinkle ingredient, exists because of a half-starved boy in wartime Taiwan who travelled to university in Ottawa and went on to fortune. Now Ruey Yu, one of two researchers who together invented AHA skin cream, is telling the story of his journey from a childhood […]
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Gruesome testimony, paltry pay: MPs to study jurors' mental health, financial needs 16.11.2017 Health

Next week MPs will begin a groundbreaking study of the impact of jury duty on mental health to determine what specialized services, funding and new policies are needed.

Unapproved stem cell therapies on the market in Canada 16.11.2017 Health

Private clinics are performing unproven stem cell procedures on patients across Canada even though Health Canada says all cell therapies are considered “drugs” and require federal approval before they can be legally used on human patients.

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'This is the wrong place for it': Salvation Army shelter bid faces more backlash at planning committee 16.11.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
It’ll be “anything goes” on Ottawa’s beloved traditional mainstreets if a new homeless shelter on Montreal Road is approved, councillors heard Wednesday. It was the planning committee’s second day of public hearings regarding the Salvation Army’s plan to move its George Street shelter to Vanier. Montreal Road is designated as a traditional mainstreet and that […]
Liberals say they'll back prescription heroin, drug checking services to fight opioid crisis 16.11.2017 Health
Ginette Petitpas Taylor

The federal government will support new treatment options for drug addicts, including giving them prescription opioids or pharmaceutical grade heroin, backing quality testing of street drugs and helping provinces set up overdose prevention sites in emergencies.

Scientists try for 1st time to edit man's genes inside his body 15.11.2017 Health
CORRECTION Genetic Frontiers Gene Editing

Scientists for the first time have tried editing a gene inside the body in a bold attempt to permanently change a person's DNA to try to cure a disease.

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Trump nominates former pharmaceutical executive for health secretary post 14.11.2017 Health
Trump Health Secretary

Turning to an industry he's rebuked, U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Monday he wants Alex Azar, a former deputy for the health department-turned-pharmaceutical executive, to be his health secretary.

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Women less likely to get CPR from bystanders, study suggests 13.11.2017 Health
CPR mannequin

New research has found that women suffering cardiac arrest in public were not given CPR as often as men were.

Salvation Army's relocation plan tests the city on the future of Vanier 13.11.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
The future of Vanier hinges on a city council vote on an application by the Salvation Army to relocate its emergency shelter and health services from the ByWard Market to Montreal Road. That’s how opponents of the proposal are characterizing the upcoming decision at Ottawa City Hall. On the other hand, the Salvation Army believes […]
Report shows Ontario government knew of mercury contamination near Grassy Narrows 30 years ago 12.11.2017 Health
Grassy Narrows

Grassy Narrows First Nation will be reviewing all its options in the wake of a report that shows the province knew nearly 30 years ago that a nearby mill site upstream from the community was contaminated with mercury, the community's chief says.

SECOND OPINION | Is religious belief hard-wired into the brain? 11.11.2017 Health

Scientists test the hypothesis that humans are born believers by following pilgrims on the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain. Also, remembering Canada's Dr. Elizabeth Stern, a scientist whose pioneering cancer research is still saving lives.

Algonquin, La Cité students hit hard by plan to cancel most of break, extend fall term 11.11.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
For students in the environmental technician program at Algonquin College's Pembroke campus, news that the fall semester will be extended into January because of the faculty strike hit hard.
Punching, hitting, violence on the job routine, hospital workers say 10.11.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
It’s becoming routine for frontline hospital workers to be punched, kicked and have things thrown at them, according to research from the union that represents nurses, personal support workers and others across Ontario. Many of those hospital workers say they are afraid to report assaults for fear of reprisal, according to a poll of workers. Sometimes […]
Canada, China partner on project using apps, texts to treat mental health 10.11.2017 Health

Canada and China are partnering on a five-year project to enhance mental health treatment through the use of smartphone apps, text messaging and electronic medical records.

Plaque honours James Fletcher, plant scientist who gave Ottawa its Arboretum 10.11.2017 Ottawa Citizen: News
It took more than a century, but the man who created the Arboretum will soon have a plaque there honouring his enormous contribution to the scientific understanding of plants across Canada. James Fletcher died in 1908, aged only 56. But in a short life he set up the machinery for studying Canada’s wild plants and […]
Monsanto weedkiller 'not statistically significantly associated with cancer': study 9.11.2017 Health

A large long-term study on the use of the big-selling weedkiller glyphosate by agricultural workers in the United States has found no firm link between exposure to the pesticide and cancer, scientists said on Thursday.

Canadian skin cancer detector concept wins global design prize 9.11.2017 Health
The sKan

Canadian students have won a global design prize by developing an early prototype of a cheap, handheld heat scanner that could one day help doctors diagnose skin cancer quickly and painlessly in their offices.

How useful is marijuana as medicine? New research centre aims to find out 8.11.2017 Health
Medicinal marijuana

As the use of medicinal cannabis grows, a new Ontario research centre says it plans to look into whether pot is actually an effective treatment for various ailments.

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