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Study needed on welfare of Vancouver Aquarium's captive cetaceans, report to park board says 24.7.2014 Vancouver Sun: News
The Vancouver park board should consider a large-scale study on the welfare of captive whales, dolphins and porpoises to assess the ethics of housing cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium, according to a new report.
Four years of foreplay and afterthoughts on sex-ed: Cohn 24.7.2014 Toronto Star: Living
A day after winning the premiership in early 2013, Kathleen Wynne promised to fix one of the lingering embarrassments of her predecessor’s reign. The incoming premier vowed to tackle Ontario’s outdated educational curriculum — a product of the Mike Harris era — by modernizing its pre-Internet approach to sex-education and mental health topics. That was 18 months ago . Now, a full four years after Dalton McGuinty first lost his nerve — and his judgment — when confronted by a rump group of religious and right-wing provocateurs, the Liberals are still no further ahead on the issue. Facing a tough re-election campaign in 2011, McGuinty — the so-called education premier — opted, opportunistically, to keep delaying those educational consultations. Facing a tough election battle of her own in 2014, Wynne did as McGuinty did — saying and doing as little as possible for as long as necessary. McGuinty’s diversions and Wynne’s evasions have exasperated educators across the province. And short-changed Ontario’s 2 ...
Anti-cancer drug romidepsin found to awaken hidden copies of HIV 24.7.2014 Health
HIV Baby Cure

AIDS researchers have had very preliminary success against a longstanding hurdle in the battle against HIV: awakening the many dormant copies of the virus that hibernate in the body and thus avoid eradication by the immune system.

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HIV pills don't seem to encourage riskier sex 23.7.2014 Health

There is more good news about HIV treatment pills used to prevent infection in people at high risk of getting the AIDS virus: Follow-up from a landmark study that proved the drug works now shows that it does not encourage risky sex and is effective even if people skip some doses.

$10,000-a-month cancer drug not covered in P.E.I. 23.7.2014 Health
Anna Peters

A P.E.I. woman says she can't afford the cancer drug she has been prescribed, and P.E.I. is the only province in Canada that does not pay for the medicine.

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Study: Nearly a third of kids misperceive weight - mostly heavy kids thinking thinner 23.7.2014 Edmonton Journal: News
NEW YORK, N.Y. - Nearly a third of children in a national survey didn't have an accurate idea of their own weight — most of them heavy or obese children who viewed themselves as normal.
Bat research blitz planned for southeast B.C. river valley 23.7.2014 Vancouver Sun: News
Not much is known about bats in the Flathead River Valley. On Thursday, Cori Lausen and a bat team will head to southeastern British Columbia for a four-day BioBlitz in attempt to find out more information.
Canada's jails filled with innocent victims of risk-averse bail system: report 23.7.2014 Edmonton Journal: News
A majority of the 25,000 people held in Canada’s overcrowded provincial and territorial jails are legally innocent and victims of a malfunctioning, risk averse bail system, according to a damning new study by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA). “Canadians spend over $850 million on pre-trial detention, even though the majority of people who are […]
Ottawa cancer lab part of 'stepping into this future,' new director says 23.7.2014 Ottawa Citizen: News
Dr Bryan Lo will run this city’s first molecular oncology lab, at the Ottawa Hospital.
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Bat research blitz planned for southeast B.C. river valley 23.7.2014 Calgary Herald: Top news
Not much is known about bats in the Flathead River Valley. On Thursday, Cori Lausen and a bat team will head to southeastern British Columbia for a four-day BioBlitz in attempt to find out more information.
B.C. councillor confident his name will be cleared after Health Ministry mass firing 23.7.2014 Vancouver Sun: News
B.C. Coun. Ron Mattson is headed to court confident his name will be cleared after his job was axed as part of a mass firing by the B.C. Health Ministry. The government has no evidence against him, he says. “I am confident the trial will exonerate me; hopefully, in time for the municipal election this November,” said Mattson, a View Royal city councillor, located in Greater Victoria.
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Vaughn Palmer: Ministry of Health silent on RCMP investigation 23.7.2014 Vancouver Sun: News
Almost two years have passed since the B.C. Liberals raised a cloud of suspicion over a group of academic researchers and Health Ministry employees involved in the independent vetting of pharmaceutical drugs. “The Ministry of Health has asked the RCMP to investigate allegations of inappropriate conduct, contracting and data-management practices involving ministry employees and drug researchers” said the Sept. 6, 2012 government press release.
Tory leadership candidates grapple with farm safety issue 23.7.2014 Calgary Herald: Top news
Alberta’s Tory leadership candidates are under pressure to live up to a promise by former premier Alison Redford three years ago to protect farm workers under provincial occupational health and safety regulations, but none of three have agreed to fulfil her commitment. Alberta farm workers are excluded from protection provided under provincial occupational health and safety laws, the workers’ compensation act, labour relations code, or the employment standards code.
Genetic mapping study triggers new hope on schizophrenia 23.7.2014 Health
Genes and DNA

A trailblazing global scientific collaboration has identified more than 100 spots in human DNA that appear to contribute to the risk of developing schizophrenia, vastly expanding the understanding of the complex genetics behind the disease.

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Can Aspirin treat breast cancer? Why aren't we trying to find out? 22.7.2014 Health

Researchers are noticing that certain medicine-cabinet drugs like Aspirin may be keeping cancers at bay. But because there are no lucrative patents anymore in these generic medicines, big drug companies are unwilling to fund the costly field trials.

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Simple way to curb HIV? Legalize prostitution, AIDS conference told 22.7.2014 Health
The massive International AIDS Conference in Melbourne this week is being reminded of research showing that one of the easiest ways to curtail HIV transmission is to decriminalize prostitution, which makes sex-trade workers better able to protect themselves and seek ...
Researchers expand knowledge of genetic underpinnings of schizophrenia 22.7.2014 Edmonton Journal: News
Little is known about the causes of schizophrenia, but an international consortium of researchers has made a significant discovery about its genetic underpinnings that should improve understanding of this devastating mental illness.
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Filipino Canadians fear end of immigrant dreams for nannies 22.7.2014 Toronto Star: Living
Ottawa’s recent rhetoric about an “out-of-control” live-in caregiver program has prompted outrage in some quarters — and fear that the days of a pathway to permanent residency for foreign nannies are numbered. Critics of the government’s approach, including some Conservative loyalists, warn that the growing Filipino Canadian vote could also be at stake in next year’s federal election if the government removes access to immigration from the live-in caregiver program (LCP) — 90 per cent of those participating are from the Philippines. Family separation, lost skills the biggest challenges for immigrant nannies “This is a defining issue for the Filipino Canadian community,” said Chris Sorio of Migrante Canada, an international advocacy group for Filipino migrants. “This is something very close to our hearts. It is worrying us because we feel this could be a smoke-screen for changes that are coming to the LCP program. Our concern is they are going to further restrict family reunification under the ...
Vaughn Palmer: The Health Ministry has some explaining to do 22.7.2014 Vancouver Sun: News
There was an all-is-forgiven cast to the news Friday that the Health Ministry was reinstating Malcolm Maclure as an evaluator of pharmaceutical drugs, two years after it trashed his reputation. “Dr. Maclure is renowned for his expertise in use of data for evidence-based evaluation, and is engaged by the ministry as a confidential consultant … on research and evidence development,” said the statement from the ministry.
Hyper-abundant pink salmon are outcompeting wild sockeye 22.7.2014 Vancouver Sun: News
Is it too soon to change B.C.’s iconic fish from the sockeye to the pink? Probably, but we should be prepared nonetheless as evidence mounts that the phenomenal and persistent abundance of pink salmon is putting real pressure on other Pacific salmon and even sea birds that share the same food resources.
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