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Binayak speaks out on his prison life 30.5.2009 Hindu: National
KOLKATA: “My life in prison was an absolute revelation,” said doctor and human rights activist Binayak Sen, who was in the Raipur Central Jail for two years for alleged Maoist links before he was granted bail on Wednesday by the ...
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‘We will continue to oppose Salwa Judum’ 30.5.2009 Hindustan Times: India
Human Rights activist Binayak Sen said in Kolkata on Friday that he and his association would continue to oppose the Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh. “There is no question of stopping opposition of Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh,” Sen told mediapersons while on a visit to the city to see his mother.
I face threat from Chhattisgarh govt: Binayak Sen 30.5.2009 NDTV National

I face threat from Chhattisgarh govt: Binayak SenProminent rights activist Binayak Sen, who was in jail for two years for alleged links with Maoists, on Friday said some senior police officers have told him that there was a ''specific'' threat to him from within the Chhattisgarh government. 

Binayak Sen speaks out on his prison experience 30.5.2009 Hindu: National
“Whether a person is a convict or an undertrial, he has no human dignity…”
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Sen bearded or Sen barbered? 29.5.2009 Hindustan Times: Views
In a free country, is there a law under which a citizen can be jailed on no substantial charge? The TV debates on Binayak Sen’s arrest, and release on bail, seem to have missed the point, writes Pratik Kanjilal.
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Pamphlets asking people to rejoice Sen's release seized 29.5.2009 PTI: Top News

Raipur, May 28 (PTI) Police today seized pamphlets that asked people to celebrate the release of Civil Rights activist and People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) vice- president Binayak Sen in Chhattisgarh's Narayanpur district. ...

Freed activist in Kolkata today 29.5.2009 TOI: Calcutta Times
Civil rights activist Binayak Sen, who was released on bail this week after being detained in Raipur jail for 2 years, is reaching Kolkata to meet his mother.
This assistant director can take heart from Binayak Sen’s bail 29.5.2009 Indian Express: Mumbai
Even as the family members of rights activist Binayak Sen rejoice over the Supreme Court order granting him bail after two years in jail...
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Another activist's daughter awaits his release from Doon jail 29.5.2009 Hindu: Breaking News
Another activist's daughter awaits his release from Doon jail
Binayak Sen’s release welcomed 29.5.2009 Hindu: Karnataka
Bangalore: Members of the Campaign for the Release of Binayak Sen, Bangalore, have welcomed the recent decision of the Supreme Court to grant bail to the human rights activist who had been arrested and detained for over two years by the ...
Sadanand Menon: What 'reality' did the Left lose touch with? 29.5.2009 Business Standard: Opinion & Analysis
The Left might have become the laughing stock of the nation post elections, but laugh is the last thing we should be doing. It is a matter of tremendous concern that a country with such a vast pool of industrial and agricultural proletariat has just 24 Members in Parliament to speak on their behalf.
State-sponsored vigilantism 29.5.2009 Hindu: Opinion
It is a symptom of the troubled times Indian democracy is passing through that the release on bail of an eminent human rights activist and medical practitioner, Dr. Binayak Sen — something that is routine for even individuals of ...
Anti-Maoists of India, unite! 28.5.2009 Mint: Our View
When Maoists are uniting other groups under an anti-India banner, India is still grasping to find a national strategy against the insurgency
Another activist's daughter awaits his release from Doon jail 28.5.2009 Hindu: Breaking News
Another activist's daughter awaits his release from Doon jail
27 May,2009 28.5.2009 Oheraldo
27 May,2009
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Welcome 28.5.2009 Hindu: Opinion
The Supreme Court’s order releasing Binayak Sen from prison on bail is commendable. It is a triumph for the rights activists and a vindication of Dr. Sen’s devotion to the cause of human rights. Even in the face of ...
'The state govt is vindictive' 28.5.2009 DNA: Top News
binayak sen, released after two years in a Chhattisgarh jail, speaks out.
Need spine, not muscle, to fight for human rights 27.5.2009 Asian Age: Others
Antara Dev Sen May.28 : It took two years of sustained shaming to get Dr Binayak Sen out on bail. The state had been stoutly ignoring the worldwide chorus of appeals and angry protests since the doctor and civil rights activist’s arrest on flimsy charges back in May 2007. Now the Supreme Court has finally ordered his release from custody on a personal bond, on grounds of ill health. While this is lovely news, it is not really a victory of civil rights over state repression. In fact, that the state had managed to keep Dr Sen behind bars for so long without evidence, ignoring the international outcry and unrelenting national protests for two years, shows us what our wonderful democracy has been reduced to. No, I am not being churlish at a ...
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News that does not count 27.5.2009 Hindustan Times: Views
It was disheartening that HT did not report the demise of Krishna Chattopadhyay, a singer par excellence. It was she who imparted melody to the compositions of Atulprasad, Dwijendralal and Rajanikanta.
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Clean-shaven look? Blame it on Holi 27.5.2009 Hindustan Times: Views
A day after his two-year stint in the Raipur Central Jail ended, civil rights activist Dr Binayak Sen was found busy greeting friends and supporters at his home in Raipur. A relaxed Sen shared his thoughts, sufferings and future plans with Hindustan Times Correspondent Ejaz Kaiser. Excerpts:
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