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Captain likely in war zone: Sri Lanka 16.3.2009 New Indian Express
Captain likely in war zone: Sri Lanka
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Anand Jons family seeks justice from Obama 16.3.2009 New Indian Express
Anand Jons family seeks justice from Obama
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Dungeon dad admits imprisoning daughter in cellar for 24yrs 16.3.2009 News
London, Mar 16 (ANI): Dungeon dad Josef Fritzl has admitted to having caged his daughter Elisabeth in an underground cellar, and raping her for 24 years.

Austrian 'incest father' admits rape, denies murder 16.3.2009 TOI: Home
Josef Fritzl pleaded guilty to incest, rape and sequestration for locking his daughter in a cellar for 24 years, but denied charges of murder and enslavement.
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Chad's cancer: Impunity and lawlessness 16.3.2009 The Guardian -- World Latest
A visit to the arid dangerous border with Darfur reveals desperate refugees seeking shelter in a land imploding under its own poverty, misgovernment and inter-tribal fighting Sitting among villagers who fled a wave of massacres in eastern Chad, Silai Nassour nodded towards the nearby mountain looming over the parched, semi-desert. "We can't go behind that mountain, two men were killed there, we can't go far to gather firewood or collect water, or work the fields. Men are killed, women are raped, that's the danger," she said. Four years ago, Nassour's village in eastern Chad was plundered and burned to the ground when bands of Arab militias from Darfur attacked local tribes. "My husband was killed in front of me and militia took two of my ...
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Chris Tarrant arrested after claims of assault 16.3.2009 The Guardian -- Front Page
The TV presenter Chris Tarrant was arrested after a woman claimed she was assaulted during a domestic incident at his home, it emerged today. Tarrant, host of ITV1's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and The Colour of Money, was arrested in the early hours of 5 March at his home in Esher, Surrey. The 62-year-old was questioned by officers at Staines police station, Middlesex, but was later released without charge. A Surrey police spokesman said: "Police officers attended an address in Esher at 12.58am on Thursday March 5 following reports of a domestic dispute. "A man in his 60s was arrested on suspicion of assault and taken to Staines police station. "He was later released without any further action being taken." It is ...
Man shoots 4 at family meet, kills self in Miami 16.3.2009 News
Miami, Mar 16: A man shot four people to death at a family gathering, then went home and killed himself, Miami police said. Domestic dispute is said to be the reason for the shootings, according to Sergeant with the Miami Police

Gang-rape victim Mukhtaran Mai weds police constable 16.3.2009 DNA: Top News
Mukhtaran Mai, the woman who was gang-raped by tribals in 2002 for seeking to save her brother from radical Islamic justice, has married a police constable.
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Harassed for dowry, woman attempts suicide 16.3.2009 TOI: All Headlines
Harassed for dowry, woman attempts suicide
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Surgeries stop at Sri Lankas war zone hospital 16.3.2009 New Indian Express
Surgeries stop at Sri Lankas war zone hospital
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Rape complaints were not classified as crimes 16.3.2009 The Guardian -- Front Page
• Scotland Yard review finds guidelines were breached • Victims of Worboys among those affected by lapse The Metropolitan police failed to investigate scores of rape allegations because officers did not record them as criminal offences, the Guardian has learned. An internal review by found that women who complained to police that they feared they may have been raped or suffered a serious sexual assault had their concerns dismissed in up to six London boroughs. In a breach of police policy, officers instead classed the incidents as crime related incidents [CRI], meaning the cases were not investigated properly, informed sources say. Several women who believe they were victims of the black cab rapist John Worboys, suffered this fate, with ...
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Claims of British collusion in torture spread to Egypt 16.3.2009 The Guardian -- Front Page
• Briton claims UK colluded in his torture in Egypt • Detainee says he was hooded and beaten over five days Allegations of British collusion in torture have widened to Egypt, where a young British man says he suffered appalling mistreatment during a week of illegal detention while being interrogated on the basis of information that he says can only have come from the UK. The development comes after the Conservative leader, David Cameron, said there needed to be a full inquiry, not just to discover whether crimes had been committed by British officials but to establish whether the government's "moral authority" has been maintained. Azhar Khan, a 26-year-old who has seen a number of friends jailed for terrorist offences, says Egyptian ...
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When justice is at stake 16.3.2009 TOI: Cities
An innocent shall not be punished even if 10 offenders slip away that's the first commandment for any man of law, we believe. "Correction," says Masayuki Suo.
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A childhood racked by pain 16.3.2009 Hindu: Front Page
Angelica, who is on oxygen, is being tube fed
A childhood racked by pain 16.3.2009 Hindu: Front Page
At 10, Angelica should have been at school, but she is on oxygen
Hindutva’s ideological testing ground in South 16.3.2009 Hindu: Opinion
Communalism as a political mobilisation strategy is active in the coastal regions of Karnataka, which the BJP sees as the springboard for its expansion in South India.
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Experiencing an agonising childhood 16.3.2009 Hindu: Karnataka
At 10, Angelica should have been at school, but she is on oxygen and tube-fed
Moral Policing abroad 15.3.2009 Asian Age: Delhi
Rhik Kundu Dc | Bengaluru Some of them had no clue that issues like moral policing exist in Indian society, before the Mangalore attacks. Others were exposed to incidents similar to this back in their own countries. But on the whole, the expatriate community was shocked while watching innocent girls on television being slapped and beaten up by the moral police brigade. For many expats, moral policing is not an unheard of phenomenon. For those from Islamic countries, this is an accepted act supported by the state. But, nowhere is this act done excessively to the extent of going against the laws of the land. Hanging out on the streets with a male friend will not result in getting a woman punished even in Muslim countries like Malaysia, ...
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Soft on rape, soft on the causes of rape 15.3.2009 Guardian: Comment is Free
John Worboys' serial offending shows once again that sexual assault is not taken seriously and men are getting away with it Isn't it astonishing that a London taxi driver with raping and sexually assaulting women for so long? That's what some reports have seemed to imply after the conviction of , 51, a licensed cabbie who has been found guilty of . In fact, I'd say there's nothing remotely astonishing about Worboys' criminal career, which is inevitable in a society that persistently refuses to detect and punish rape. The police are said to be bracing themselves for an avalanche of complaints from other women who've been assaulted by Worboys – 71 have come forward so far – and that's also what I'd expect when victims finally see an opportunity ...
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London cabbie found guilty of rape and molestation 15.3.2009 CNN-IBN: World
SEX ON MY MIND: John Worboys has been convicted of raping 12 women between October 2006 and February 2008. John Worboys works part time as cab driver and part time as a stripper.
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