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U.S.: Muslim student's hijab forcefully removed at school 1.1.1970 Sify News
[USA], June 7 (ANI): A Muslim high school student in Minnesota has accused the security guard of her school of removing her hijab and handcuffing her following an altercation.
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Two killed in Portland after trying to stop anti-Muslim rant 1.1.1970 Sify News
Two men were stabbed to death and one injured on a light-rail train in Portland, Ore., after they tried to intervene when another passenger began "ranting and raving" and shouting anti-Muslim hate
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U.S.: Man yelling 'anti-Muslim' slurs kills 2 on train 1.1.1970 Sify News
[USA], May 27 (ANI): A man yelling anti-Muslim slurs stabbed two men to death on a Portland, Oregon, commuter train on Friday.
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Unmarried couple living together stoned to death in Mali 1.1.1970 Sify News
[UK], May 18 (ANI): An unmarried couple was stoned to death in public in Mali, in the first such incident since jihadi groups were driven out of the region.
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Egypt drafts bill to ban burqa, Islamic veils in public places 1.1.1970 Sify News
The Egyptian Parliament is drafting a law banning women from wearing the niqab veil.
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China bans burqas, abnormal beards in Muslim province of Xinjiang 1.1.1970 Sify News
[U.K.], Apr. 1 (ANI): China, on Friday banned burqas, veils and abnormal beards in a Muslim province claiming that it is a crackdown on religious extremism.
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Pak minister's proposal to make hijab mandatory sets off furore 1.1.1970 Sify News
[Pakistan], Mar. 15 (ANI): Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gilani's proposal to make hijab mandatory for government college girls and offering them "extra" marks for covering
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Pakistan seeking Red Notice to cover up military operation in Balochistan: Brahumdagh Bugti 1.1.1970 Sify News
[Switzerland], Mar. 3 (ANI): Baloch Republican Party (BRP) chief Brahumdagh Bugti has said Pakistan's act of seeking Red Notice against him is aimed at veiling the ongoing atrocities in Balochistan
Hijab-wearing White House staffer quits Trump administration 1.1.1970 Sify News
[USA], Feb. 27(ANI): Hijab-wearing ex-White House Muslim staffer of Bangladeshi-origin has said that she quit her job after U.S. President Donald Trump announced his controversial travel ban, which
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27-year-old arrested in NZ for racially abusing Hijab-clad woman 1.1.1970 Sify News
[New Zealand], Feb. 12 (ANI): A 27-year-old lady has been arrested following an alleged racist attack on a Muslim woman in Huntly, New Zealand, which was caught on video.
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Two injured in explosion outside mosque in Pakistan's Rahim Yar Khan 1.1.1970 Sify News
[Pakistan], Dec. 30 (ANI): Two people have been injured as explosives went off near a mosque in Shafi Town of Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab province on Friday afternoon.
U.S.: Indian-American woman faces hate attack after bandana mistaken as 'hijab' 1.1.1970 Sify News
[U.S.], Nov. 19 (ANI): The fears that were growing before Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the race to the White House, have begun manifesting and a prime example of the murky situation is
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France restaurant refuses to serve Muslim women, calls Muslims 'terrorists' 1.1.1970 Sify News
A restaurateur in a Paris suburb who apparently refused to serve two Muslim women sparked anger in France and called for protest, a media report said.
Scotland Yard approves hijab as part of official uniform 1.1.1970 Sify News
[UK], Aug. 26 (ANI): Scotland Yard has announced that the hijab will become a part of its official uniform in a bid to create a more diverse force by "encouraging women from Muslim communities,
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The era of 'charismatic' militancy 1.1.1970 Sify News
The phenomenon of militancy underwent a change when Burhan Wani, the recently killed 22-year-old Hizbul Mujahideen commander, was tagged as the poster boy of militancy on social media after
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Daughter of L'Oreal heiress under investigation for bribing witnesses 1.1.1970 Sify News
PARIS (Reuters) - The daughter of L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt has been placed under investigation for allegedly giving money to an accountant whose testimony in another case helped her
Dhaka mayhem: Those who didn't know Quranic verses were slaughtered 1.1.1970 Sify News
Heavily armed militants chanting "Allahu Akbar" asked their hostages at a popular eatery here to recite Quranic verses to know who among them were Muslims. Others were hacked to death, according to one of the many eyewitness accounts of the gory Bangladesh carnage that has shocked the world.
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'Light beating' for wives defying husbands: CII 1.1.1970 Sify News
In a bizarre move, the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has proposed its own Women Protection Bill, recommending 'a light beating' for the wife if she defies her husband.
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US Man pleads guilty to pulling off Muslim woman's hijab 1.1.1970 Sify News
Gill Parker Payne, a North Carolina man, has pleaded guilty for grabbing a Muslim woman's hijab and pulling it off on a Southwest Airlines flight last December.
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Air France female crew rebel against new Islamic headscarf dress code 1.1.1970 Sify News
Female cabine crew of Air France, backed by the French carrier's union, have strongly objected to a management decision to wear pants, a loose-fitting jackets and headscarves during flights to Iran.
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