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Kabul's couture weekend 10.7.2006 Telegraph: International
Models strode down a catwalk in the Afghan capital Kabul for the first time in decades this weekend as two designers showed off their clothes behind the guarded walls of a luxury hotel.
The cosmic glass ceiling 7.7.2006 Hindustan Times
The cosmic glass ceiling
The cosmic glass ceiling : 7.7.2006 Hindustan Times
The cosmic glass ceiling :
For a square piece of cloth 6.7.2006 The Statesman
For a square piece of cloth
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Kuwaiti women cast votes for the first time 29.6.2006 DNA: Top News
Kuwaiti women voted for the first time on Thursday in parliamentary elections in the oil-rich Gulf state after a heated campaign focused on electoral reform and corruption.
Morocco's veiled feminists 28.6.2006 TOI: Editorial
It is often assumed that modern feminism has no place in societies under-going a religious revival, particularly in the Islamic world.
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Who says they aren't kicked? 22.6.2006 Hindu:Metro Plus: Bangalore
If you thought the beautiful game was all about the boys, BO and their beer, think again, urges BAGESHREE S. as she discovers that the women's brigade is also out to have a ball
A charlatan as jihad's butcher 21.6.2006 The Pioneer
A charlatan as jihad's butcher
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Ambition, Fulfilled! 20.6.2006 New Indian Express
Ambition, Fulfilled!
Khomeini scion backs US raid 19.6.2006 Telegraph: International
The grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini, the inspiration of Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, has broken a three-year silence to back the US military to overthrow the country's clerical regime.
Muslim women do not consider themselves oppressed: survey 10.6.2006 Hindu: Breaking News
Muslim women do not consider themselves oppressed: survey 9.6.2006 New Kerala: World News
Washington: Most women belonging to the Islamic world do not consider themselves oppressed and believe in their specific rights, including that of franchise, to stride ahead at par with men.
Discussing lingerie sizes with men - behind the veil 2.6.2006 New Kerala: World News
By Alexandra Pironti, Dubai: Saudi women will have to continue to discuss innerwear details of sizes and makes with male shop assistants after a June 1 government deadline to replace men with women in lingerie stores across the conservative Muslim kingdom was postponed.
Veil a symbol of Mughals' respect for women: Patil 30.9.2004 CNN-IBN Top Stories
ALL'S NOT VEIL: Patil reportedly did an about turn on her veil comment in a meeting.This is being seen as an effort to woo minority votes in Presidential elections.
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Lal Masjid cleric sneaks out in burqa; caught 31.3.2002 CNN-IBN Top Stories
TRACED OUT: 1,200 radical students and militants holed up in the mosque complex surrendered.The chief cleric of Lal Masjid was caught trying to escape wearing a burqa.
Muslim students barred from entering school with facial veils 5.1.1980 Times Now: Home

Muslim students barred from entering school with facial veils
Two Muslim students and their teacher in Britain's Blackburn town were prevented from entering a school with their facial veils, a move that may spark a racial row in Lancashire county. The three were asked to remove their facial veils before they could make an official visit to the Catholic school in Lancashire county's Blackburn town.

Jailed Saudi blogger's wife calls for burqa ban in Ontario 1.1.1970 Sify News
[India], Jul 2 (ANI): Ensaf Haidar, the wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi has requested the Ontario premier Doug Ford to ban 'burqa' in public places.
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Muslim woman wins USD 85k lawsuit after police remove her hijab 1.1.1970 Sify News
[USA], Mar 24 (ANI): The city has agreed to pay USD 85,000 to a Muslim woman, who according to her, claimed that the New York Police Department (NYPD) forces had 'forcibly' made her to remove the
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Shoe-incident will make my father more popular, says Maryam Nawaz 1.1.1970 Sify News
[Pakistan], Mar 12 (ANI): Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam Nawaz on Monday said that the recent shoe hurling incident on her father would make him even "more popular".
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Saudi women marks Women's Day with jog in Jeddah 1.1.1970 Sify News
[Saudi Arabia], Mar 10 (ANI): A group of women recently took to the streets of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for a jogging session on the occasion of International Women's Day, in an activity where they
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