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UK launches hunt for new Bank of England Governor 25.4.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
PTI London The UK government on Wednesday formally launched its hunt for a new Bank of England Governor, a post for which former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan has been widely named as among the contenders. UK Chancellor Philip Hammond told the House of Commons Treasury Committee that it was important the ...
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Relook At Jallianwala Bagh Bloodbath 17.4.2019 Commentary – The Navhind Times
ANUSHKA JAGTIANI APRIL 13 is a dark day in India’s colonial history. This year, it marked the 100th anniversary of the brutal Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar, where Brigadier General Reginald Dyer opened fire on thousands of unarmed Indians, who had peacefully congregated in the Bagh on Baisakhi day as a mark of peaceful protest ...
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British comedian Ian Cognito dies on stage during his act 13.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Several comedians took to the social media to pay tribute to the comedian, who has also won the award for Stand-up Comedy in 1999.
India marks 100th anniversary of Jallianwala Bagh massacre 13.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Britain's high commissioner to India laid a wreath on the 100th anniversary of the massacre, for which London is still to apologise.
Jallianwala Bagh massacre 1919: Apology missing 13.4.2019 Central Chronicle
Amritsar, Exactly a century ago on this day, the soil of Jallianwala Bagh turned red. On April 13, 1919, on the harvest festival of ‘Baisakhi’, thousands of people, in Britain-ruled India, assembled at Jallianwala Bagh to protest against the then introduced Rowlatt Act by the British government. The draconian law allowed certain political cases to be […]
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Price of hyper-nationalism 13.4.2019
The Brexit process offers a lesson — that the price of hyper-nationalism can be high. In 2016, a British referendum decided by a very narrow vote to cut its 46-year old ties with the European Union. The usual balderdash was trotted out by the "Leave" side — British pride, and Britain managing its own economy and institutions, and not allowing decisions made in Europe. But the economic price of leaving looked ultra-high- European markets blocked, Britons earning in Europe having to return, and others. All of this led to very messy politics. There came to be deep divisions within the two main political parties over Brexit. The House of Commons has repeatedly rejected the deal negotiated with the EU by Prime Minister Theresa May late last year on the terms of departure. The British Parliament has also rejected a no-deal Brexit, meaning it wants that Britain should institutionally continue to do business with the Europeans, but avoid political ties — such as common laws relating ...
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UK govt must apologise for Jallianwala Bagh massacre: Pak 12.4.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
PTI Lahore Pakistan on Thursday endorsed the demand that the UK government must apologise for the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre and the famine of Bengal ahead of the 100th anniversary of the mass killing. While endorsing the demand for apology from the British government over the Jallianwala Bagh massacre on twitter, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry ...
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‘Jallianwala Bagh tragedy shameful scar’ 11.4.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
PTI London Theresa May on Wednesday described the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar as a “shameful scar” on British Indian history, as the British Prime Minister marked the 100th anniversary of the tragic incident but she stopped short of a formal apology. At the start of May’s weekly PM’s Questions in the House of Commons ...
Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre: British PM Theresa May 'deeply regrets' 10.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
The Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on 13 April 1919.
EU pledges full support for Ireland as Brexit looms 9.4.2019 The Assam Tribune
EU pledges full support for Ireland as Brexit looms
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May issues ‘stark’ warning of no Brexit at all 8.4.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
London: A cornered Theresa May issued a “stark” warning to the warring factions within the UK Parliament that the choice was between agreeing on a withdrawal agreement or risk no Brexit at all. In her latest statement from Downing Street on Saturday evening, the British Prime Minister sought to defend her move to reach out ...
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British PM asks EU to postpone Brexit date until June 30 5.4.2019 Central Chronicle
London, British Prime Minister Theresa May wrote to the European Union (EU) on Friday to request a further delay of the Brexit date until June 30. “The UK proposes that this period should end on June 30, 2019. If the parties are able to ratify before this date, the government proposes that the period should be […]
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British MPs offered counselling to cope with 'extraordinary' Brexit pressure 5.4.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Hoyle said anyone ringing the confidential phone line would find trained counsellors or advisers.
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UK police warns against inflaming Brexit tensions 5.4.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
LONDON: Britain’s police forces on Thursday warned politicians and campaigners not to inflame tensions amid ongoing uncertainties around the UK’s impending exit from the European Union (EU). The UK’s National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) said that its officers were fully prepared for a “range of scenarios” in the event of the UK leaving the EU ...
British PM calls for another Brexit extension 3.4.2019 Hindu: Diet & Nutrition
Theresa May to hold talks with Labour leader Corbyn after MPs fail to identify a route forward they could agree on
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With just 11 days to go for Brexit deadline, UK rejects all deal options 2.4.2019 Hindu: Fitness
There had been hopes that a shorter list of options chosen from the eight that were put to MPs last week would help identify a route forward that MPs could rally around.
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British MPs seek new way after Brexit rejection 2.4.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
London: British MPs will try again to chart a new Brexit path on Monday after rejecting Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal for a third time, but the EU warned its patience was wearing thin. Less than two weeks before Britain risks crashing out of the European Union, MPs will hold a second round of votes ...
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2 Indian-origin hard-Brexiteer MPs blocking EU divorce bill 31.3.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
LONDON: Two Indian-origin MPs, Priti Patel and Suella Braverman, are among a steadfast group of hard-Brexiteers within Theresa May’s Conservative Party that continues to stand in the way of her EU divorce bill as the UK Prime Minister faced yet another bruising defeat in Parliament. As the UK crossed the initial Brexit Day deadline of ...
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May considers fourth bid to pass withdrawal deal 31.3.2019 The Shillong Times
London: British Prime Minister Theresa May and her cabinet are looking for ways to bring her European Union (EU) withdrawal agreement back to the House of Commons for a fourth attempt at winning MPs’ backing. After MPs on Friday rejected May’s agreement for the third time by 344 votes to 286, the Prime Minister said […]
That time of the year to steady time in the West 30.3.2019 Hindu: Diet & Nutrition
The ‘Spring Forward, Fall Back’ rule of clock changing is not something many look forward to, yet a quarter of humanity is subject to it.
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