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UK's Corbyn suggests will stay neutral if new Brexit vote 19.9.2019 PTI: All news
UK's Corbyn suggests will stay neutral if new Brexit vote
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Underfire PM calls up Hulk, claims 'huge' Brexit progress 16.9.2019 PTI: All news
Underfire PM calls up Hulk, claims 'huge' Brexit progress
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Underfire PM calls up Hulk, claims ‘huge’ Brexit progress 16.9.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
London: Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted Sunday that “huge” progress was being made in Brexit talks and declared Britain would break out of the European Union just like the comicbook hero Hulk. The Conservative leader made the comments ahead of meetings with European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and EU negotiator Michel Barnier in Luxembourg on …
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Now is an apt time to spread the message of non-violence 16.9.2019
The divisiveness of Brexit still prevails as the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, tries to find a solution. The House of Commons has also gone against Mr Johnson by voting that the UK will not be allowed to leave the EU without an agreement. But does that bother BoJo? Not at all. He still thinks the UK will exit come October 31. No one is clear how he will manage that — but perhaps he is trying to channel some superhuman powers. He has compared the UK with the "Incredible Hulk", a character popular with readers of comic books. Many are now trying to analyse the cartoon superhero to understand what the Prime Minister meant; as the chief characteristic of the "Hulk" is that he is transformed from a mild-mannered scientist (who invented him) called Bruce Banner into a huge green monster when he is angered. But maybe somewhere the PM is worried. He, of course, claims that he remains stress-free by taking early morning walks with his new pet dog, and reading poetry at night to put ...
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UK's Boris Johnson claims huge progress in Brexit talks 15.9.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Johnson took office in July promising to leave the EU next month with or without a deal, but has faced resistance from the House of Commons.
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UK Parliament speaker vows to thwart PM over Brexit law 14.9.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
AFP London Britain’s parliamentary speaker has warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to disobey the law by refusing to ask for a Brexit delay and vowed to thwart any attempt to circumvent legislation. Parliament passed a law earlier this month aimed at preventing a no-deal Brexit, but Johnson is adamant Britain will still leave the …
Didn't lie to Queen over Parliament suspension: UK PM Boris Johnson 13.9.2019 The Asian Age | Home
The power to prorogue the UK Parliament lies with the British monarch, who conventionally acts on the advice of the Prime Minister.
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Justin Trudeau dissolves Parliament, calls for polls in October 12.9.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Justin Trudeau is gunning to hold onto his liberal majority in a tight race against newcomers on both flanks.
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Justin Trudeau calls for polls in October, dissolves Parliament 12.9.2019
Ottawa: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicked off a challenging six-week re-election campaign on Wednesday and immediately faced new questions about a nagging ethics scandal that could cut support for his Liberal Party. Trudeau, who swept to office in November 2015 promising "sunny ways" and stressing the importance of gender equality and the environment, faces an electorate more focused on the economy and affordability when it votes on Oct 21. "We have a huge amount of work still to do ... under a Liberal government, Canada will continue to move forward," he told reporters after launching the race. The 47-year-old married father of three, whose colourful socks and classic good looks are often splashed across the international media, may have history on his side. Not since 1935 has a Canadian prime minister who won a parliamentary majority in his first term been booted from office in the next election. But polls strongly suggest Trudeau may not win enough seats to govern by ...
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UK Parliament suspension ruled unlawful; govt to appeal 12.9.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
PTI London In yet another blow to his leadership, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend the Parliament from this week until mid-October was ruled “unlawful” by Scotland’s highest court on Wednesday.  A panel of three judges at the Court of Session in Scotland found in favour of a cross-party group of politicians who …
Germany chancellor Angela Merkel sees 'every chance' for Brexit deal 11.9.2019 The Asian Age | Home
She added that if the EU and Britain failed to agree on terms for Brexit that Germany was 'prepared' for a disorderly divorce.
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Outgoing parliament deals new Brexit blow to British PM 11.9.2019 PTI: All news
Outgoing parliament deals new Brexit blow to British PM
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Parliament deals British PM Brexit blow before suspension 11.9.2019 PTI: All news
Parliament deals British PM Brexit blow before suspension
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'Would not request an extension to Brexit,' says British PM Boris Johnson 10.9.2019 The Asian Age | Home
For the second time in a week, lawmakers then rejected Johnson's request to try to break the deadlock through an early national election.
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Boris Johnson suspends UK Parliament for 5 weeks after another Brexit defeat 10.9.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Parliament was suspended until Oct 14, a drastic move that gives Johnson a respite from rebellious lawmakers as he plots his next move.
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UK minister quits government over PM’s Brexit stance 9.9.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
London: Minister Amber Rudd has quit the cabinet and surrendered the Conservative whip saying she cannot “stand by” while “moderate Conservatives are expelled”. The work and pensions secretary said she no longer believed leaving the EU with a deal was the government’s “main objective”, said a BBC News report on Sunday. Rudd described the sacking …
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UK House of Lords approve bill to block no-deal Brexit 8.9.2019 The Shillong Times
London: The United Kingdom’s upper house of Parliament on Friday passed a bill that will force Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party government to seek a Brexit extension and rule out a no-deal Brexit if it is unable to secure a deal with the EU. The House of Lords passed the bill unopposed, as had been expected, […]
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'Would rather be dead in ditch than delay Brexit,' says Boris Johnson 6.9.2019 The Asian Age | Home
MPs in the House of Commons this week passed a bill that could stop Johnson taking Britain out of EU without a divorce deal with Brussels.
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Boris Johnson’s brother quits as his minister and MP 6.9.2019 World News – The Navhind Times
PTI London British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday suffered yet another Brexit blow, this time closer to home, as his younger brother Jo Johnson quit as a minister in his Cabinet and also resigned as a  parliamentarian of the Conservative Party. In a move reflective of just how deeply divided the UK remains over …
India has never been aggressor but will not hesitate in using its strength to defend itself: Rajnath Singh 5.9.2019 The Asian Age | Home
Singh is also expected to hold talks with counterpart Jeong Kyeong-Doo, the Minister of National Defence.
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