On Jan 2 2021, the newsrack service has been shut down permanently.

It has been a nice long run from the Sarai days in 2004 to being hosted on its own domain around 2006. Beside maintenance, there has been no real active development on the code or the features since early 2008. Since 2015, even all that maintenance was pretty bare bones. A lot of news sources no longer provide reliable RSS feeds and since mid 2018, there were growing issues with the service and I only kept it alive to assist a handful of users.

So, it was time to shut this down. The internet world in 2020 is vastly differently from 2003 when I first conceptualized this service. Thanks for using this all these years.

This is an archive of previously crawled content that will be kept around for a few weeks.

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FDA approves using genetically modified pig for food, drugs 16.12.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
U.S. regulators have approved a genetically modified pig for food and medical products, the second such animal to get the green light for human consumption. But the company behind it says there are no imminent plans to sell it for meat.
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A palm oil alternative could help save rainforests 15.12.2020 BBC: Technology
Plantations for palm oil are blamed for rainforest destruction, but an artificial palm oil is close.
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Column: For a man long afflicted with an illness made riskier by COVID-19, hope for the holidays 29.11.2020 LA Times: Science

Black people are the overwhelming victims of sickle cell anemia. An experimental gene therapy being tested on Evie Junior, 27, gives him reason to feel positive.

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Covid vaccine: Major new trial starts in UK 16.11.2020 BBC: Front Page
It comes a week after preliminary results showed another vaccine offered 90% protection.
Farmers Are Plagued by Debt and Climate Crisis. Trump Has Made Things Worse. 26.9.2020 Truthout.com
Experts suggest that the U.S. must urgently look inward to address its own climate-related food security ...
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Gene editing to produce 'super dad' livestock 15.9.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
Modified animals could improve sustainable meat production, but safety and ethical issues remain.
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Florida mosquitoes: 750 million genetically modified insects to be released 21.8.2020 BBC: World
The aim is to reduce insect-borne diseases but environmental groups warn of unforeseen consequences.
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Coronavirus: False and misleading claims about vaccines debunked 26.7.2020 BBC: Front Page
Misinformation about coronavirus vaccine trials has been spreading on social media.
Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response 20.7.2020 BBC: Front Page
Study shows the vaccine is safe, but it is still too soon to know if it can stop people from being infected.
The US Has Much to Gain From Increasing Scientific Cooperation With Cuba 13.6.2020 Truthout.com
The US Has Much to Gain From Increasing Scientific Cooperation With Cuba
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Protecting Public Health Requires COVID-19 Treatments to Be Patent-Free 19.5.2020 Truthout.com
Congress could declare treatment development is a response to a national emergency and can’t be subject to ...
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Coronavirus: Chinese state media take aim at US 'lab theory' 5.5.2020 BBC: World
Chinese state media said US claims that the virus originated in a research lab were "absurd".
U.S. spy officials say coronavirus isn't manmade but do not rule out lab accident 30.4.2020 L.A. Times - World News

U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that the new coronavirus is "not manmade or genetically modified."

Built around New Mexico’s Hatch chile, 505 Southwestern is Denver based and wants Colorado Rockies fans to know it 22.3.2020 Denver Post: Local
It's another recognizable brand Denver brand that consumers might never know is anchored at 5,280 feet even if its products are a key part of their regular grocery list.
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These Emails Show a Trump Official Helping Her Former Chemical Industry Colleagues 15.1.2020 Mother Jones
This story was published originally by ProPublica, a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up for ProPublica’s Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox as soon as they are published. In 2017, Dow Chemical scored a long-sought-after victory: After a push from the U.S. government, China approved the import […]
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A young Mississippi woman's journey through a pioneering gene-editing experiment 25.12.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
NPR tells the exclusive, behind-the-scenes story of the first person with a genetic disorder to be treated in the United States with the revolutionary gene-editing technique CRISPR.
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BioShock returns for more gene-enhanced gaming 9.12.2019 BBC: Technology
A fourth release in the critically acclaimed series is announced, after many feared it to be dead.
Brexit: Could the UK and EU sort a trade deal in months? 2.12.2019 BBC: Business
Even if the withdrawal agreement is approved, the future UK-EU trade relationship still requires much work.
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Genetically-modified babies 'ethically justifiable', academic claims 19.11.2019 BBC: Health
An Abertay University bioethicist says it could protect people from debilitating diseases in later life.
Monsanto Wins $7.7 Billion Lawsuit in Brazil, But Farmers Continue to Fight 1.11.2019 Truthout.com
A field of soybeans are seen against the sunset
Monsanto has long had the upper hand over the farmers who use its products.
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