On Jan 2 2021, the newsrack service has been shut down permanently.

It has been a nice long run from the Sarai days in 2004 to being hosted on its own domain around 2006. Beside maintenance, there has been no real active development on the code or the features since early 2008. Since 2015, even all that maintenance was pretty bare bones. A lot of news sources no longer provide reliable RSS feeds and since mid 2018, there were growing issues with the service and I only kept it alive to assist a handful of users.

So, it was time to shut this down. The internet world in 2020 is vastly differently from 2003 when I first conceptualized this service. Thanks for using this all these years.

This is an archive of previously crawled content that will be kept around for a few weeks.


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AAP (campaigns)
AB_Test_Feeds_Jan_2018 (iihs_blore)
AB_Test_Feeds_Jan_2018 (iihs_comms)
ACH (ragini)
Acid Rain (jack)
Acid Rain (ajayc)
Acid Rain in title (jack)
Adivasi (subbu)
Afghanistan (newstrust)
agri_policies_idp (news_bipp)
Agric (ajnyani)
agriculture (Genecampaign)
Agriculture (indiatogether)
Agriculture (demo)
Agriculture (eru)
agriculture (kisansanchar)
ahmed (nilaymedh)
ahmedabadpolitics (nilaymedh)
AIBP_Chattisgarh (sunder)
AIDS (newstrust)
Air and Climate-Independent (flenvcenter)
Air and Climate-National (flenvcenter)
Air and Climate-Regional (flenvcenter)
Airline (ssurekha)
Airlines (rahuldewan)
ajmer (nilaymedh)
ajmer (qamarsabri)
alamnagar (raghavan)
all-bengaluru (meerak)
Arbitration (whoisoncaveat)
Arsenic (sunder)
Arsenic (arsenicnetwork)
Arunachal News (neitham)
ASEAN (basavapatna)
Assam News (neitham)
Athletics (issaccorp)
Attacks on Women (campaigns)
Autism (fredericknoronha)
Badminton (issaccorp)
Bangalore (esg)
Bangalore (divya_rrs)
Bangalore Real Estate News (rajanvakil)
Bangalore water supply (sas)
BangaloreAgencies (technagara)
BangaloreDomains (technagara)
BangaloreHealth (nsudha)
BangaloreTopics (technagara)
bangtree (chvartak)
Banned Organizations (peacock)
baroda (nilaymedh)
BarodaArtArrest (sanjaybhangar)
BarodaArtArrest (shaina)
Baseball (issaccorp)
Basel (ragini)
Basketball (issaccorp)
BBMP (shreyas)
bbmpelections (pradeepbv)
BBPS (ragini)
bhopal (subbu)
biharelections (raghavan)
Binayak Sen (campaigns)
Biodiversity (irge304)
Biodiversity-Independent (flenvcenter)
Biodiversity-National (flenvcenter)
Biodiversity-Regional (flenvcenter)
bipp (news_bipp)
bolly (nilaymedh)
bollyp (nilaymedh)
Bombay (divya_rrs)
Boxing (issaccorp)
Breaking News (whoisoncaveat)
BSY-KAR (raghavan)
Burngarbage (chvartak)
Business (newstrust)
Byramangala (Nirmalagow)
c-KYC (ragini)
CAD (IncIndia)
Car (animeshn)
Cargo (ragini)
Catholic (fredericknoronha)
Cauvery (Jabiulla)
Cauvery_now (ssubrama)
censorship (fredericknoronha)
Census2011 (abamezai)
CH (ajnyani)
check21 (ragini)
Child Sexual Abuse (tulir)
Child Sexual Abuse (csa)
Child Trafficking (shawetaanand)
Christian (fredericknoronha)
civil society (fredericknoronha)
cleanenergy (chvartak)
Climate Change (subbu)
Climate Change (Genecampaign)
Climate Change (demo)
Climate Change by Source (subbutest)
Climate Change by Source (phantomvish)
climatechange (vinodced)
Climategate (demo)
codeHub (servelots)
coke india (rose_skyzen)
Common Land (basavapatna)
Commons (commonscause)
Communalism (vgad)
community radio (fredericknoronha)
community radio (mainish)
Community Radio (rohitkav123)
Companies (subbu)
Companies (manuj)
Company Law (whoisoncaveat)
Company Law (whoistoy)
Competition Law (whoisoncaveat)
Competition Law (whoistoy)
Compliance (ragini)
Congress (newstrust)
Constitution Law (whoistoy)
Construction Sector (sumeet666)
copyright (fredericknoronha)
Corporal punishment (suganya)
Corporal Punishment (vincy)
corporal punishment in schools (anitha)
Corruption (fredericknoronha)
Cotton (dnguru)
Cotton Yarn (dnguru)
Covid (sagesalus)
Creative (grub)
creative commons (fredericknoronha)
Credit_Personal_Finance (ragini)
Cricket (rgooba07)
Cricket (issaccorp)
Crime (ssurekha)
Crime (brprathap)
Crime_rate_arson (brprathap)
Crime_rate_assault (brprathap)
Crime_rate_att_to_murder (brprathap)
Crime_rate_burglary (brprathap)
Crime_rate_cheating (brprathap)
Crime_rate_counter (brprathap)
Crime_rate_crbreac (brprathap)
Crime_rate_dowry (brprathap)
Crime_rate_forgery (brprathap)
Crime_rate_hurt (brprathap)
Crime_rate_kdinap (brprathap)
Crime_rate_molestation (brprathap)
Crime_rate_murder (brprathap)
Crime_rate_narcotics (brprathap)
Crime_rate_rape (brprathap)
Crime_rate_riots (brprathap)
Crime_rate_robbery (brprathap)
Crime_rate_suicide (brprathap)
Crime_rate_theft (brprathap)
CRISIL (ragini)
Crisis in Gaza (newstrust)
CRS-AEOI (ragini)
Custodial death (suganya)
custodial death (vincy)
Dalits (caste)
Darfur Crisis (newstrust)
dead_news (news_bipp)
Decision-Making (esg)
Delhi-Police-Special-Cell (musafir)
Delhi-Police-Special-Cell (sanjaybhangar)
Delhi-Police-Special-Cell (j)
Delimitation (neitham)
Demolitions (kolcarto)
demonetisation (ajayc)
DGL News (karuna)
Diabetes (thomassmilesk)
Digihealth (srikanthlogic)
digital divide (fredericknoronha)
Digital India (ragini)
Digital Payments (srikanthlogic)
Digitize India Platform (ragini)
Documentary (fredericknoronha)
DoddFrank (ragini)
drama (fredericknoronha)
Drama-Juniors (vj712)
Dream World (rose_skyzen)
Dug well recharge (sunder)
DW (svenniyoor)
e-Courts Mission (ragini)
E-Governance (anjana)
e-government (fredericknoronha)
e-learning (fredericknoronha)
e-waste (fredericknoronha)
Economic Blockade (neitham)
Economics (kailas)
Economics and Jobs-Independent (flenvcenter)
Economics and Jobs-National (flenvcenter)
Economics and Jobs-Regional (flenvcenter)
economy (Genecampaign)
Economy (indiatogether)
Education (headstart-education)
Education (indiatogether)
Education (prashantiyengar)
Education Arts and Culture-Independent (flenvcenter)
Education Arts and Culture-National (flenvcenter)
Education Arts and Culture-Regional (flenvcenter)
Education Tech (mypalonline)
election (anandyadwad)
Election Coverage (campaigns)
Election Reform (newstrust)
Electronic Medical Records (ragini)
Emergency (jashmit)
Emergency (fy)
Emissions-climate (jack)
EMS (jashmit)
endself (PRAGATI_B)
Energy (subbu)
Energy (demo)
Energy (ajnyani)
Energy (servelots)
Energy (sivakumar)
Energy (thinthu)
Energy (thiyagz)
Energy (venkatkanchi)
Energy (vinodced)
Energy (berkan)
Energy (Abhijeetvj)
Energy (sandman1965)
Energy (nirmalya1511)
Energy (nwct)
Energy (raghavan)
Energy (birendersinghbudhwar)
Energy (anshuman)
Energy (ayyati)
Energy (please)
Energy (Ganeshperumal)
Energy (vrsrini1)
Energy (anushyab)
Energy (vj712)
Energy (thomassmilesk)
Energy (kks)
Energy (socialthrob)
Energy (Nivya_Nandanan)
Energy (Jabiulla)
Energy (ahmet)
Energy (esg)
Energy by Source (subbutest)
Energy by Source (phantomvish)
Energy Extraction (irge304)
Energy-Independent (flenvcenter)
Energy-National (flenvcenter)
Energy-Regional (flenvcenter)
enrgy (mdsohail96)
environment (Genecampaign)
Environment (indiatogether)
Environment (ssurekha)
Environment (whoisoncaveat)
Environmental Education (greenteacher)
Environmental Health-Independent (flenvcenter)
Environmental Health-National (flenvcenter)
Environmental Health-Regional (flenvcenter)
Environmental Justice Issues (irge304)
Environmental Justice Issues (ajayc)
environmentset1 (sattva_1)
environmentset2 (sattva_1)
ESG in the news (esg)
eSign (ragini)
eSports (issaccorp)
exp1 (PRAGATI_B)
exp3 (PRAGATI_B)
Extreme Weather (irge304)
FamilyLaw (gibreel)
FATCA (ragini)
Feeds (nilaymedh)
FeedsCity (nilaymedh)
Feedsdigital (nilaymedh)
Fiction (fredericknoronha)
FL (tshort)
Fluorosis (sunder)
FM Radio (venniyoor)
Food-Independent (flenvcenter)
Food-National (flenvcenter)
Food-Regional (flenvcenter)
Football (issaccorp)
Ford_Emissions_scandal (surjray)
Foreign Direct Investment in Retail (rohan)
Forest water (sunder)
Four Corners-Independent (flenvcenter)
Four Corners-National (flenvcenter)
Four Corners-Regional (flenvcenter)
France (chcsanitaire)
FTA-India (neitham)
Games4 (nilaymedh)
GamesVideo (nilaymedh)
GIC (itfc)
GLAM (xirzon)
Glb (ragini)
Global Warming (newstrust)
GNU Linux (fredericknoronha)
Goa (fredericknoronha)
goods (whoisoncaveat)
Government (indiatogether)
GP (ganesaperumal)
Greater Bangalore (rohan)
Greater Bangalore (brprathap)
Green Hunt (campaigns)
Green Technology (newstrust)
Green Technology (irge304)
GST (ragini)
GST (apnlive)
guj (nilaymedh)
gujarat (subbu)
Gujarat Agriculture (phemk23)
Gujarat Tribal (phemk23)
gujaratinews (nilaymedh)
hangedself (PRAGATI_B)
Harry-Potter (jai_ism)
Hasiru Usiru (esg)
Health (esg)
Health (indiatogether)
Health (karuna)
Health (spoornim)
Health (anushyab)
Health Care (newstrust)
Health in Canadian Media (cassels)
Healthcare (nwct)
Healthcare_US (nwct)
Healthcare_USMag (nwct)
Hedge (sailendram)
Hedge (erensu)
HEPs in NE India (neitham)
Heritage (anushyab)
hindi_news (news_bipp)
hindiagrinews (kisansanchar)
Hindu Test (nuclear)
HindustanTime (PRAGATI_B)
hiv_aids (caramasia)
Hmar News (neitham)
hobby (nilaymedh)
Housing (demo)
Housing (mrigya_13)
Housing and Land (anushyab)
Hubballi-Dharwad-News (ssurekha)
Human Rights (indiatogether)
Human Rights (newstrust)
Human Rights and Indigenous Rights-Independent (flenvcenter)
Human Rights and Indigenous Rights-National (flenvcenter)
Human Rights and Indigenous Rights-Regional (flenvcenter)
Hurricane Katrina (newstrust)
Hydel Projects (manshiasher)
Hydel Projects (sumitmahar)
hynews (technagara)
icpeeb (servelots)
ICT4D (fredericknoronha)
idp_ag (news_bipp)
IFFI (fredericknoronha)
IFIs (ifinews)
IFIs (zainab)
IFPRI (vaishalidassani)
iihs_blore_ab (iihs_blore)
iihs_blore_ab (sagesalus)
iihs_feeds (khushpreetk)
iihs_feeds (servelots)
iihs_feeds_v2 (khushpreetk)
iihs_feeds_v2 (servelots)
iihs_feeds_v3 (servelots)
iihs_feeds_v3 (iihs_blore)
iihs_feeds_v4 (iihs_blore)
iihs_hans_feed (khushpreet)
iihs_land_newsletter_v2 (IIHSDELHI)
iihs_water_feed (khushpreet)
ILP (neitham)
Immigration (newstrust)
Immigration (basavapatna)
India Urban Governance (governance)
india-gis (patros)
Indian Agriculture (phemk23)
Indian Polity and Govt (abhijeet2109)
Indian startups (ind32)
Indian startups (vj712)
indiangames (nilaymedh)
IndiaStack (srikanthlogic)
Indo Aus Series (rameezrage)
indo_pak (viyyer)
Influenza Issue (quesoboy)
Influenza Issue 2 (quesoboy)
InfochangeIndia.org (fredericknoronha)
Informal Economy (Jake)
Informal Sector (leigh)
infosys (ammu)
Infra Power Energy (sumerenergy)
infrastructure (ocgene)
Infrastructure and Real Estate (Jake)
innovation (sakshamlive)
innovation (kisansanchar)
innovationhindi (kisansanchar)
Insolvency (whoisoncaveat)
Insolvency Blog (whoisoncaveat)
Insurance Benefits Technology (ragini)
Intellectual Property (whoistoy)
Internet (shalini)
Intolerance (satabdi)
IP (Genecampaign)
IP (TahirAmin)
IP (prashantiyengar)
IP (vishwas)
IRBManipur (neitham)
IRDA (ragini)
Israel-Palestine Conflict (newstrust)
Issues (esg)
ITfC in News (itfc)
JNNURM (makbak)
Kabaddi (issaccorp)
karnataka (ssurekha)
Katrina (demo)
Kerala (patros)
Khuga Project (neitham)
KillSelf (PRAGATI_B)
Kodaikanal (IncIndia)
Konkani (fredericknoronha)
Koodamkulam (roshenc)
Kovvada (roshenc)
Kumaon (fredericknoronha)
KurdistanNews (mkaboud)
Labour (rdmj17)
Lafarge (neitham)
Land (milawes)
Land (erensu)
Land Acquisition Act (napmindia)
Land Acquisition Act (hrjatkar)
Land Acquisition in Karnataka (rohan)
Land Issues (subbu)
Land-Independent (flenvcenter)
Land-National (flenvcenter)
Land-Regional (flenvcenter)
Law (indiatogether)
Legal-News (prs)
Linux (meyarivan)
Lokpal Bill (campaigns)
magazines (PRAGATI_B)
Majestic (Jake)
MakarandBakore (makbak)
Malnutrition (nsudha)
Manipur News (neitham)
manufacturing_outsourcing (aseem1)
MathEd (kapilhp)
Mautam (lalremlien)
Media (fredericknoronha)
Media (indiatogether)
Media (newstrust)
Medical Scanning (cassels)
Meghalaya News (neitham)
Mekedatu (Nirmalagow)
Metro (Jabiulla)
Metro and Parastatals (Jake)
Micro Credit (leigh)
migrants (caramasia)
milletCrops (dnguru)
milletCultivation (dnguru)
milletProcessing (dnguru)
millets (dnguru)
Mining (anshuman)
Mizoram News (neitham)
mkisan (kisansanchar)
mobile phone (fredericknoronha)
Mobile technology (Apoorvaks)
Modi (vrsrini1)
Motorsport (issaccorp)
Mozilla (meyarivan)
mp-akumar (raghavan)
MTR (jashmit)
MTUS (jashmit)
Murder (arunk)
Mushroom (animeshn)
Muslim Women (Iram)
my news (sage)
Nagaland News (neitham)
NAIS (ragini)
NAPM (napmindia)
narmada (subbu)
Narmada (ankur5925)
NC Hills (neitham)
Neduvasal (karuna)
Neduvasal (ajayc)
new book (fredericknoronha)
New Company Law (whoisoncaveat)
NewsTrust Environment (newstrust)
nilgiri_biodiversity (nnhs)
North East (fredericknoronha)
NorthEast-News (patros)
nrega (debamitro)
NREGA (indiatogether)
NREGA (karuna)
NREGA (fredericknoronha)
Nuclear Issues (nuclear)
nuclear_energy (ramana)
oorvani-blr (meerak)
OpenNGO (pradeepbv)
OpenNGO (chcsanitaire)
Organic (gurtejsingh)
organic-agriculture (subbu)
Pakistan (newstrust)
panchayat (fredericknoronha)
Panchayat Raj Institutions in India (amala)
Panchayat water (sunder)
Passive House (enebo)
Patient Safety (cassels)
Paytm (whatsup)
PDS (neitham)
PDS (karuna)
PDS (ajayc)
Peace (indiatogether)
Pension Schemes-PFRDA-NPS-APY (ragini)
Personal Finance (newstrust)
pibnic (kisansanchar)
Pink Chaddi Campaign (campaigns)
piracy (fredericknoronha)
Piracy (sundakka)
Plants (BhavanaS)
PMKVY (ragini)
Policy and Governance-Independent (flenvcenter)
Policy and Governance-National (flenvcenter)
Policy and Governance-Regional (flenvcenter)
Politics (newstrust)
polution (ankur5925)
Portugal (fredericknoronha)
poverty (fredericknoronha)
poverty (newstrust)
power (kks)
PPI-MTS (ragini)
Pratibha-BPO (ammujo)
PrivacyIndia (gibreelferishta)
private equity (sandman1965)
Protest Movements (icrdelhi)
publishing (fredericknoronha)
publishing (rajeshjha)
PW NEWS (ganesaperumal)
PWNEWS (ganesaperumal)
R-and-R (napmindia)
Radio (rohithkumar123)
Radiohello (rohitkumar)
rajkot (nilaymedh)
ramachandregowda (raghavan)
Rape (IncIndia)
real estate (sandman1965)
Refugees (basavapatna)
Refugees (nitinj)
Regional Issues (flenvcenter)
Religion (sdeepak)
RERDA (ragini)
Reservation (caste)
Right to Information (fredericknoronha)
Right to Information (indiatogether)
Rights (rightsindia)
road accidents (archana)
road accidents (brprathap)
RSBY (ragini)
RTE (karuna)
RTI (animeshn)
Sanitation (reks612)
Sanitation (khushpreet)
Sanitation (dp637)
Sanitation (meerak)
Sanitation_categorized (servelots)
SAR AML (ragini)
SAR-AML (ragini)
Sarbanes-Oxley (ragini)
sarjapur (ohnyca)
SC (ajantriks)
Scam (rgooba07)
Sci-tech (newstrust)
Screenlist (dp637)
Screens (dp637)
SEBI-e-IPO (ragini)
Self-Rule Conflicts (basavapatna)
Sexual Exploitation (tulir)
sexual harassment (ssurekha)
sexual harassment (brprathap)
Sexual Minorities (lgbt)
SEZ (kumartalkies)
Shelter and Housing-Independent (flenvcenter)
Shelter and Housing-National (flenvcenter)
Shelter and Housing-Regional (flenvcenter)
Shivaji Statue in Bombay (divya_rrs)
Sikkim News (neitham)
Simputer (fredericknoronha)
Singur (sivakumar)
Slums in Bangalore (swetharao)
Slums in Bangalore (arvin)
smenews (gauravkhambhala)
social work (sdrk)
Society (kar123)
society123 (sattva_1)
Solar Energy (jashmit)
Solutions Exchange (fredericknoronha)
special-topics (meerak)
startups (IIHSDELHI)
Stegnology (jjalan)
Sucide1 (PRAGATI_B)
Suicide (ajnyani)
Suicide (IncIndia)
suicide (tanyaferns)
suicide (IMHO)
suicide1 (IMHO)
suicide2 (IMHO)
SuicideNew (IMHO)
Suicides (leigh)
SUMNET (sumnet)
surat (nilaymedh)
Surveillance (musafir)
Surveillance (sanjaybhangar)
Surveillance (j)
Sustainability-Independent (flenvcenter)
Sustainability-National (flenvcenter)
Sustainability-Regional (flenvcenter)
tamilnadu (ssurekha)
Taxation (vence1234)
Tech (vj712)
Tech-Companies (vj712)
Telecom (sandman1965)
Tennis (issaccorp)
Terror (Madhu)
Tibet (norgay)
Tipaimukh Rape Case (neitham)
TipaimukhDam (lalremlien)
TNHealth (karuna)
TNHealth (ajayc)
tnmlcelections (raghavan)
tnussp_english (servelots)
tnussp_tamil (servelots)
tnusspWater (servelots)
TobaccoTopic (shamkashyap)
Torture (avyakto)
Trademarks (whoisoncaveat)
transport (meerak)
transport (transport)
Transport (anushyab)
Transportation-Independent (flenvcenter)
Transportation-National (flenvcenter)
Transportation-Regional (flenvcenter)
Tripura News (neitham)
tsg (shashi)
TSUNAMI (dinesh)
tsunami (tsunami)
UID (campaigns)
UNDP (fredericknoronha)
Uniform Credit Information Reporting Format (ragini)
University Privatization (demo)
University-Update-Haryana (Anshu)
Uranium Hindu Test (roshenc)
urban (rveron)
Urban Economic Growth Development (anushyab)
Urban Infrastructure (anushyab)
Urban Investment (Jake)
Urban Planning (fredericknoronha)
Urban Waste (irge304)
Urban Waste (dharmesh)
Urbanization (irge304)
US (newstrust)
US Economy (newstrust)
usecase1-world-category-xml-link-toi (khushpreet)
usecase2-link-with-html-styles-toi (khushpreet)
usecase3-all-categories-xml-link-theHindu (khushpreet)
usecase4-indian-news-from-library (khushpreet)
Uttar_Pradesh (Bhupendra)
Uttarakhand Hydro (k_ram)
VAD (IncIndia)
Valley School (demo)
vaw (maps4aid)
Vigilante News (aartim)
Violence against Dalit Women (debamitro)
Violence Against School Children (pradeeppw)
Vocational (gokulj)
Vocational Education (lokiosho)
VW_Emissions_scandal (surjray)
Waste (chintan)
Waste (dharmesh)
Waste (anushyab)
Waste-Independent (flenvcenter)
Waste-National (flenvcenter)
Waste-Regional (flenvcenter)
Water (arghyam)
Water (aseem)
Water (iwphindi)
Water (tushargupta101)
Water (sailendram)
Water (anushyab)
Water (reks612)
Water (tnussp)
Water (dp637)
water pollution (rose_skyzen)
Water Privatization (manthankendra)
Water Reform (phemk23)
Water-Independent (flenvcenter)
Water-National (flenvcenter)
water-privatisation (subbutest)
water-privatisation (anushyab)
Water-Regional (flenvcenter)
water_categorized (servelots)
watersharing (vijay)
WikiLeaks (wikileaksnews)
Wikipedia (fredericknoronha)
women (newstrust)
Women in Media (ssurekha)
World (newstrust)
World Water Day (mdsohail96)
Wrestling (issaccorp)
wsf (wsf)
Youth (ddragan)
القاهرة (chcsanitaire)