NewsRack was one of the receipients of the Manthan Award in the e-News category in August 2006.

Use of NewsRack's output

Besides regular visitors to the website, and besides use of NewsRack's RSS feeds by various individual users, NewsRack's output is also being used by (or linked to) the following websites (this is not an exhaustive list):

Articles about NewsRack


  • I've been just showing to everyone I meet these days -- journalist colleagues, NGO types, academics. They can't believe how well it works. Great work coming from India. If I had a chance, I would again push for a (bigger) prize for Subbu Sastry's work like a year back ... using Newsrack pretty extensively!

    Frederick Noronha, Independent Journalist, Goa

  • I find this extremely useful in sourcing, daily news from at least a dozen sources on a variety of topics of interest. It could be Bangalore, Birds of Bangalore, BMIC, Dams, etc. etc. Anyone can go and create their categories of interest and the only condition is that all your research will be publicly available for everyone to benefit from.

    Leo Saldanha, Environment Support Group, Bangalore,

  • We at Arghyam have been using the Newsrack RSS feeds on our websites (, to generate news in the area of water. The India Water Portal is a comprehensive repository of information and tools related to the area of water. We have found Newsrack a very convenient tool to generate a timely topical news page, which enhances the value of the portal. We've found the feeds to have a high degree of relevance with essentially no maintenance required.

    The news section on the India Water Portal which is generated entirely out of feeds from NewsRack is:

    Vijay Krishna, Product Manager, India Water Portal, Arghyam