The inspiration for this tool came from the need for news monitoring on the Friends of River Narmada website. The original design of this tool with a view towards large-scale news monitoring was inspired by the large-scale news monitoring efforts at: Environment Support Group, Bangalore, Center for Science and Environment, Delhi, Center for Environment and Documentation, Bangalore.

Sponsors / Credits

This project was conceived in March 2004 and was first developed with the help of three FLOSS fellowships from Sarai.

Starting January 2009, the hosting for this service is being provided by Srijan Technologies.

From March 2007 till December 2008, this service has run on the domain on a server provided by NRCFOSS AU-KBC and was primarily administered by Raj Mathur of Kandalaya.

This service was first hosted on Sarai's servers between September 2005 and March 2007. T.Meyarivan and Gora Mohanty at Sarai handled the administration of the server.

Gora Mohanty has played a key role in getting sponsorships for this project.

Servlots/Janastu provided computing resources in the early stages of development. T.B.Dinesh and Ashwin Mahesh have been good sounding boards throughout, but several of the ideas that have popped up in our discussions have not made it yet into the service because of limited time and resources. All in good time ...

F(L)OSS contributions / credits

The project is being developed under the GPL license and is registered on Sourceforge.

T.Meyarivan (while working at Srijan) and Jaikishan Jalan (under the guidance of Prof. Om Damani at IIT-Bombay) have contributed code to the project which has already been incorporated into this project.

This project relies on the following free/open-source software projects: Tomcat, MySQL, Struts, Freemarker, Beaver (LALR Parser Generator), HTMLParser, Rome (RSS/Atom syndication tools) , JFlex (A Fast Scanner (Lexical Analyzer) Generator for Java), OSCache, and DBPool.